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DCC Originals Speed Freaks Thermal Shirt

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Color/Finish: Vintage Black w/ White Outstich
Size: S, M, L, XL and 2XL
Material: 100% Super Thick and Warm Thermal Weave Cotton


*Artwork collaboration with Todd Cook http://toddwcook.com

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DCC Originals Speed Freaks Thermal Shirt
DCC Originals Speed Freaks Thermal Shirt


The coffee pot is working, you patiently and nonchalantly watch each individual drop make it's way to pool of Nirvana collecting at the bottom. Rivaling your addiction for speed, aside from the loud rap of exhaust and undulations in the road, caffeine is the only thing that keeps you from acting like a strung out junkie about to go over the edge.

You make your way into the garage, but not before stepping over baby toys and the family dog, who were it not for the pool of drool under his snout, would appear to be dead, asleep. The house is quiet, no one else is awake. It's perfect.

The door quietly closes behind you, you set your coffee on your workbench next to the cylinder head your prepping for next summers project bike, a 1967 Honda CB350. There she sits in parts and pieces half way through the restoration. A whimsical smile comes to your face as you look around at what you're creating.

You open your laptop and then Pandora tuning it to your favorite station setting the volume on low so's not to awake the baby or the misses. The valve of the propane space heater is cracked and warmth begins to slowly fill the room like the first bath of oil in a new engine.

Next to the rolling chassis sits last year's project, a 1973 CB500 Four. Showing off her gleaming silver paint and black metal flake scallops, she speaks to you in a way you never thought possible for a machine. And in what seems like a moment the entire build flashes before your eyes. All the grinding, cutting and sleepless nights seem to be but a flash of time with final product now sitting in front of you.

You've had her out on the road, you've pushed her to her limits and beyond. 90mph, 95mph and then the TON. What a glorious little machine you've built with your own two hands. You grab your favorite mug and satisfaction rings true with every sip of coffee and fleeting memory of the summer time rides that brought you that once unattainable feeling of freedom.

Pleased with your previous endeavor to further affirm your place in the cult of speed, you make your way back to the bench and the cold lonely cylinder head. You roll up the sleeves of your Dime City Speed Freaks thermal and arming yourself with compound, a cordless drill and a new set of valves you dig in. If all goes well you should be done by the time the suns up.

Whether your a high-profile executive, a college kid or a family man, you've got the bike, your making it your own and you're a member of the cult of speed that drives us all. When the wrenches turn and the engine revs there's no definition of class, income or accomplishments. We're all the same, Speed Freaks.

Just in time for the cold weather The Wing'd Piston has brought you this super thick, warm and soft thermal to keep your temp within optimum operating range whether you're working in your garage or taking it to the road. It's perfect for under your favorite tee or all by it's own and finds itself at home under any leather jacket without taking up too much space. Plus- it's black, so it doesn't show grease or grim near as easy. How great is that?

Long live the Speed Freaks! (And may they be warm.)

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