DCC Originals DIY Custom Rear Tail Hoop for Small CC Bikes

DCC Originals DIY Custom Rear Tail Hoop for Small CC Bikes

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Raw Steel


  • Small CC Honda's, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's and Yamaha's Harley Davidson Sportser 04+
  • Other Makes & Models w/ Center to Center Tube Measurement of 7" - 7-1/4"

Material: 1" or 7/8", DOM Steel Tubing


  • End to Radius 7" w/ 3.5" on center 180 Degree Radius

Installation Notes:

Depending upon where you cut your frame and where you cut the tail upon receipt you may need to open or close the gap a bit. This can be done easily by putting one end of the tail in a vice, locking it down, and using a longer piece of steel to pull, or open the gap.

In the same respect you can close the gap by simply putting a ratchet strap around the ends tightening it in order to get the fitment spot on with your frame.

Also, please purchase a set of universal frame slugs to ensure a SAFE installation.


*Angle on Upswept version is approximately 25 degrees.

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Like Perseus's sword dropped from the heavens by Zeus himself, DCC introduces our DIY Cafe Racer rear tail hoop section enabling those who wield it the ability to conquer the streets by day and win the ladies by night.

Alright, it's not near as cool as Perseus's sword, and your probably not gonna get any chicks with it, but we made you laugh right?

The DCC Crew knows how hard it is to build the perfect rear hoop section for that Cafe creation your bringing to life in your garage. We've been there...trust us!

Using one of those orange Harbor Freight benders? Can't get the angles just right? Wasted 25' of tubing trying to get the right look? Well, look no further Ace. As usual, DCC has you covered! We've done the math and invested in a custom die for our tube bender that creates a perfect radius and tail section even the gods would smile upon.

All you need to check is the outside diameter of your frame tubes and the distance between them where your going to cut the back section off. The Wing'd Piston takes care of the rest!

Manufactured right here in Dime City out of cold rolled 1" .095wall DOM steel tubing, we put the bricks to the bender and kick out these super sweet tails just for you. We leave an extra 7" on each side so you can cut it to match the length of your seat for that perfect custom look right in your garage!

Installation is simple, just cut off the back half of your frame (at your own risk), chamfer the edges of the frame and the tube, get a buddy to hold it in place and weld away. Just smooth out the welds with a flap wheel and grinder and paint or powder coat it to your liking!

As a standard we offer them completely straight out and flat, but for those looking for a little more racey look, we put a slight bend right before the main radius creating a nice upward slope and a more modern and progressive stance.

Just fab up your seat to match or trim your Roccity or Legendary Motorcycles Cafe Racer glass seat to fit and your good to go! Just make sure you measure your frame rails center to center to select the proper hoop as we do offer two sizes. Typically, the smaller look (this one) is good for most 350cc to 500cc bikes the larger loop is good for just about anything over.

And remember, if your frame is slightly wider or skinnier, don't fret. Get the one closest and with some patience, a little heat and some additional welding and cutting you can most likely get a perfect fit!

Man, it's a good thing the Dime City Crew is looking out for ya 'eh?

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Genre AHRMA Racing
Cafe Racers

Nothing but smiles!

This is the second time I buy a tail loop for my projects. I am always happy with the end result. This is main reason why I keep coming back. I also bought different products and always happy nothing but smiles!!!

Great Product

I was a little intimidated to try and chop the back of my 74 cb360 and weld this in as my first welding project but the fit was perfect and I used the lugs. Came out perfect! Consistently high quality stuff from DCC

1973 RD350

Shipment was really fast, loved that... Oh and the hoop looks great on the frame. Thanks for the stickers DCC!!!

Minor tweaking needed, but great product

Bought the upswept version for a KZ400. It was spaced a little too small for the frame, but it was very easy to stretch it open to the required size (only needed half an inch or so). Worked great with the frame slugs, Only took me an hour or so to get this welded onto the bike.

Well made!

Purchased for 1975 CB500T and it fit just right. Higher quality tubing than original frame.


Fit a cb450 perfect with minimal tweaking. It's the seat perfect. Thanks


Very satisfied with both upswept and seat. It is obvious that both the seats and the upswepts by dime city are custom fit for each individual order when ordered together. The seat fit perfect to the upswept. Also, the swivel under bolts installed within the seat make for an easy install; with a bit of play in the bolts the brackets that you have to weld on don't necessarily have to 'perfect'. Very pleased.

Great product! Not for all small cc.

Beware! This does not fit on the Kawasaki Z500/KZ550. You will need the large cc one! Be sure to check your frame so you dont make the same mistake as i did.

Other than that its a great product and price! :)

brat/cafe hoop

nice product made well. moderate fab for a universal product. i say 9 out of 10

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