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Dime City Diatribe April Edition

Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:54:22 AM America/New_York


Embarking on a new project build is never as easy or straightforward as it might first seem. Not content with that degree of difficulty, we also set ourselves a five week deadline, having it ready to unveil at The Handbuilt Show in Austin TX.

So, we started with a stock 1980 XS 650. The bike was in a very poor state as was the motor. The cylinder walls had been rusted from being left out in the elements without carburetors or an exhaust system.


Essentially, we rebuilt this motorcycle from the ground up. Every nut and bolt was replaced with new hardware. The motor was rebuilt using 80 mm Pistons taking it to a whopping 744cc. We installed oversized titanium valves and seats, a performance cam and blueprinted the crank. Then fitted the motor with 34 mm Mikuni carburetor. Custom-made headers were then fitted with Cone engineering performance slip on mufflers.

We fitted the rear suspension with Ohlin piggyback gas shocks the front suspension was replaced with Race Tech springs and gold valve emulators. We then mated a 17 inch aluminum rim to a CB450 drum hub for a classic vintage look and 19 inch Sun rim to a Triumph Bonneville hub up front. The wheel was then fitted with a 320 mm rotor and a modern twin piston caliper. The rubber front and rear are Avon Distanzia off road tires. We used a 100/80 in the front and a 130/80 in the rear. Performance was the name of the game here.

Finally the wiring deserves a special mention; the entire bike was wired with extremely discreet and nearly invisible LEDs, utilizing MotoGadget’s switches and simplified wiring boxes and widgets.

And what of the performance? Well, it goes like a bat-out-of-hell and it sounds awesome! The fiberglass tank, fenders and lightweight seat along with the removal of unnecessary parts, have all contributed to a tremendous weight loss; the added horse power-to-weight ratio makes this thing really move both on the road and across the dirt.




Since January, we’ve added over 1200 new parts to the NEW PRODUCTS section on dimecitycycles.com

We’ve been inspired by your builds and listened to your requests…and in some cases, demands…so we’ve upped our game to find you even more great ways to build and customize your rides.

Whether you’re looking for OE parts for restoration or something special to finish off that custom build, come check out what we’ve added!

For all those who care about their rides looking good and keeping it that way, we’ve added world-class body parts from AIRTECH, amazingly cool electronics from MOTOGADGET and performance parts as featured on our Scrambler such as OHLINS suspension. Take a closer look at the parts and some of the other brands we’ve added recently by visiting www.dimecitycycles.com/new-motorcycle-parts-and-gear.html.

And don’t forget, we’re adding new parts and gear daily, so bookmark the page to make sure you don’t miss the latest and greatest from Dime City Cycles.




Here’s our ‘wrap’ from this year’s incredible show hosted by Alan and his team from Revival Cycles.
We’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Facebook: #‎handbuiltshow#‎yamaha#‎dimecitycycles
Instagram: #‎handbuiltshow#‎yamaha #‎dimecitycycles

Photos | Erick Runyon Photographs-Motorcycles




Dime City Cycles was also in Paris France in April for the inaugural BikeShed Paris show.
It was simply ‘magnifique’ – check it out…

Facebook: #‎bikeshedparis#‎dimecitycycles
Instagram: #‎bikeshedparis#‎dimecitycycles




Come find us at “Riding into History” May 22nd and 23rd in St Augustine, FL.

For the 16th straight year, Riding Into History, one of America’s premier motorcycle events, returns to World Golf Village in St. Augustine. The event features hundreds of classic American motorcycles along the Village’s Walk of Champions. Vendors, exhibitors and entertainment will be included.

Follow this link for more details. http://ridingintohistory.org/



Benjamin Smith from Racing Smith, a new garage on the scene in Salem NC, sent us this great story on
a recent build for a customer;

Phillip wanted his bike to be something special to honor his Uncle, a Korean War veteran who had gotten him into riding. Phillip was very passionate about the bike, describing the sounds, smells and speed that
he remembered as a kid. He wanted all that to come back to life! After a couple of phone conversations
he decided that we were the ones for the job!

The bike came to us after not running for over 30yrs and with a VERY tight budget!! There was tons of work to be done. It was the by far the WORST bank of carbs we’ve ever cleaned.

Phillip wanted a rugged look; mag wheels and a military-inspired paint scheme. Also after some discussion, topping out the list was a dual set of headlights and digital speedo via trail techs vapor system. A pair of carefully selected tubeless dual sport tires for heavier bikes like the KLR were utilized for safety and aesthetics.

The bike was a hit! It ran absolutely beautifully after some tuning and handled like a dream believe it or not!!! To accomplish all this, we used my personal Honda CB 650 at the time to supply the Comstar wheel swap, DCC for most of the parts, great friends and a few cold beers!!!

Once again, a big shout out to DCC for help with all our builds, getting things to us fast and always being super cool guys/gals!

Please give Benjamin Smith from Smith Racing a like and a follow per the below;

Instagram: https://instagram.com/racing_smith/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Racing-Smith/1390872924457745

Photography was shot by Adam P. Rogers Photography


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Dime City Dispatch March

Monday, April 6, 2015 12:18:23 PM America/New_York




Now in its second year, the Handbuilt Show, designed and curated by those seriously clever boys over at Revival Cycles,are facing that familiar conundrum normally reserved for musicians, filmmakers and Ad men…that is, how to top that first major success?

Last year’s event was a triumph of splendid machinery, art and gasoline culture, meticulously arranged within an old corrugated metal warehouse.

With a handful of carefully selected art displays, the wall of Death and the coolest of vibes that Austin has in bucket-loads, one came away from the weekend feeling all that was right with the world. It certainly felt inclusive, which is one of the main aims of the show.

Not only is the event a dead cert for epic, awesome motorcycle builds, moto art and culture, the weekend beautifully coincides with MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle racing worldwide, who will be rolling into town for the 2nd round taking place at one of the racers favorites, The Circuit of the Americas.

Not to try to trump that, we’ll also be unveiling something special at the show.

So if you’ve nothing planned, y’all should pop along, take in the spectacle and watch out for some of MotoGP’s finest, who often stop by to admire the magnificence that is the Handbuilt Show.

If you can’t make it, just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see highlights from the show in all its spectacular glory.

Click here for more information on the Handbuilt Moto Show






For those of you paying attention, you may have picked up on the fact that we are in the throws of a new build….yep, the very same one that will be making it’s way up to The Handbuilt Show in Austin TX April 10th-11th.

But before we give the game away entirely, we wanted to highlight some of the excellent new products we’ve recently added to dimecitycycles.com. These are no ordinary products as they deliver form and function – beautiful design and ridiculous technical superiority to give maximum performance.

Enough of this hyperbole! We hear you say – just go check this little lot out and see if you can figure out what we’re going to be unveiling at The Handbuilt Show;


It’s all a matter of personal preference and taste…so guess what we did?

Click here to see more



Stock OEM parts or something bigger/better? These will certainly fit the bill.

Click here to see more


Off the peg or more of a tailored fit? We’ve got the options to fit your budget. Check out these beauties…

Click here to see more

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.14.15 PM


These tires from Avon work on-road and off-road for those seeking the street and the trail…and are built to go the distance.

Click here to see more








This weekend (27 – 29 March), the fearless duo of Scott Turner and Scot Fiedler trekked some serious miles to reach the beautiful NOLA Motorsports Park circuit in New Orleans.

Unlike Roebling Road, this circuit was troublesome at first due to the ongoing construction at the track with the forthcoming Formula 1 racing, so the track was loaded with dust, debris, and ripples from the construction equipment. The track got better throughout the weekend so long as you didn’t get off line or off track as the infield was a swampy mess, due to heavy rainfall.
If you’ve never been to this track, it’s 2.75 miles with a one-mile front stretch and more turns then Roebling Road, which made for more exciting racing in and out of the corners.

From a set up perspective, there were no real major changes from the last race except tire pressure and fuel mileage due to longer track distance and more corners.
From a racers standpoint, racing at NOLA is great fun with more technical corners and a fast long front straight; the overall facility is bigger than most with go kart track, paddock garages, shops, and gear rental.
The team experienced a lot of mechanical issues from piston arms coming out of the block (Scott Turner) to having to borrow a piston and cylinder just to race on Sunday(Scot Fiedler) then tear the motor back down again.

In spite of the challenges, Scot Fiedler came 4th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday in the Formula 125 class with the difference in time between 2nd and 3rd being only 3 thousandths of a second – a great battle for sure!

Scott Turner got a 1st and a 3rd in Sportsman 500 , a 1st and a 2nd in Sportsman 350.

All in all, a great result, building on the positive start to the season.

Next stop: – Round 3, April 24 – 26 Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond CA

Click here for more information on AHRMA
Click here to see more of Team Scott Racing







March saw us supporting a number of events – VJMC Eustis, Rockers vs Mods (Dallas), Eurobike and Look Twice Cincy.

But one event in particular, Martin Motosport’s Modern Classic event in Boyerton PA, now in its 6 year, has grown into a must-attend event for your calendars.

With over 1400 attendees and over 100 exhibitors, it’s become one of the firm favorites for bike builders and vendors alike. Check out the pictures from this great event and mark your calendars to attend in 2016

Click here to learn more about Martin Moto





CUSTOMER BUILD – Bob Ranew’s Honda CL 450

I finally got around to photographing my first true build. After I purchased a custom bike from John Ryland at Classified Moto (BTW I was his first paying customer) I fell in love with the process of transforming a forgotten bike into something special. So a co-worker, Jerry Bodrie, approached me about helping him build a Honda Scrambler. After searching Craigslist we discovered what looked like a great candidate in Tennessee about 300 miles from Raleigh. So, we borrowed a truck and made the trip. Man, do things always look better in photos. The 1974 CL450 was in pretty bad shape; there was a title and it would crank but that was about it. Almost no brakes (that was a shocker) and a heavy layer of black gunk on most of the mechanicals meant we had our hands full.


After we got it home we carried it down some steps into Jerry’s basement. Each Tuesday night after work we were at it. We took it down to the frame. That was the quick and fun part. Then starting with the fork seals it was one challenge after another. Cutting wires that should have never been touched. Burning the skin off our hands with aircraft stripper. Losing parts, and just making a general mess of things. But looking back on it, we learned from our mistakes and we never gave up.


We replaced the original tank with one from a 1974 CB450 (not a Scrambler) which started to change the look of the bike. As we cut the tail section, painted the wheels and added some vintage Firestone ANS tires, and removed, cut and ground off everything non-essential, the statement this bike was going to make began to emerge. We bolted on all the usual cafe bits and bobs, added some moto bars, fabricated and padded the world’s most uncomfortable seat (which has since been redone), re-built the brakes, cleaned and lightly polished the aluminum parts, fabbed-up a new Scrambler exhaust and also had fun painting the raised letters on the firestone tires. We also got the speedo, grips, gators and shocks from Dime City Cycles.


We didn’t do it all on our own, we did get help from folks more knowledgeable and experienced than us on the trickier items like re-wiring the electrical and re-jetting carbs.


This bike will always remain special to me and it kick-started my next 4 builds at Redeemed Cycles (FB link). The experience demonstrated what I believed to be true: with an eye for design and some basic mechanical aptitude, a regular Joe can actually build a pretty sweet bike.


(Published with kind permission from Bob Ranew)


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The Dime City Dispatch February Edition

Friday, February 27, 2015 2:29:40 PM America/New_York

The Road to Portland – The One Show

The One Show


If you’ve never visited Portland OR…boy, have you have been missing a treat.

If you’ve never attended The One Show, hosted by Thor Drake and his crew from See See Coffee and Motorcycles…you need to start marking those calendars for February 2016!

Our road trip to Portland saw us covering 6300 miles, consuming gallons of gas and an unhealthy amount of caffeine and sugar. From Largo to Nashville, Salt Lake City to Denver Colorado, we had the chance to make new acquaintances, ride our bikes and swap stories of daring do.

This year’s show didn’t disappoint. The array of bikes and genres on display was nothing short of spectacular. Whatever your poison, from Flat Trackers, Scramblers Cafe Racers, Choppers and Bobbers to hardcore racing, there was something for everyone. From professional builds from Roland Sands Designs and Icon, to imaginative builds from local and up and coming builders.

Combine that with a venue of magnificent proportions, it was a truly mesmerizing display of craftsmanship, artistry and talent…all under one very big roof.

Thor – you and the crew from See See Coffee and Motorcycles nailed it.

Here’s to The One Show 2016.


Podium Finishes for the AHRMA Season Opener – Roebling Road, GA

ARHAM opener

Having a little fun at the AHRMA season opener.


Wow, what a weekend that was!

Stepping into the big freeze, our daring duo from Team Scott Racing rose to the challenge and delivered several podium finishes during the AHRMA season opener at Roebling Road GA.

After braving extremely cold conditions during qualifying, Scott Turner and Scot Fiedler were able to shake off the frostbite and place strong grid positions. Battling through the field, Scott Turner netted 2nd in the 500 class and 1st in the 350 class. Scot Fielder was also in the thick of it and delivered a 1st place spot in the 125 class. All in all, a great result for Team Scott Racing and Dime City Cycles.

So, roll on Nola Motorsports March 27-29th. We’re coming to get ya!


Over 500 NEW Products Added

Some of our newest additions. We are adding Vintage and Modern Classic Motorcycle parts and accessories daily.

Some of our newest additions. We are adding Vintage and Modern Classic Motorcycle parts and accessories daily.


Since January, we’ve added over 500 new parts to the NEW PRODUCTS section of dimecitycycles.com

We’ve been inspired by your builds and listened to your requests…and in some cases, demands…so we’ve upped our game to find you even more great ways to build and customize your rides.

Whether you’re looking for OE parts for restoration or something special to finish off that custom build, come check out what we’ve added!

For all those who care about looking good and keeping it that way, we’ve added world-class helmets from SHOEI and protective riding gear and apparel from REV’IT! to name a few. Take a closer look at more of this stylish gear and some of the other brands we’ve added by visiting www.dimecitycycles.com/new-motorcycle-parts-and-gear.html.

And don’t forget, we’re adding new parts and gear daily, so bookmark the page to make sure you don’t miss the latest and greatest from Dime City Cycles.



Inspiration – Customer Build – Josh Brown’s CB350

Honda CB350

Here’s Josh Brown’s CB350 project – he calls it the Gold Digger. Josh did 95% of the work himself too.

He extended the swing arm five inches, lowered the bike 4″, head light lowered 1 1/2″. Josh even machined a special tachometer plug which he press-fit his wedding ring onto…now that’s dedication!

If you have a build that uses Dime City Cycle Parts – send along some photos to [email protected] and your motorcycle could be featured.

Iron & Clematis, West Palm Beach

We had a great time at Iron and Clematis.

We had a great time at Iron and Clematis.

Motorcycles, rock ‘n roll bands, the beach…and torrential rain!


But that didn’t dampen the spirits as a flood of people turned up to participate in this year’s extravaganza produced by the Vintage Iron Club. We had a blast with our friends from the Ace Cafe and all the other vendors who made the show special.

Check out some of the shots and if you didn’t attend, mark it in your diaries for 2016!


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Naked Speed (previously known as Cafe Racer TV) | Begins January 28th

Monday, January 19, 2015 9:00:50 AM America/New_York



It’s hard to believe it’s been over 5 years since we first met with the crew of Cafe Racer TV. The show creators have watched this “garage builder” culture expand and grow, being stoked by the flames of CRTV and other elements and have taken note of it’s evolution. It’s not just about Cafe Racers, anymore. It’s about building, creating, making things from nothing and the importance that plays on the historical chart of motorcycling.

With that thought, we invite you to tune into Velocity Channel’s New Motor Series Naked Speed which premieres on January 28.

There will be plenty to see as hosts master builder Bryan Fuller and motorcycle journalist Mike Seate traverse the planet to provide an insider’s look into the craft and culture of motorcycles.

In each episode, Bryan and Mike discover top builders from all over the world, join them in stripping down bikes to bare metal and then highlight their transformation into fast and stylish, race-ready machines. From café racers, to street fighters, to land speed bikes, they tackle some of the most challenging builds.

We are proud to be a part of Naked Speed. Our “Ace build premieres on March 4th at 10 PM it highlights “The Building of the Ace” utilizing a a Triton, modern Triumph and Norton equipment for our client The Ace Café with OG Marc Wilsmore as the judge and jury. The show also follows our journey to England as we gain knowledge about the British bike culture. chat up Rockers, ride down to Brighton Beach and trespass into the Triumph factory. After all what would life be like without a little rule breaking.



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The Dime City Dispatch, November ’14 | Naked Speed, New Triumphs and Other News!

Monday, November 17, 2014 3:07:47 PM America/New_York

| Dime City News & Updates – Naked Speed, the TV show formerly known as “Cafe Racer”

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.04.14 AM

Time sure does fly! It’s hard to believe that It’s been four years since Cafe Racer TV made it’s first debut on Velocity. It’s been a hell of a ride and we’ve enjoyed it immensely. The show connected us with not only customers who’ve become an extended family, but also other builders. As a result of it events have been created, talent united and garage builder culture kicked off on a global level.

As a result of the expansive-ness that is motorcycling and rebirth of Garage builder culture, the team behind Cafe Racer TV has taken note from all the viewer comments. You want to see more bikes, different bikes and different parts of the culture. Well, Naked Speed, the revamped show has all of it! We caught up with the shows Executive Producer Ed Coughlin and asked him to tell us a bit more about the name (and content) change.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s actually pretty simple.  From the first episode produced, the network has always loved the program.  I am constantly told the style, pace, and rotating talent separate it from a gaggled congestion of car shows currently on air.  That said, the cars (everyone drives one) will always outperform the bikes when it comes to the all-important ratings game.  In an an effort to attract more of our four wheeled friends, and even some fellow bikers who might not be cool enough to ride a cafe, the title Naked Speed was chosen.  Now I agree, the title ‘Naked’ is hot right now (even overused) but you have to admit, naked speed is a pretty darn good description of what a true cafe racer is all about.

Add Master Builder (of cars and bikes) Bryan Fuller, who plays nicely, but differs greatly in his opinions from returning host Mike Seate, pressure packed builds with demanding clients, difficult deadlines, and world class test riders and I am confident we will see another five seasons of TV’s coolest and fastest sixty-minute ride!”

We couldn’t agree more Ed!

Stay tuned for more details on the show. For now all we can tell you is that the first episode will air on Jan. 28th at 10PM on Velocity (check your local listings) and Dime City Cycles has something special in store that involves our pals across the pond from Ace Cafe London as well as Triumph Motorcycles.

| Customer Appreciation – FREE SHIPPING through Nov. – International Customers too!



We’ve been running our free shipping promotion since Nov. 3rd and the word has it, you guys like it! Well, when we ran the initial promotion we didn’t have provision in place for all our International Customers. We’re happy to announce that that is no longer the case. THAT’S RIGHT all of you outside the US of A can now take advantage of the promo. Simply add $150 in parts and gear to your shopping cart and choose “Customer Appreciation Month – Free Shipping” at checkout.

To re-cap:

For the entire Month of November we’re offering free shipping globally on all orders* over $150.00. Simply log in to your account, place your order as normal (over $150) and the shipping won’t be included in your total. It’s that easy! Consider it a little pre-holiday season thank you for supporting DCC, being a loyal a customer and supporting the garage builder culture.

*US orders will ship via UPS Ground, Canada orders will ship via UPS Standard and all other International orders will ship via USPS Priority International. Exhaust systems and tires excluded.

We’ve been adding new products like mad men! So browse through our Parts, Riding Gear and Swag for that special little gift and say “Thanks”… to your garage.

| Industry & Partner News – Things are best in threes, Triumph announces three new Modern Classics

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.15.01 PM

Things have been very busy at Triumphs facility in Hinckley. In addition to keeping up with the demand their brand now commands in the industry on a global scale, they’ve managed to find time to work on special projects. Recently, when Herm and Jason were in London visiting the factory the “R&D” area was quarantined off like ground zero and our Triumph hosts made every point to keep us as far away from it as possible. Now we see why…

The first model introduced in their line-up is the Ace Thruxton, inspired by Ace Cafe London and the original Triumph Cafe Racers of yesteryear the ream at Triumph worked hand-in hand with Mark Wilsmore, Managing Director of Ace Cafe, to ensure what was captured in the bike was the absolute essence of the Ace.

Built to celebrate Triumphs association with the legendary Ace Cafe in North London it sports a unique paint and decal scheme, a sculpted OxBlood custom seat with detachable cowling, authentic bar-end mirrors and a handlebar plaque noting the number on the production line. There’s only going to be 1550 of these made, so if Cafe Racers are your thing and you bleed tea and oil – we highly suggest putting in a call to your local Triumph dealer today!

The second model introduced in their line-up is the T214 Bonneville which celebrates the achievements of Texas-born racer Johnny Allen, and his record-breaking Triumph-powered Cee-Gar streamliner, which in 1956, set the first of many land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats by recording a two-way average of 214.4mph.

The “Texas Cee-Gar,” a Triumph Thunderbird 650 powered, methanol-fueled motorcycle with a streamlined bodyshell was built by airline pilot J.H. “Stormy” Mangham, and Fort Worth dealer, tuner and 2001 Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee, Jack Wilson and piloted by legendary Texas racer Johnny Allen. On 6th September 1956 , AMA and FIM observers looked on as Allen set the world absolute speed record for a motorcycle at 214.40 mph. The now-classic 1959 Triumph Bonneville was named in tribute to the Texas Cee-Gar team’s record-setting efforts.

The 214.4 mph land speed record lasted until 1962 and was broken by Bill Johnson, riding the nitro methane powered Dudek Triumph streamliner to a speed record of 224.57. If these go 1/4 as fast as the original Cee-Gar did you’re gonna lose your opportunity to get your hands on one!


The third model introduced in their line-up is the Newchurch Bonneville which celebrates Triumphs involvement in the annual Tri-Days event that literally takes over the town of Newchurch, Austria. It sports a contemporary new paint scheme (two options available), has blacked out fenders, headlamp bucket, mirrors and springs as well as black wheels with exquisite red pinstriping and a custom seat. What’s not to love?

Every year a small town in the mountains of Austria plays host to the world’s biggest Triumph party as thousands of Triumph fans descend to celebrate their love of the brand and the bikes they own. Featuring everything from outrageous customs to an off-road drag race known as “The Rumble”, the town of Neukirchen has its name changed to Newchurch for the weeklong Tridays party.

The Tridays party is an annual pilgrimage for Triumph owners to descend on the beautiful town of Newchurch and celebrate all things British.  Along with spectacular mountain road rides, incredible stunt shows, and off road duelling, Tridays is the place where Triumph owners show off their latest customized rides. This special edition Bonnie pays homage to the event, the bikes and the people who customize them. It doesn’t get any more involved than that!

LD - Triumph - Bonneville Newchurch - 1005_smaller
If you’re interested in any of these limited editions models head on over to triumphmotorcycles.com or visit your local Triumph dealer today. We’re certain they’re going to go QUICK!

| Events Updates & News – Ace Corner Barber 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.52.42 PM

This year saw the 4th annual Ace Corner at the 10th annual Barber Vintage festival. To say it was a success would be an understatement. The Corner was packed the entire weekend! At a few points, the event space actually met capacity and we had to wait for bikes to clear out before we could allow any more in. Talk about packin’ them in!

Starting out on Friday the air was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. The bikes started to file in one after another, pistons rumbling exhaust shaking riders with their teeth clenched in anticipation. What a site! Once parked they had the opportunity to peruse the hand-picked vendors on premise and their quality goods.

Of course, Ace Cafe was there with fellow UK based brand Red Torpedo who actually brought Connor Cummings, Isle of Mann TT racers to the corner for a series of interviews and autograph signings. From South Florida the fellows from Xcrambler Cycles joined in on the fun with some high quality BMW Scramblers as well as fine art by way of Moto prints. Talk about classy! The big boys from Barnluck showed up as well with a double sized tent that housed an amalgamation of unique items all inspired by this rust and revival movement we’re a part of. Of course the usual suspects like Legendary Motorcycles, Iron and Air and Triumph were represented as were others.


Saturday saw tons of commentary by Ace Corners very own Bree Poland talking to everyone from Triumph sponsored rider Alena Meyers to Connor Cummings to vendors and partners who participated in the Corner. Racing, of course was happening all the while in the background and even attracted the attention of some AHRMA riders like Dime City’s very own Scott Turner and Martin Milanese during their breaks. You know the vantage point of the track must be something special if racers are leaving the pits to come watch from the corner, right?


As the day turned into afternoon our bike show judges were corralled at the top of the hill to gauge the over 75 machines brought in from riders as far as Canada. Everything from custom Cafe Race Nortons to modern Ducati’s were present all the likes in between of Bobbers, Brats and Choppers even too! (The show is open to anyone on a custom.) Into the evening we hosted a very special Triumph VIP party along with live music from The Cigar Store Indians. Christmas lights strung from tent to tent, old friends chatting, new friends being made – the energy was literally, alive. The read text and look at photos of Ace Corner, even watch video hardly does it justice. It’s one of those things like riding the Pacific Coast Highway or riding from coast of Spain to France, you have to experience it in order to truly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner of Ace Corner email [email protected] and get on the list. We’re expecting max capacity next year not only from guests but, partners too and are planning a full year in advance as a result of it.

To see the full photo gallery from Ace Corner 2014 head over to our Facebook page

| New Products from The Wing’d Piston – Speed & Strength “Rust and Redemption” & Honda Offical Shirts


In an effort to bring quality retro inspired gear to the marketplace the guys at Speed and Strength took some industry polls, did a ton of research and digging through old books and magazines and brought the Rust and Redemption line to life. Just like the bikes we all build, the products behind the R&R line from S&S echo the past while employing modern advancements in technology like armor and textile fabrics. They’ve got two new jackets, a 3/4 helmet, gloves, jeans and a bunch of other soft goods to go with it. Check ’em out today!


Interested? Check out the Speed & Strength Gear here

If Rust and Redemption isn’t your thing we’ve also got a new line of official Honda retro inspired t-shirts now available. They’re all made from soft high-quality cotton and while they’re not “skinny” they do a have nice fit them. They’re the perfect addition to any riders closet. The holidays are coming and they’d make a perfect gift for that rider you don’t know what to buy.

Official Honda Retro T-Shirts

Check out the Official Honda Retro Shirts here

| Dime City Customer Build Feature – Aaron Millers CL350 Brat / Scrambler


When we posted Aaron Millers CL350 on Instagram and received over 1,000 and 50 comments in under an hour we knew we stumbled upon our next DCC customer biker build feature. Aaron has taken two favorite styles and melded them together for visual (and physical we bet if you rode it!) perfect. The low slung style of a Brat machine with a bench seat combined with high-pipes, knobby tires and upright bars are the makings for something that goes fast and can get sideways in the dirt. Way to go Aaron!

Do you have a finished build project? What are you waiting for, get out there with your iPhone (or better yet get a friend with a nice camera) and take some shots of that beauty and send them our way. We wanna see them and maybe your little speed machine can be our next feature!

Email [email protected] w/ subject “Dime City Customer Feature” and include some photos and details on the bike. It’s that easy!


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The Dime City Dispatch, October ’14 | The DGR, New Products and Other News!

Thursday, October 23, 2014 3:14:13 PM America/New_York

| Dime City News & Updates – A New website to launch soon!


It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since we launched the original Dime City website. Not only has a TON changed in the DIY garage builder aftermarket, technology has changed too. Yes, we know it’s taken us a while, but trust us – you’ll be more excited than a BSA getting a new Mikuni carburettor!

While we can’t share too many of the details, we can show you the screenshot above along with some of the details below. Stay tuned, the new site will be launching sometime around the first of the year!

  • Improved search feature with MUCH better results when multiple keywords are used
  • Enhanced customer profiles with inteligent parts display for bikes loaded into your profiles
  • New DCC and Customer build feature galleries with parts hotlinking and display
  • Improved IOS and Android viewing for those ordering right from their benches with greasy fingers (can’t help the dirty screens, sorry!)
  • Faster load times with new server technology and content management system

| Industry & Partner News – Legendary Motorcycles releases “Tracker” line of products


Legendary Motorcycles, a leader in boutique and genre specific aftermarket parts for DIY garage builders has just announced a line of Street Tracker related products. We’ve got our hands on a hand-full of them before anyone else has so we could give you our opinion. Trust us, you’re gonna love them!

Taking the same high quality processes they use when making their Cafe Racer line of products Legendary has created a platform for those looking to build vintage (and modern classic) customs that fit the profile of Street and Dirt Tracker. Founder and head designer, Dave Ashenbrener has this to say about their new Tracker line:

“I always loved the Harley XR Flattrackers and when I decided to design our interpretation of Tracker body work I’ll admit, I pulled heavily from those. How could you not?  They’re gorgeous! So we started out with hand-carved foam molds like all our products and after test fitting and multiple shaping sessions we 3D scanned the prototypes and took them through the process of thermal forming to creating the single seamless piece above. Initially we only have the one seat and tank, but if there is demand for a smaller size for example, we’ll consider putting them into production.”

So you heard it here first, if you’re looking to build a Tracker for your next project give Legendary a look via Dime City Cycles. We’ve litterally sold thousands of their Cafe Racer seats and tanks to date and the reviews are nothing but rave. And if that’s not enough to put you over the edge, they’re all made right here in the good ‘ol US of A in sunny Florida where the Flat Track Gods are worshiped on a regular basis!

Checkout the new Legendary Motorcycles Tracker tank and seat here

| Events Updates & News – The 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride


To say the least this years DGR Tampa ride saw an uptick from last year. Honestly, we had to even admit it, but in 2013 there were only 15 riders. Yes yes, we know… Pathetic. Cut us a little bit of slack though, those Australians are really slow at responding to emails!

Seriously though, 2014 was a great year for the DGR not only in Tampa, but world-wide. We had approximate 130 riders join us for a beautiful ride through both Clearwater Beach and Historic Ybor City. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

The morning started with coffee and dougnuts at the Dime City Garage where we saw everything from an Ariel to Ural and dozens of other cool bikes in between. After a brief safety meeting we settled into three groups and left in waves headed for our first destination, New World Brewery in Tampa where they greated us with cold refreshments and a pizza buffet.

From there the ride of disguished gentlmen (and ladies) made their way through historic Tampa down to Bayshore for a gorgeous ride down one of Tampa’s most icon roadways. The sun was shining and the motors a plenty!

We headed across the Gandy Bridge from there (where several may or may not have hit the TON and beyond!) through St. Pete to our final destination for the day, Green Bench Brewery. Talk about the perfect location to end a ride! Plenty of space and tables outside, fans, games to play and a full menu of craft brews.

If the smiles in the photos weren’t enough to tell you the event was a success just take a look at Tampa’s placement on the total fund raising list. No. 19 world-wide out of 220 regions raising just over $19,000.00, not too bad! And did we mention the DGR as a whole grossed over $1.4million, which was a full 400k more than their goal!

If you missed this years DGR we strongly suggest getting plugged in an involved next year, there’s no doubt the event will get better and better.

For more information on the DGR visit the official website here
And checkout our DGR photos from the Tampa Bay ride here

| New Products from The Wing’d Piston – Gaerne G-RT Racing Boots


When you guys speak we listen! And one of the things we’ve been hearing is that we do not have a broad enough offering of boots for the different styles of riding. As a start we’ve added the new Gaerne G-RT riding boots with more to come. Like your custom garage built speed machines the devil is in the details with these gems! First-off, they’re waterproof which is awesome especially if you live somewhere like Florida that gets rain every day! The uppers are constructed from full grain leather, the inner liner is made from Gaerne’s own “Drytech” material which helps keep your feet nice and fresh.

In addition, they have a hinged design which makes movement when walking and shifting effortless, they’ve got a wrap around heel cup for extra protection, they sport a newly redesigned front plat, extra ankle padding and a double side closing system for easy off-and-on no matter if you’re in your living room or at the track and last but not least, they have a non-slip sole that’s oil resistant which is great seeing as how most of us have oil girls in the garage that love to leak oil!

Interested? Checkout the Gaerne G-RT photos and details here

| Dime City Customer Build Feature – Bob Ranew’s CB550 Cafe Racer


Checkout this slick little CB550 Cafe Racer Bob Ranew pulled from the 1978 time-warp turning it into a TON-UP terror. Way to go Bob! Love the DCC seat, grips and other bits and pieces used!

Do you have a finished build project? What are you waiting for, get out there with your iPhone (or better yet get a friend with a nice camera) and take some shots of that beauty and send them our way. We wanna see them and maybe your little speed machine can be our next feature!

Email [email protected] w/ subject “Dime City Customer Feature” and include some photos and details on the bike. It’s that easy!

| AHRMA Update from the Dime City Race Team – Scott, Martin and Scot

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.35.05 PM

Most recently our race team setup shop at the Barber Vintage Festival. All three members of our team have been going strong in their respective classes in addition to settling into the routine of having teammates.

On the first day Scott Turner started in Sportsman 350. With 27 riders lined up he was able to take the hole shot, but mechanical issues with the muffler left him finishing 6th. In his second race of the day, in Sportsman 500 with 20 riders lined up he took the hole-shot again and was able to finish 4th. Woo hoo Team Scott! In Race 3, CB160 LeMans there were 24 riders in the total field and he finished 4th overall, again.

On day two, he took 5th in Sportsman 350 and 6th in LeMans 160 with a nice little battle with team rider Martin at the end. Nothing like a little friendly competitiveness between teammates, right? Scott is headed to Daytona for the wrap up race of the year next. Currently he sits 2nd overall in Sportsman 350, 5th in Sportsman 500 and 3rd in CB160 LeMans. Overall, he’s happy with his current standings and so are we!

Scott’s teammate, Martin Milanese, started out slow and steady given this was his first race since a crash earlier in the season. Most of practice was spent breaking through the mental barrier created after hitting the asphalt at a high rate of speed. That and tweaking the bikes.

When Saturday came Martin started out in the GP200 race with Lil’ Blue. Unfortunately a failed ignition switch resulted in a DNF. In CB160 LeMans he started next to teammate Scott Turner and held position number 2 for quite some time. Though after a lap or so, the modifed gearing he chose pulled him further and further into the pack resulting in a 6th place finish. No so bad, but he made sure to change the gears back as soon as arriving back in the pits.

His third and final set for the day was in Thruxton Cup, the increasing popular and competitive class that appears to be a favorite of everyone of late. He had a great start, but lost a few places in the second turn due to lack of heat on the front tire. A few laps in a rider went down which forced the racers to the hot pit where the heat of the engines and a Alabama sun raised the stakes and tensions even higher.

Finally back out on the track he ran into a similar problem with the front tire and lost grip pushing it too hard forcing him out way wide where he lost 5 positions. After battling heat and the other competitive riders he was able to pull back forward to a 7th place finish out of 26 overall. Not to bad in our opinion! On Sunday he managed 8 out of 35 in GP200, 5th out of 24 in 160 LeMans and 10th in Thruxton cup. Not a bad finish at all!

And now for the under-dog, Scot Fielder. Our own resident metal bender and (don’t let him tell you we said this) best rider in our group. On Friday Scott wasn’t so luck as Scott with two t’s. He came in hot on turn 4 and crashed the little GP machine he’s been piloting. Nice one Scot, considering we just did a complete restoration on it! After some massaging to the bodywork with teammate Martin and a new throttle assembly care of Herm and the guys at TC Bros he was able to get back out on the track and continue practice.

On Saturday the Gods of Speed were smiling upon him and after some serious laps and trading places with fellow riders he was able to finish 8th. Which is pretty damn good if you ask us for a new racer and the largest and strongest field represented at Barber in his class. Sunday he finished 6th and had a great battle with Bryan Bradford #791, banging bars and trading paint giving it hell out there.

Currently Scot sits 3rd in his class out of 18 total racers. He’s continuing to grow his skillset as a racer and spends every moment watching his recap movies. We’ll-beit, a bit like Howard Hughes re-watching his movies over and over again looking for areas to improve, he’s a bit insane… But we love him and know he’ll be a racer to contend with as the seasons go on and he get’s more time in the saddle.

Check out the Photo Gallery on Facebook


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Ace Corner Update: We’ve got your Pro Racers here!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 4:54:05 PM America/New_York



We’ve got your Pro Racing covered too, with appearances by British road racer Conor Cummins, AMA Triumph Pro SuperSport racer Elena Myers, and our own AHRMA racer Scott Turner from Team Scott Racing.  Stop by and absorb knowledge!

Head to the Ace Corner Facebook event page for the latest updates.

Conor Cummins – At just 27 years of age, Conor is one of the hottest prospects currently plying his trade on the roads. He was fastest newcomer at the TT and the NW200 in 2006, secured the first of four TT podiums in 2009 and is the third fastest rider in the history of the event, as well as holding the record for the fastest lap from a standing start at 131.5mph.

Elena Myers – In just two short years, Elena Myers has made quite a name for herself in the AMA Pro Racing community. In her first season as a pro rider, she made history by becoming the first female to win an AMA Pro Road Racing sprint race with a SuperSport West victory at Infineon Raceway in 2010. Myers achieved her second career win at Daytona International Speedway in March 2012, becoming the first woman ever to win a professional motorsports race at the famous racetrack.

Scott Turner – Head of the Dime City sponsored AHRMA Team, Scott has been racing and building Honda 350’s that go from the track to the street, and from the junkyard to the show.  He’s one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people that we know!


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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014 10:15:26 AM America/New_York

Love dapper?  Ok, love looking vintage sharp on your classic machine?  The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride lets you ride out in style while raising money and awareness for prostate cancer.  It’s simple:  wear your dapper best, sign up, and ride.  Originally formed out of Sydney, Australia the DGR has exploded worldwide and we’re helping along the way.  We’ll be kicking off the ride in our area at 9AM on September, 28 with coffee and doughnuts [our version of tea and crumpets] and will head out all caffeinated and dressed to the nines from there.  Come hang at our shop and get to know the DCC Crew and fellow local riders better.

Not sure how find your local ride? Hit the DGR website by clicking here!

Check the DGR website for the ride in your area, and register to help raise money on the day of the ride.  Proceeds in the U.S. region go to http://www.pcf.org.

Not sure how to dress dapper?  Check out the official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride video from last year for style ideas below.


We’ll be leading our own DGR route starting off from Dime City, through the west-coast beaches, the tip of Clearwater, the historic district of Ybor City, the heart of downtown Tampa, the curves of the Bay on Bayshore Blvd, and on to downtown St. Petersburg.  We’ll have two stops; a local staple for lunch, and a spot for good times at the end.

Leading the ride for us will be the moto-culture club Ronin Vintage, and we will have support vehicles on hand just in case.  Go to GENTLEMANSRIDE.COM to find our route, sign your risk release form, and pledge for the cause. Don’t forget to bring us a copy of the release too! So, register, pledge, and ride!





CALLING ALL BUILDERS: The Bostrom Brothers, and Builders, and Sturgis…oh, my!

Thursday, July 17, 2014 12:50:27 AM America/New_York



Sturgis, one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world, is going back to it’s roots this year. Celebrating the popularity of all types, shapes, and sizes of motorcycle life, this year the rally will feature American dirt/road/cycling racing champions Ben and Eric Bostrom. The BozBros. welcome everyone on any two-wheels to ride with them at the Sturgis Dragway on August 5th, 7:30pm. It’s a total run-what-you-brung time, so bring that intensely bored-out ’78 smokin’ single of yours and tie down as much rubber as you can burn on the back!


CALLING ALL BUILDERS: Are you motorcycle builder? Dream of being with the build of your soul at The One Show, or Throttle Roll? This is the next hot stop on the custom builder circuit where the world really opens up to all possibilities. You’ll get to connect with leaders in all motorcycle industries including famous Freestyler Jason Britton, drag racer Ricky Gadson, UKNOWN Industries, Brammo, the Monster Energy MX team, and more!


On August 6th, AMA National Champions and former World Superbike riders Eric and Ben will head out on the 1st Annual Sturgis BozBros Benefit Ride. This ride throw a curve at you as the Boz Bros. take you on a spirited 60 mile ride through the beautiful Black Hills; not your typical armchair roller at all! Gas-ups along the way for those who love to carry less liquid, and it all ends at the World Famous Knuckle Saloon with free sizzlin’ burgers and beers. Get your tickets at the link below soon, because tickets are selling out!

➤➤ http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/info-guide/bozbros-ride-registration/bozbros-ride-form 


The Bostroms are at the party all week at The Corner at Exit 32 off I-90 [800 Anna St. Sturgis, South Dakota 57785], starting with Motorcycle Madness on August 4th. For the latest updates and more, check Ben and Eric’s pages below.

Website:  http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/info-guide/bozbros.php


Follow The BozBros. on:


twitterEric Bostrom


twitterBen Bostrom

City of Sturgis Rally and Events Department 605-720-0800 email: [email protected]

Dime City Cycles, The Black Motorcycles & John Varvatos

Thursday, June 5, 2014 10:00:41 AM America/New_York

Custom John Varvatos Edition Motorcycle built by The Black Motorcycles with support from Dime City Cycles to create a one-of-a-kind CB750 Cafe Racer to be auctioned for charity.


Dime City Cycles, John Varvatos & Black Motorcycles create a one of a kind CB750 Cafe Racer

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, the Dime City credo. Nothing but the best is good enough. A statement that rings true to fashion designer John Varvatos and The Black Motorcycles of NYC. It only made sense when the duo, who was working together to create a hand-built CB750 Cafe Racer to auction off to benefit the rock n’ roll focused charity, Road Recovery, contacted us to see if we wanted to be involved as their premier parts supplier for all non-handmade pieces on the motorcycle.

The project was right up our alley. Taking a lonely old 80’s CB750 and turning it into a custom one-off speed machine while leveraging the design prowess of not only The Black Motorcycles, but John Varvatos himself. From accouterments such-as leather wrapped grips crafted by Christina Z Antonio Leather Artisans and gear-shift accents made from the finest materials available to hand-made alloy bodywork, the project was spoke to us as one of quality and vision. Throw in the philanthropic bend and we were sold!

The bike is finished and the public auction via Charitybuzz begins very soon, June 19th (see details below) and we’re headed to NYC on June 26th for the unveiling of this gorgeous hand-built piece of machinery. Get involved, help spread the word about Road Recovery and all the good they do for at-risk teens through music and if you feel lucky, place a bid!

Follow The Black Motorcycles on Instagram / Follow John Varvatos on Instagram checkout #JVCafeRacer – and keep an eye on our social feed over the coming weeks for photos from the build process as well as teasers of the completed machine!

About The Bike

The Custom John Varvatos Edition Cafe Racer built by The Black Motorcycles with support from Dime City Cycles will be revealed to the public at an unveiling event in New York City on June 26, 2014. John Varvatos has teamed up with The Black Motorcycles to create a custom fabricated 1980 CB750c Cafe Racer motorcycle. Working hand-in-hand, The Black Motorcycles and John Varvatos set out to design a motorcycle combining the signature artistry and rock n’ roll style of John Varvatos with the expertise and craftsmanship of The Black Motorcycles. In addition, The Black Motorcycles worked closely with Dime City Cycles to source many of the parts used on the JV Custom build.

This unique collaboration, merging masters of their trade has created a truly one-of-a-kind piece of machinery. The JV Series 1000 model was specially crafted to help raise funds for the non-profit organization Road Recovery to reach 1000 at-risk teens through its outreach programs. The motorcycle features chromed steel components, rich artisanal leathers and handcrafted details, balancing function and authentic beauty. Designed to be street ready, this custom motorcycle can be displayed at a residence, in a showroom or road-raced.

John Varvatos & The Black Motorcycles custom gas tank cap for the CB750 Cafe Racer build.
The frame and engine of the CB750 Cafe Racer build
John Varvatos discusses the renderings of the CB750 Cafe Racer build.
John Varvatos and The Black Motorcycles discussing Leather Upholstery for the CB750 Cafe Racer build.
John Varvatos points out a detail on the CB750 Cafe Racer rendering.
Tank and Seat Design by The Black Motorcycles, & John Varvatos for the CB750 Cafe Racer build.

Featured Products

The Black Motorcycles
  • Custom triple-tree
  • Custom Fuel Cell
  • Custom chain guard
  • Custom battery box (JV Artisan leather by Christina Z Antonio Leather Artisans)
  • Custom license plate mount (with TBM JV License Plate)
  • Custom electronics mount
  • Custom polished “skin” with custom seat (JV artisan diamond-hashed leather by Christina Z Antonio Leather Artisans) inspired by JV personal collection vintage office chairs
  • Custom TBM/JV signature engraved Fuel Cap
  • m-Unit V2
  • m-Blaze Indicators
  • m-Lock (RFID wireless Key)
  • m-Switch
  • m-Button
  • m-Grips (JV artisan leather by Christina Z Antonio Design)
  • Modified CB750c Chassis (Custom powder coating by Byrne Coatings)
  • Original rebuilt CB750c (750cc bored to 800cc)
  • Vintage right side mirror
  • Chrome clip-ons with integrated controls (On/Off, Turn Signals)
  • Chrome head-light
  • Chrome rear-light
  • Custom length forks (-3″)
  • Original rebuilt CB750 Comstar wheels (Custom powder coating by Byrne Coatings)
  • Original rebuilt CB750 performance shocks
  • 4-into-1 chrome exhaust

About The Black Motorcycles

www.theblackmotorcycles.com | Facebook | Instagram | #TheBlackMotorcycles

The Black Motorcycles is the brain child of the international duo consisting of Russell Lowe from Sydney, Australia and Todd Ketterman (a Road Recovery board member) from Brooklyn, New York. Their spirit and drive for building motorcycles brought them together. TBM set out to change the game in custom motorcycle design and build by staying true to the vision set forth by Russell and Todd; to design and build one-of-a-kind custom motorcycles that are a bona fide piece of art while staying true to the performance expected from a motorcycle. Down to the smallest detail, you will see the outstanding design and unique craftsmanship that goes into each and every Black Motorcycle build.

About Road Recovery

www.roadrecovery.org | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

The New York-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization Road Recovery was founded in 1998 through the support of Sony Entertainment and Dreamworks Records, substance abuse and mental health specialists, and entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and wish to share their life experiences with at-risk teens through the dynamic process of creating, planning and executing their own live concert events and recording projects. Road Recovery has received generous time and support from a wide-range of people including Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Tony Bennett, Iggy Pop, KISS, James Hetfield, Eric Clapton, Joe Perry, Peter Frampton, Joan Jett, Phil Ramone, Perry Farrell, Denis Leary & others.

About John Varvatos

www.johnvarvatos.com | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | #JVCafeRacer

Launched in 2000 with a collection of tailored clothing and sportswear, John Varvatos now represents an entire men’s lifestyle that includes footwear, bags, belts, eyewear, limited edition watches, men’s fragrances, and John Varvatos U.S.A. Collection and Boys’ line, as well as Converse by John Varvatos. The designer has been recognized three times by the CFDA with an American Fashion Award for New Menswear Designer (June 2000) and Menswear Designer of the Year (June 2001 and June 2005) and was honored as GQ’s “Designer of the Year” in 2007 and The CNN Style Award’s “Menswear Designer of the Year” in 2013. In October 2013, John released his first book entitled John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion, which documents the elements of rock style that are intrinsic in the music community. Further rooting the brand in music, John Varvatos entered into a strategic partnership with Republic Records to formally launch John Varvatos Records in February 2014. The collection is distributed in freestanding John Varvatos boutiques and better department stores throughout the world.

About CharityBuzz

www.charitybuzz.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Charitybuzz is the place to find extraordinary experiences and luxuries to benefit remarkable charities making an impact. CharityBuzz’s online auctions bring together hundreds of the world’s most acclaimed celebrities, inspiring luminaries and beloved brands to give you unforgettable access to your passions. Plus, bidders can feel good knowing that every winning bid supports an incredible cause. From walk-on roles with Hollywood A-listers to power lunches with Fortune 500 CEOs, when someone joins Charitybuzz every dream is a new way to make a difference.

About Christina Z Antonio Leather Artisans

www.christinazantonio.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Christina Z Antonio Design, specializes in leather architectural applications for residential and commercial interiors. We have been designing and collaborating with designers to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, using unique and exotic materials combined with old world craftsmanship. We are very passionate about creating pieces that will become the heirlooms of tomorrow. With a strong interest in the modern and Art Deco period we have embraced the artistic influence of Paul Dupre-Lafon, Jean Michel Frank and Jacques Adnet. Our staff is composed of leather master craftsman who merge a sharp sense of classic art with contemporary insight and technique, to achieve excellence in the finished product. We have a unique way of approaching leather work, paying respect to the principles of quality, superlative attention to detail, form and function.


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