DCC Originals Universal Cafe Racer Fully Indexable Rearset Foot Controls

DCC Originals Universal Cafe Racer Fully Indexable Rearset Foot Controls

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Raw Aluminum & Brass
Fits: Universal
Material: T6061 Aluminum


  • 6-3/4" Long x 1-/2" Thick x 1-3/4" Tall (Back) x .75" Tall (Front)
  • 3-3/32" Tall (Indexable Portion)
  • Rear Peg 3-3/8" Long x 1-1/8" OD / Front Peg 2" Long x 5/8" OD

*Sold as a set of two, for a linkage kit click and add the DCC Universal Linkage kit to your order. Indexable increments are 30 degrees per clocked position.

**For linkage see Sku: DCC-RSLINKAGE

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The sky opens up and as you crest the mountain ridge you see nothing but blue's, yellow's and a few white clouds that ebb and flow with grace amidst the skyline. The road twists a bit, snaking right and then a sharp left and you notice a worn-out sign that says, "Lookout Point 500ft Ahead, Use Caution."

You roll off the throttle and the compression of the engine takes over. That feeling of the cylinders slowing of their own accord inside the the iron walls of your twin, and that oh so familiar exhaust note brings a smile to your face. You downshift into third, then second, and as you click up into first while coming to a complete stop you seem to be on the edge of the Earth.

You put down the kickstand and remove your vintage 3/4 lid and gloves, setting them on your tank. Slowly and cautiously you walk to the fringe of the asphalt and look down while leaning back every so slightly. A shear drop of 2,500 feet is all that stands between you and the world beneath your feet.

For a brief moment the disdain of the day to day interrupts and you feel the urge to grab your iPhone and post an update to Facebook.
And then you catch yourself, and you realize this is one of those rare moments so striking, so enlivening that its worthy of enjoying singularly.

You take a deep breath, snap a mental picture and make your way back to your vintage speed machine. The sound of gravel scraping on the sole of your boots is all you hear.

As you clasp and secure your Bell helmet you take one more look at the world around you and you feel a moment of gratification. With a smile, you straddle your machine and flick the ignition on. Followed by a quick romp on the kick starter, she comes to life..

You tap your rearsets and engage first gear, leaving the expansiveness of the world behind you, and before you know it, you are winding down the mountain gracefully. You slide in and out of corners with the greatest of ease, rolling on and off the throttle, shifting through the gears and you can't help but wish that the rest of life's situations were both as enjoyable and effortless.

And then you realize, that's what actually makes this all so beautiful. Without the sour, the sweet simply isn't.

The DCC Originals "Fully Indexable" Rearsets, completely adjustable for any situation life can throw at you, made in the USA and built from durable long lasting components with quality and longevity in mind.

They won't help make your day to day life any better per se, but they're guaranteed to make the sweet that much sweeter and will ensure a smile every time you twist the throttle and run through the gears. And, after all, does anything else really matter?

Roll on brother.

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Genre AHRMA Racing
Cafe Racers

Index or die

I am so glad I went with the indexable rearsets. They saved my ass when I ran into a couple interference points I did not foresee. I had to go under-shaft with the shifter and over-shaft with the brake plus at an angle to avoid the kick stand. Great adjustability and good looking, too.

rear set

the best rear set on the market

Great quality with a good price

Very well made. Love the look of them now jus got to find a good way to mount them.

Rear sets look great

Still working on the mounts to install the rear sets on a 2001 Sportster. Glad I went with the fully indexable controls will make installation much easier. They look great I'm very happy with the purchase.


Was going to buy a cheaper set, but I loved the design and ability to adjust these sets. They are worth every penny!


High quality. Beautiful design.
Very happy with these.

Great Design

Installation was easy. Flexible design. Will allow different configurations. These rearsets would be the cherry on top!


Very well made, all of my friends are impressed with the quality.


Perfect right out of the box as is everything I've ordered from DCC. Thanks, guys!


I love the ability to index the shift and brake lever. These are perfect!


l could wait to get home to open this package...so rip it open in the post office parking lot...Wow....now what...raced home grab a beer and a smoke...rear sets in hand...How to make these 'bad ass rear sets' work....
With no directions or drawing as there's so many options...
Just a suggestion to Dime City maybe just a few simple drawings or pics showing how to...yeah l know it's a little extra work but would be really helpful to some shop builders...
l'll take a few pics and send them along for you to use as you wish...or not
l love your products and will be buying more in the future ...
Thanks Guys,

Well built, perfect for any application.

Just got my rearsets last night, and I must say I love the way they look on my bike. They are very sturdy, but very easy to scratch. Like the description says they are fully adjustable and easy to install.

Thanks DCC for the great addition!

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