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  • How To Install Bar End Mirrors

    In this video Brian and Jaymes walk you through the process of installing bar end mirrors in to one of the many Clubman Handlebars that we sell online.

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  • DCC Tech Tip: Building your own Fiberglass Cafe Seat Video w/ Herm

    Alright Speed Freaks, time to get your hands dirty and build that Cafe Racer seat you've been lusting after. You know the one, it fits the lines of your custom creation better than a mini-dress on Lindsey Lohan! In the two video parts below watch Herm as he walks you through the process of building a seat from fiberglass with nothing more than fake plant potters foam which can be had at any local Michaels of craft supply shop, fiberglass, resin and spray adhesive which you can pickup at any l...

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  • DCC Tech-Tip: Installing a Cafe Racer seat (No Welding!)

    One of the most common questions we receive via email and the phone is "What is the best way to install my Cafe Racer seat without welding or fabrication?" Well, until now, there really wasn't a good answer or solution. Like all the other problems you guys present to us, we prevailed on this one too though! We hooked up with our newest Boutique Manufacturer, Legendary Motorcycles who builds some of the best Cafe Racer seats and fuel tanks on the market and put together this How-to for install...

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  • Honda CB Gauge Disassembly and Face Replacement

    Note: These steps and directions are purely suggestive. If you feel that there is a better way to disasemble your gauges please do so. We take no responsibility for damaged parts. As an additional note, take your time and be very careful. In most cases these 30+ year old parts are sensitive and brittle. These instructions are specific to a 1972 CB350 K4 Speedometer, but much of the information will apply to other gauges. The first step is to remove the metal band that holds the case and bac...

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  • Aluminum Polishing 101...with The Herminator!

    Ok, so your engine covers are in desperate need of attention. First you think, paint, but having a full winter to work on the project you commit to polishing them. Now the question is what do you need and how is it done. Here’s a quick way to get those cases to bling! First, get yourself an intern! Then get a good bench buffer. The 6” models from places like Home Depot or Lowes are ok, but will take you twice as long to get the result you want. Try to get at least an 8” 3/4HP 8amp unit (1hp ...

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