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  • DCC Product Review - REV'IT CR Race Suit, Jerzes Gloves & Gravity 2 Back Protector

    It's 7:00AM, the sun has barely risen and already you can feel the heat radiating from the white layer of salt that you’re to call home for the next seven days. It’s relentless and has been witness to the fastest men on the planet, it shows no mercy and now you're here to make your mark. You're here to "Chase the marquee of speed" as they say. You're gonna need all the help you can get, Ace. Fortunately, you've employed the use of REV'IT's CR 1 Piece Race Suit and with a little luck, some tr...

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  • Chasing Speed…Bonneville for the next generation

    There’s a lot that goes through your mind when you’re preparing for a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats. What will the climate be like? Will the bike hold-up under such extreme pressures? Will I remember to tighten every bolt and bring all my essential gear? Regardless though of the myriad of questions that rattle around your brain like pinballs bouncing to and froe inside a glass machine from the 70’s, I have to believe that the one question that rings true to any racer is this: Do I have w...

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  • Bell + REV'IT + Vitesse Moto & Triumph / Jason @ Bonneville = A Great Time!

    We've kept it under wraps up until now, but seeing as how we're going to be heading out on a jet-plane this Friday, we figured we can't keep it a secret any longer! Myself am headed to Bonneville to pilot a custom Triumph Thruxton built by Brandon Schricten out of Colorado. It's modified to the hilt in full Cafe Racer style with a custom metal tank and seat section, bars, exhaust, intake and a myriad of other items all fashioned by Brandon's hands in his garage in the great state of Colorado....

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