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  • The Dime City Dispatch Jan/Feb Edition

    Naked Speed airing now on Velocity |     Hopefully you poked your head out of the shop long enough and got the word that Cafe Racer TV is back re-branded as a totally new show called Naked Speed airing on Velocity. The first episode aired last Wednesday night and even though we had a sneak peak in Atlanta, last week at the premier party, we were still surprised and more than pleased with what we saw. First of all, the new format is exactly what we (and everyone else) asked for! Mo...

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  • Last but not least, the final 2013 Bonneville Giveaway video

    Here's the long awaited wrap-up on the 2013 Triumph Bonneville giveaway. Congrats again to Stephanie Gage and many thanks to all of you who helped us raise over $50,000.00 for the lost children of Peru! Stay tuned for details on what we have planned next, you're gonna want in on this one too! Special thanks to all our partners and friends who helped along the way: Triumph Motorcycles British Customs Progressive Suspension The Speed Merchant Neale Bayly Rides Neale Bayly St Pete Powersp...

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  • Kevin Warren - Moto photo guru!

    Chances are if you ever looked at photos from MotoGP, AHRMA or just about every other sanctioned race that involves two wheels, petrol and pistons you've seen Kevin Warrens work. Based out of Atlanta he's shot everyone from Brian Fuller to Nicky Haden. More important though, he knows what looks good behind a lens. Whether it's hauling ass and breaking right or getting ground to a pulp and formed into something slick on a work bench he can capture it. The Dime City Crew had the pleasure of Kev...

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  • Motorcycle Classics Magazine / Dime City Cycles Project Bike!

    Hey there Speed Freaks, if you saw the latest edition of Motorcycle Classics Magazine you probably noted that we're at it again with not only another project bike, but a giveaway! That's right, only this time we're going to be transforming yet another vintage Honda (see we're not just all about new Triumphs now!) into a one-off custom speed machine. This build is going to be packed will cool and we'll be distributing tons of content not only in upcoming issues of Motorcycle Classics, but via ...

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  • The DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week - Rebel

    [What's left of the Rebel 450 DCC and Porkey's Choppers built in 36 hours at Timonium for Spike [photographer of photo] last month. Stay tuned for the full report on the build!]

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  • DCC Tech-Tip: Installing a Cafe Racer seat (No Welding!)

    One of the most common questions we receive via email and the phone is "What is the best way to install my Cafe Racer seat without welding or fabrication?" Well, until now, there really wasn't a good answer or solution. Like all the other problems you guys present to us, we prevailed on this one too though! We hooked up with our newest Boutique Manufacturer, Legendary Motorcycles who builds some of the best Cafe Racer seats and fuel tanks on the market and put together this How-to for install...

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  • DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week

    [Mark Wilsmore on a DCC CB750 Resto-mod leaving the Cafe Racer paddock area at Barbers Vintage Festival. Photo by: Erick Runyon of www.choppershotz.com]

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  • DCC Boutique Vendor of The Month - Woulfe Leathers

    Classic Cafe Racer and Rocker jackets by Mike Woulfe. Uncomplicated, functional and unique- just like their owners and their bikes. Recognizing the importance of both authentic cafe racer aesthetic and the desires of American culture to be unique, Mike Woulfe from Woulfe Leathers creates a modern rendition of the classic petrol fueled life-living leathers of yesteryear. He perfectly blends classic cafe style with modern imagery and patch designs putting a new spin on something old. Mike beg...

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  • The DCC Militia.. And you thought it was just a joke.

    Dime City has had the good fortune to be able to send some parts to a handful of US Military APO forwarding boxing in the past 6 months and after tracking the guys down and trading some emails we got word from a couple of the guys over there running a crew that they’d gotten a hold of some local 125CC commuter bikes and have managed to make some fun customs to bump around town on whilst doing their tours of duty. Take a look at the photos below. It's nice to see guys are still exercising t...

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  • WE WANT YOU! Calling all Cafe Racer Clubs around the globe…

    As the garage revival continues to tighten it’s grip on the motorcycle industry and the DIY every-man-can cafe racer mentality pushes Westward (and around the globe in every other direction) the crew at Dime City Cycles thinks it’s would be a good idea if all of us came together in one place to share in the differences that make our flavors of cafe so unique and tasty in their own right. Whether you and your brothers like piloting old Honda’s down a dry lakebed in your boxers or you prefer gr...

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