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  • Lowside Magazine, NOT just for Choppers - They love skinny jeans & Cafe Racers too!

    What is Lowside Magazine and why on Earth should you click your way through the Dime City store to snag a few back issues and a subscription today? Well, we'll tell you... Picture a world where no matter what kind of bike you ride; a Shovelhead Bobber, a CB550 Cafe Racer, a totally stock Triumph or a crazy KTM powered Chopper. In this world there are people from all walks of life. Hard-core lifer Harley riders who live and die by the Eagle and the flag, young punks who aren't quite Hipsters- ...

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  • Cafe Racer TV Featuring Dime City Cycles, Next Thursday!

    The Crew here at Dime City Cycles couldn't agree more with Cafe Racer TV's Season 2's bi-line "Everything Old Is Cool Again!" And with that, why not checkout our "old" 1975 CB400F Super Sport that we turned into a track ready speed machine ready and able for The Bostrom Brothers in a series of track tests to come in Season 2 of Cafe Racer! We're pretty sure you'll think it's "cool again" and watching it get built will surely be a riot given The Crew from Lowside Syndicate helped with the buil...

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