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  • DCC Tech Tip: Building your own Fiberglass Cafe Seat Video w/ Herm

    Alright Speed Freaks, time to get your hands dirty and build that Cafe Racer seat you've been lusting after. You know the one, it fits the lines of your custom creation better than a mini-dress on Lindsey Lohan! In the two video parts below watch Herm as he walks you through the process of building a seat from fiberglass with nothing more than fake plant potters foam which can be had at any local Michaels of craft supply shop, fiberglass, resin and spray adhesive which you can pickup at any l...

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  • Dime City Cycles and Democrathings

    When visiting Duncan Quinn's boutique in Miami during Art Basel I fell into the backdrop watching the way people reacted to the Brass Cafe which DQ was kind enough to allow us to display during his "Bond Themed" event. One younger gentlemen took an extra close look more than once and finally ended up chatting with me about the bike.  We talked about the design process behind a Cafe Racer and the reason Herm and I chose vintage Honda's amongst several other things that pertain to the world bei...

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  • Aluminum Polishing 101...with The Herminator!

    Ok, so your engine covers are in desperate need of attention. First you think, paint, but having a full winter to work on the project you commit to polishing them. Now the question is what do you need and how is it done. Here’s a quick way to get those cases to bling! First, get yourself an intern! Then get a good bench buffer. The 6” models from places like Home Depot or Lowes are ok, but will take you twice as long to get the result you want. Try to get at least an 8” 3/4HP 8amp unit (1hp ...

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  • Finally...a little fun!

    [Herm and Jason out enjoying the Florida sunshine...] [One of those moments that makes it all worth it...] Thanks to our good friend Tony from CBPTV for taking the shot!  Tony, your a god among men!

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