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The Dime City Dispatch Jan/Feb Edition

Thursday, February 5, 2015 11:37:33 AM America/New_York

Naked Speed airing now on Velocity |


Naked Speed


Hopefully you poked your head out of the shop long enough and got the word that Cafe Racer TV is back re-branded as a totally new show called Naked Speed airing on Velocity. The first episode aired last Wednesday night and even though we had a sneak peak in Atlanta, last week at the premier party, we were still surprised and more than pleased with what we saw.

First of all, the new format is exactly what we (and everyone else) asked for! More time with fewer builders and more emphasis on the technical aspects of the builds. Along with you, we too also felt the story was lost with so many transitions and projects being crammed into single episodes. Thumbs up guys, you nailed it! A perfect example is Loaded Gun Customs build with Olympic Bob Sled champion Kaillie Humphries


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.15.38 PM


Through the new format of the show, viewers have the opportunity to learn more not only about the project, but the person whom the bike build was commissioned by / built for. When it comes to Dunworth’s build, they took every opportunity to get Kaillie on board with the build and involved, which we loved! As you can see above, she is learning to weld the new mono-shock system Kevin devised for the project.

It’s educational elements like these that help keep the show alive and thriving. People want to learn right? Seeing cool bikes is one thing, but to be able to watch a show that inspires you to find a bike and get your hands on the parts to customize it and make your own, now that’s where it’s at. Cudos to Bryan Fuller and Mike Seate for helping take Naked Speed down the right road, fast!

Don’t forget about us. Our “Ace” episode premieres on (March 4th) and have we got a surprise for you! Herm and Jason start out in the shop with a frame that needs an engine, then find themselves in England almost getting kicked out of the Triumph factory in Hinkley and in the end, with the Cafe Racer man himself, Mark Wilsmore of Ace Cafe London, testing our modern Triton. How’s it all turn out? You’ll just have to watch and see! In the mean time, here’s another sneak peak to get you through!


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.26.11 PM

Product Spotlight – New DCC Originals, Stylmartin Boots & VonZipper Glasses and Goggles |

We’ve got some great new products in stock for beginning of 2015! First off the new version of the DCC trucker cap.
Designed from the ground up the new DCC Trucker hat is a few things in one… First off, we know fit and function are equally as important and we know that not everyone has the same size head, so we opted to create two sizes ranges S-M and M-L. This way, your dome looks good and you avoid the back strap looking to far apart or scrunched up. Second, we crossed a flat bill with a standard trucker and can assure you that you can rock it flat in front (or back), roll the brim like your favorite sports hat or curl it up. Whichever way suites, we’ve got you covered!


Next in our line-up is the new DCC Retro Sign Marquee Tee.
After releasing our retro sign styled patch last year, so many of you asked us to make a shirt out of it. Well, we listened and we did! And like everything else we do, it’s as close to perfect as we could get. We also wanted something more DCC authentic that we knew fitted exactly the way we wanted it to, so we went all the way to Peru and met with a factory and now have our own blanks made and shipped to the US where they’re printed. The result? The best cotton the world can offer, a world-class DCC fit and a product that’s still benefiting the good ol’ US of A.


And because we listened to you last year when you said you wanted more options for boots, we now offer the Italian made Stylmartin line of foot ware. Like most things from Italy, fancy cars and good coffee, Stylmartin boots offer no compromise when it comes to quality and style. Whether you are walking or riding, wear them and you’ll see as we did, that Stylmartin’s look good and feel great mile after mile.

Possessing foothold (punintended!) in the industry of boot and shoe production and having a love for motorcycles and riding gives the Stylmartin team and their product line a bit of an edge over the competition. Combine the fact that most things Italian are cool and sexy as hell and well, you’ve got a dead ringer for a winner. Take the Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Urban riding shoes for example. How many of you like the look and feel of a classic Chuck Taylor but hate the fact that they not only give you zero support while riding, but that they wear out so fast? Well, the team at Stylmartin improved upon the classic look of a “chuck” making it their own integrating safety features while utilizing stronger long-life materials to ensure these guys outlast the brake pads on your custom build.


Or how about the “Cruise” boot designed around the style interests of those looking to build and ride custom garage built speed machines. They’re waterproof yet made of breathable high quality leather, they’ve got a “comfort” construction ensuring they’re good both off and on the ride and they’ve got a sole that grips the road when walking and your pegs while riding. Combine those aspects with their timeless look and we’re sure you’ll be happy with them on your feet!


Last, but certainly not least, is the new line of VonZipper sunglass
and goggles.

Now these aren’t just another line of glasses or goggles being promoted in the moto industry by a company with no skin in the game. No sir! The guys at VonZipper are into riding, racing and having a blast on two wheels! Just taking one look at their most recent campaign and collaboration with the boys from Hell on Wheels verifies and validates that. Still not sold? How about the fact that their founder and head honcho, GT is an active AHRMA racer running around on Norton’s and anything else he can get his hands on? Yeah, we thought so!

Taking into account for things like wind, rain and fitment because they’re riders the team at VonZipper has produced some of the most effective riding optics around. The glasses all have optimal wind shear making for little to no tears on long distance rides. Our own Jason Paul Michaels wore a pair inside a Biltwell Gringo half the way to the Barber Vintage Festival and fell in love. As for the goggles, they’re not just a one-size-fits-all. Again, moto influence shining through they know there’s a myriad of helmets and styles people are wearing these days and to ensure they had a fitment for all of them they have several different shapes, sizes and colors ensuring whether you’re wearing a Biltwell Gringo or a Bell 500 open-face that you’ll get the best fit possible.

Industry News- The Ducati Scrambler hits the road (and dirt!) |




Before 2014 year was off the books Our Own Jason Paul Michaels headed to the Ducati Scrambler press launch to give the new Scrambler a proper wringing’ in Palm Springs California. Below he gives us a brief overview and tells us about the trip, the bike and the new found “inclusive” Ducati brand he encountered.

-I have to admit, at first I was skeptical. Ducati, while a fantastic motorcycle company, has always had a bit of an aire about itself. Nothing mean or anything like that, just the fact that you know, Ducatista’s stick with one another and really don’t let others into their group. Nor do they venture into others. Well, without pounding a million keys I can tell you that Ducati Scrambler (an entire new and separate company within Ducati) breaks all the previous stereotypes one might have, as it pertains to those who prefer fine espresso vs. gas station coffee or tea and the four machines they’ve launched do the same.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.46.19 PM


The Scrambler is light, very light. It feels like a dirtbike while at once a sturdy road machine. I found myself (more than once) veering off the pavement into the dirt getting yelled at to bring it back between the yellow lines. “But she’s begging to get filthy I thought…” It’s got gobs of power and torque and the handling out of the box is good too. Wheelies? Yep. Power slides in the dirt? Yep. Comfortable at 100MPH+ on the highway? Yep.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.47.29 PM


In short, it’s a great all around bike and much like the Triumph Scrambler, hits the mark with where we believe a lot of people in the market place are leaning towards. Cafe Racers are awesome, it’s what we love,  but the idea of having a second bike which you can either hop curbs or fallen trees in the woods with, now that’s something else all together! Until now, there really only has been one or two options. We’re excited to see where Ducati takes this new “Urban Off-road” market along with the other manufacturers. Possibly we’ll see other variants hitting the streets (and the dirt) in the coming years?  –

Like any machine the Ducati Scrambler has room for customization as can be seen care of the Motorbike EXPO in Verona, Italy where Ducati announced the three”official” first custom Scramblers built by industry professionals – Officine Mermaid, Deus Ex Machine and Mr. Martini. We couldn’t be more inspired by what we see below not only because Herm and Jason love to customize and build bikes, but because we believe this is a much needed change in tack in the industry. Hopefully, Ducati and other manufacturers will continue offering up more support and interest in the current world of customization.

Checkout more on the Ducati Scrambler here | scramblerducati.com


The One Motorcycle Show – We’re headed to Portland! |


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.25.08 PM


It’s that time of year again and we’re headed back to Portland Oregon for The One Motorcycle Show and we couldn’t be more excited! This year instead of flying, we’re making a 6,300 mile cross-country trip of it stopping along the way visiting with friends at every major stop. Jason along with his wife Leticia and William Benedict (major DCC supporter and local fabricator) will be heading out on Feb 8th from Dime City, trailer and bikes in tow, for a two week long adventure taking them to see Junior Burrell (Retro Moto) in Texas, Brandon Schrichten (It’s Better In The Wind contributor) in Colorado and several other stops on the trip out west to Portland and back.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.19.16 PM


We’ll be showing our Ace build which is being featured March 4th on Naked Speed (seen on Velocity) so be sure to stop and take a look at it if you’re in Portland and heading to the One Show. Also, be sure to follow us along the way via Facebook and Instagram using the hastags #dcctothe1moto and #the1moto. And if you anywhere near some of the stops be sure to let us know and if possible, we’ll stop in and say hello!

A little bit about The One Motorcycle Show from the man himself, Thor (pronounced T-o-r.)

6 years ago, we hosted the first One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse building. It was crafted to celebrate the weird, rare, unconventional bikes that we loved, in a way that everyone could enjoy. We started out with no knowledge of how to put on a show: let alone what might happen if we did, or the expectation we would be doing it for the next 6 years. It’s almost hard to believe that it has been so long! Our driving force to keep this going was the feeling that we were adding to something that we loved. We want to give back to motorcycling. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate.

As things progressed , the show got bigger. We’ve been in multiple locations, and have been lucky to work with some of the most trusting sponsors within the greater world of motorcycles. It has been a non-stop learning process and we’ve always striven to make the show better each year. This has really been our biggest challenge: skating the line between “big” and small. We make this all work with the donation of time and money by people who want to see this happen again, every year. We are proud of this fact and it’s the main reason we’ve made it this far.

2015: our 6th show. We have a new location just blocks away from last year, across the river from downtown Portland, right in the heart of the lower eastside industrial area. This historic building that once housed manufacturing is an open single floor, exceeding 20,000 sq ft. The building has a fenced-in parking lot, perfect for some outdoor activities.

As always, we are exceptionally pleased to keep the show admission totally FREE to exhibit and attend. This is possible due to the contributions of great patrons like yourself. We are focused on giving back to those who support and contribute to this yearly effort.

Learn more at The1Moto.com and look for us at the show!

 The Iron and Clematis Motorcycle Show in West Palm Beach |




Vintage Iron Club’s Iron & Clematis Festival is becoming one of Florida’s largest Vintage Motorcycle Festivals and the Dime City Crew will be onsite this year with bikes and gear. The 2nd annual festival will be held February 21, 2015 from 12-9pm in the scenic historic section of Downtown West Palm Beach on the 500 block of Clematis.

It fills the street with over 300 vintage motorcycles from: restorations, custom builds, bobbers, to cafe racers of all makes and models. Live music pours through the streets from some of Florida’s biggest acts while you stroll among the over 40 vendors and vintage motorcycles at this family oriented event. The show also hosts a vintage pinup contest as well as a raffle motorcycle donated, all for charity!

The charity, Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs, and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The raffle motorcycle is a 1974 BMW 90R/6 Cafe’ Racer built and donated by Santiago Choppers with raffle tickets available at vintageironclub.org and at the show!

There’s also a full custom bike show at which trophies will also be awarded for show bikes in several categories: best in show, cafe racer, best restoration, bobber, best british, best Japanese, & best american. Get your bike registered at www.vintageironclub.org and keep up to date via their Facebook event page here:


Look for us and stop by the booth and say hello!

AHRMA Racing Update |

2015 is here and that means there’s a whole new round of AHRMA racing coming to a city near you. Our team of racers covers a good bit of the field with bikes in Sportsman 350, 500, Lemans 175, GP and Thruxton Cup and to say the boys are ready for a bit of elbow rubbing is an understatement. Team Captain and raining champion Scott Turner has rebuilt his main CB350 race bike with some of the best components we could get our hands on and he’s assured us he’s going to be pushing maximum horsepower and g’s in the corners. He’s expecting a solid season and of course, hoping for another championship.


Veteran AMA racer and now Thruxton Cup and Lemans 175 convert, Martin Milanese has had his Thruxton apart for the off season working on suspension tuning and elements of geometry to ensure his 400lb behemoth is as safe and nimble as can be on the track. We worked with our pals at The Speed Merchant to even design a set of custom triple trees exactly to Martin’s specifciations and will be kicking out some other upgrades like a custom stainless exhaust and rearsets to extract as much power as possible from the mighty twin while ensuring he keeps it on the tarmac.


Newcomer Scot Fielder had an intial season of ups and downs (literally) and is ready to hit the track with everything he has this year. He’s been training in the off-season and working on putting the loaner GP bike we have in our stable back together after a small spill towards the end of the season. He’s also working on putting together a production class CB350 so expect to see him on that grid too. Scot showed great promise taking a few wins and second and third places in 2014 and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do this year.


Dime City Cycles has taken notice in the importance of AHRMA and what it stands for. It’s not just about racing, it’s about community and getting people together. When you pack numbers like 70k people (Barber Vintage Festival) into the stands and around the track nothing short of magic happens. The AMA doesn’t even see those kinds of numbers! AHRMA has been growing at a rate that is almost unbelievable in our opinion.

“With production class racing at an all time high we’re seeing more and more people building specific bikes for racing or even taking their already built for the street Cafe Racers and taking them to the track. It’s fantastic to see because motorsports is the core of keeping a culture alive in my opinion. This is one of the reason’s we’ve come on as a full-bore sponsor of AHRMA and will be participating in almost every race this year offering special discounts to AHRMA racers. We believe in the sport and want to see it continue to grow.”

– Said DCC Chief Brand Officer, Jason Paul Michaels.

So what are you waiting for, visit the AHRMA website and look at the schedule. It doesn’t take more than black tape over a headlight, a belly pan and some grit to get on the track and race!

New Website – Launching Q2 of 2015 |


Coming Soon New Dime City Cycles Motorcycle Parts Page

The new DCC website is set to go live in Q2 of 2015. We’ve been listening and believe us, we hear you! You’ll find tons of new functionality, more resources, technical knowledge and tons of new parts, making it faster and easier to find the parts you
need, no matter what your build is !

Coming Soon New Dime City Cycles Cafe Racer Parts Page


DCC Customer Build Feature, Daniel Bells Honda CL450 Street Scrambler |

It’s not secret that Scramblers are taking hold in the world of custom motorcycling. From the hundreds of custom Triumph Scrambler builds feature on BikeEXIF to all the other vintage makes and models we think it’s safe to say that the world of garage built motorcycling is about to get really dirty. And boy are we excited!

Take this stunning CL450 custom build by Daniel Bell. He took a stock CL450 stripped it back to the bare frame and rebuilt it from the ground up improving upon the original design. Sure it doesn’t have a mono-shock or inverted front-end, but who cares? He rides it daily and it looks the part too! From the Cone Engineering mufflers to the sprinkling of DCC parts all over it it’s got our vote!


Be sure to submit your bike builds to [email protected] we want to see them and the transformation they’ve gone through. Just remember, try to send good quality high res pics with the bike being the focal point.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014 10:15:26 AM America/New_York

Love dapper?  Ok, love looking vintage sharp on your classic machine?  The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride lets you ride out in style while raising money and awareness for prostate cancer.  It’s simple:  wear your dapper best, sign up, and ride.  Originally formed out of Sydney, Australia the DGR has exploded worldwide and we’re helping along the way.  We’ll be kicking off the ride in our area at 9AM on September, 28 with coffee and doughnuts [our version of tea and crumpets] and will head out all caffeinated and dressed to the nines from there.  Come hang at our shop and get to know the DCC Crew and fellow local riders better.

Not sure how find your local ride? Hit the DGR website by clicking here!

Check the DGR website for the ride in your area, and register to help raise money on the day of the ride.  Proceeds in the U.S. region go to http://www.pcf.org.

Not sure how to dress dapper?  Check out the official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride video from last year for style ideas below.


We’ll be leading our own DGR route starting off from Dime City, through the west-coast beaches, the tip of Clearwater, the historic district of Ybor City, the heart of downtown Tampa, the curves of the Bay on Bayshore Blvd, and on to downtown St. Petersburg.  We’ll have two stops; a local staple for lunch, and a spot for good times at the end.

Leading the ride for us will be the moto-culture club Ronin Vintage, and we will have support vehicles on hand just in case.  Go to GENTLEMANSRIDE.COM to find our route, sign your risk release form, and pledge for the cause. Don’t forget to bring us a copy of the release too! So, register, pledge, and ride!





Last but not least, the final 2013 Bonneville Giveaway video

Monday, March 3, 2014 10:24:29 AM America/New_York

Here’s the long awaited wrap-up on the 2013 Triumph Bonneville giveaway. Congrats again to Stephanie Gage and many thanks to all of you who helped us raise over $50,000.00 for the lost children of Peru! Stay tuned for details on what we have planned next, you’re gonna want in on this one too!

Special thanks to all our partners and friends who helped along the way:

Triumph Motorcycles
British Customs
Progressive Suspension
The Speed Merchant
Neale Bayly Rides
Neale Bayly
St Pete Powersports
LunarVue Media Services
Iron & Air
Brandon Schrichten
Jim Miller

For the full wrap-up and details on the project head on over to Iron & Air’s journal page dedicated to the 2013 project.

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Kevin Warren – Moto photo guru!

Friday, August 30, 2013 3:49:14 PM America/New_York

Chances are if you ever looked at photos from MotoGP, AHRMA or just about every other sanctioned race that involves two wheels, petrol and pistons you’ve seen Kevin Warrens work. Based out of Atlanta he’s shot everyone from Brian Fuller to Nicky Haden. More important though, he knows what looks good behind a lens. Whether it’s hauling ass and breaking right or getting ground to a pulp and formed into something slick on a work bench he can capture it.

The Dime City Crew had the pleasure of Kevin stopping by for a cup of coffee and a look at our new digs a while back and he was kind enough to pop off some shots of us during the afternoon. Take a look below and head on over to his site and look through his catalog. He’s a gun for hire, so if you’re ever in need of someone who’s willing to go the extra he’s your man.


Motorcycle Classics Magazine / Dime City Cycles Project Bike!

Friday, July 5, 2013 12:09:35 PM America/New_York

Hey there Speed Freaks, if you saw the latest edition of Motorcycle Classics Magazine you probably noted that we’re at it again with not only another project bike, but a giveaway! That’s right, only this time we’re going to be transforming yet another vintage Honda (see we’re not just all about new Triumphs now!) into a one-off custom speed machine.

This build is going to be packed will cool and we’ll be distributing tons of content not only in upcoming issues of Motorcycle Classics, but via their social feed as well. So if you didn’t get enough of the stunning and handsome Herm and his cohort Jason on Cafe Racer TV get plugged in and watch as the wrenches fly with their latest project!

So, how can you win it? Well, first things first you need to stay in the know – so head on over to both Motorcycle Classics and Dairyland Insurance on Facebook and give them a LIKE. From there stay tuned to your feed and keep an eye out for the details.

More to come soon!

Dime City’s Triumph Bonneville CR Launch Event

Thursday, March 7, 2013 12:22:08 PM America/New_York

Unlike rumors that echo’d in the dark corners of the speakeasy’s from yesteryear, what we’re about to hit you with bub, is one-hundred percent truth. And their ain’t no jake-leg involved either! That’s right, you’ve heard things here and there, seen teaser photos of our slick new handle bars or headlight ears, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to of seen the prototype bike in plain sight. Well, it’s finally here, the 2012 Dime City Bonneville CR and the DCC Originals Triumph CR parts line.

Over a year ago Dime City Cycles partnered with our local Triumph dealership, St. Pete Powersports to develop a modern vintage inspired parts line for Hinkley Triumphs that boded a different aesthetic than the current products that exist on the market today. Think low-slung gritty yet sultry lines and styling inspired by the authentic Cafe Racer’s of the day – early Triumphs, Norton’s and the like.

We partnered with companies like Progressive Suspension, British Customs and now Iron & Air Magazine and are bringing you our version of what anyone with a set of tools, some time and the will to wrench can create with their own two hands. A modern-vintage Cafe Racer. From our garage to yours, the DCC Originals line of Triumph CR parts is about to be available.

Join us Saturday March 30th from 6pm till 10pm at St. Pete Powersports (directions below) for a laid back relaxing evening inside a dealership full of vintage and modern classic custom British Iron. At 8pm we’ll unveil the newly completed Bonneville CR and parts line and give you the opportunity to get your greasy little throttle twister all over them.

And one more thingWant to get your hands on a special DCC & I&A swag bag? If you’re local to Tampa/St. Pete and are the proud owner of a vintage or modern custom British bike of any style email [email protected] prior to the event with a picture of your speed machine. We’re looking for 25 special bikes to put on display inside the dealership for the evening event. You’ll be able to drop them off any time on Saturday and take them home after the event or on Monday. Join us and be part of the event!

So, throw in some good music, beer, wine and snacks and you’ve gotta ask yourself – does it get any better? Oh trust us, it does… At the end of the night we’ll be making an announcement that’ll blow your head gasket. See you there!

Event Details:

Location: St. Pete Powersports
Address: 555 34th St S St Petersburg, FL 33711 (Google Maps Link)
Phone: (727) 456-6088
Date: 3/30/13
Time: 6pm – 10pm *After party and ride to The Sake Bomb in downtown St. Pete

Several hotels are available in downtown St. Petersburg, for a listing via Google Maps [Click Here.]

The DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week – Rebel

Monday, February 27, 2012 9:54:21 AM America/New_York

[What’s left of the Rebel 450 DCC and Porkey’s Choppers built in 36 hours at Timonium for Spike [photographer of photo] last month. Stay tuned for the full report on the build!]

DCC Tech-Tip: Installing a Cafe Racer seat (No Welding!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011 12:02:37 PM America/New_York

One of the most common questions we receive via email and the phone is “What is the best way to install my Cafe Racer seat without welding or fabrication?” Well, until now, there really wasn’t a good answer or solution. Like all the other problems you guys present to us, we prevailed on this one too though! We hooked up with our newest Boutique Manufacturer, Legendary Motorcycles who builds some of the best Cafe Racer seats and fuel tanks on the market and put together this How-to for installing a fiberglass, ABS plastic or sheet metal seat pan.

The FAQ is brand agnostic and although every install will be a little different, it gives you the idea of what you need to do to get the job done! It requires no major tools and the kit is available through Dime City care of Legendary. How easy is that? Just [CLICK HERE] to purchase the kit and read the instructions below and you’ll be off chasing the TON in no time, bub!

Figure 1: Test the baseplate in the kit for general fitment. If you need to trim the sides to fit your frame rails better or the curve in the back, now is the time to mark and cut those areas.

Figure 2: Once you’ve trimmed (if needed) your base plate fit your actual Cafe Racer seat on top to ensure everything fits and lines up accordingly. If you need to trim the overhang or make any modifications to the actual seat, do so now.

Figure 3: Keeping them slightly loose so you can move them around, position the clamping blocks on the frame rails. Take note that the large block needs to be on the top side of the frame rails. Position the mounting base plate where it looks and fits best (ignoring the height.)

Figures 4 and 4-2: This is where you will set the actual height and pitch of the seat. Measure the space between the bottom edge of the seat pan and the top of your frame rails. This is the distance you will be cutting out of the clamping blocks in the following steps.

Figure 5: After placing the top clamping block in a vice and using a straight edge to mark a clean line, use a saw of your choice to trim the block. In this case, because the blocks cut so easy, it’s best to use a hand saw. Using a cut-off wheel on a grinder is an option, however it will kick hot plastic back which isn’t fun when it hits you in the arm!

Figures 6 and 7: Position the upper and lower clamping blocks together around your frame rails and measure the distance between the bottom of the rail and lowest portion in the valley of the lower clamping block. Divide this number by 2 and take that amount off of both sides of the peaks on the upper and lower clamping blocks. This will ensure a tight and secure fit.

Figure 8: Now that we’ve trimmed the mounting clamps we’ll need to trim the mounting bolts to eliminate the excess. Place the bolt through a finished and trimmed set of mounting blocks, add the washer and thread the nut on until threads come through the nut. We like to leave 1 thread showing above the head of the nut.

Figure 9 and 9-2: After taking the measurement of excess between to head of the bolt and the top of the top mounting block, mark it with a sharpie (taking it off of the bottom of the bolt) and then cut the excess off. In this case, an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel does work best. Once you’ve cut off the excess, roll the bolt on a belt sander to help clean off the burrs. If a belt sander isn’t available a file or hand sand paper will work as well.

Figure 10 and 10-2: In order to allow you to adjust the upper clamp blocks to fit into the seat you will need to trim them. Place the upper clamp blocks and the mounting base plate on to the frame rails and then mark any excess that needs to be trimmed away.

Figure 11: Trim the upper clamp blocks making sure you don’t cut off any of the surface where the upper and lower blocks meet.

Figure 12: With the blocks now trimmed properly and fitting inside the seat you’ll need to mark and drill the holes in the mounting base plate. Label each block for front and back with left and right designations to keep things lined up.

Figure 13: Using a 3″ piece of masking tape placed sticky side away from the upper clamp blocks adhering one edge to the side of the block, loop the tape over the block with the sticky side out.

Figure 14: Fold the edge under and adhear it to the other side of the block.

Figures 15 and 15-2: Tighten the loop flat against block and then mark the postion of the hole on the sticky side of the tape.

Figures 16 and 16-2: Set the clamping blocks loosely on the frame with the tape facing up.

Figure 17: Position the base plate on top of the tape and press so the tape and the blocks stick to one another then lift it off slowly ensuring the blocks stay in position.

Figure 18: Peel the tape from the blocks while leaving it adhered to the mounting base plate. This will transfer the position of the holes which need to be drilled into the base plate.

Figures 19, 20, 20-2: Drill the newly marked holes and trim the blocks accordingly using a scroll saw if one is available. If one is not, you could use a jig saw, Dremel or grinding wheel flap disk.

Figures 21, 22 and 22-2: Assemble the front and back clamps and the mounting base and tap the bolt heads with a hammer to seat them into the mounting base plate. Make a mental note for when tightening the bolts, be sure not to over tighten then. They are carriage bolts but given the softer nature of the mounting blocks, they could strip out the anchor point created when hammering them into the base plate.

Figures 23, 24 and 24-2: Tighten the mounting bolts and drill pilot holes for the mounting screws to ensure accurate fitment.

Figures 25 and 25-2: In most cases you’re going to want to cut an access hole to get to your battery, wiring or anything else you might have stashed under your seat. Simply mark the area you need to cut for the window drilling four holes, one at each corner and then use a jig saw (take the mounting base back off the bike before cutting) to cut out the window.

Figure 26: Position your seat pan on top of the newly mounted base, drill pilot holes and then screw the pan to the mounting base plate and viola, you’re done! Install your foam and cover if using a snap style or, use industrial strength velcro if you’ve created a secondary pan with a custom cushion and that’s it!

We’d like to thank our good friends over at Legendary Motorcycles for taking to the time to work on this install with us and know that whether you’re using a Legend’s, Roccity, other or custom built seat there isn’t an easier way to install it with the universal seat kit. And the best part, there’s no welding or cutting the bike which is great should you ever want or need to go back to a stock style seat.

Ride Fast. Live Well.

The DCC Crew

DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week

Monday, November 7, 2011 8:51:35 AM America/New_York

[Mark Wilsmore on a DCC CB750 Resto-mod leaving the Cafe Racer paddock area at Barbers Vintage Festival. Photo by: Erick Runyon of www.choppershotz.com]

DCC Boutique Vendor of The Month – Woulfe Leathers

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 12:04:50 PM America/New_York

Classic Cafe Racer and Rocker jackets by Mike Woulfe. Uncomplicated, functional and unique- just like their owners and their bikes.

Recognizing the importance of both authentic cafe racer aesthetic and the desires of American culture to be unique, Mike Woulfe from Woulfe Leathers creates a modern rendition of the classic petrol fueled life-living leathers of yesteryear. He perfectly blends classic cafe style with modern imagery and patch designs putting a new spin on something old.

Mike begins all his custom jackets with the highest quality available- soft, supple and thick American Cowhide naked leather. Once the jacket has been selected he carefully goes through his collection of hand collected patches, choosing just the right ones for the project at hand. Some old and authentic, some reproductions and some just plain wild from the creative minds of today. Each one is meticulously chosen and placed upon the jacket with a propensity to detail that rivals that of the most OCD individuals.

Heritage is important to Mike, the roots of Rocker culture, and the meaning of a cafe racer and what it stands for are paramount in his jacket creation process. Taking hues from authentic images of the 60’s and 70’s and spending countless hours at swap meets haggling with riders and collectors of yesteryear bartering for their gems allows him to create the most “authentic” new cafe inspired leathers available.

All of Woulfe’s Leathers come in standard sizes and offer a limited warranty on the actual leather itself and accoutrements. Combine that with an action back zipper, zippered cuffs, leather line outside zippered pockets and a snap-down collar and you’ve got something going for you aside from your chucks and Raybans.

On the inside you’ve got one (or two) internal pistol pockets (approx. 9″ deep) which are perfect for most small 9MM’s or a smart phone. How great is that? And last but certainly not least, you have a nice thick Thinsulate Liner with a Poly Twill Shell for extra warmth on those cold days when your facing the wind.

And if all that wasn’t enough, all Woulfe Leathers purchased from Dime City Cycles sport not only the mark of speed and individuality, the Wing’d Piston patch, but also the DCC life motto “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” aka: Nothing but the best is good enough banded around the neck along with a unique Mercury Dime concho in a special place on each jacket. Digg it, man.

You can’t go wrong folks… Hand-built jackets for riders who build their bikes with their own two hands. There couldn’t be a more perfect match! And did we mention he makes women’s jackets as well?

To take a closer look at Mike’s custom one-off Rocker and Cafe Racer jackets [CLICK HERE] you won’t be disappointed!

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