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DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week

Monday, November 7, 2011 8:51:35 AM America/New_York

[Mark Wilsmore on a DCC CB750 Resto-mod leaving the Cafe Racer paddock area at Barbers Vintage Festival. Photo by: Erick Runyon of www.choppershotz.com]

The Dime City “Four Hundred” – Cafe Racer TV

Monday, July 11, 2011 9:48:33 AM America/New_York

At Dime City Cycles we like to start the week off right. Spark Plug Cereal, Motor-oil Coffee- you know, those sort of things. Along with any great breakfast though, one must have something to look upon whilst crunching away on ceramic fuel poppers and cafe con sludge’. Maybe it’s a news paper, possibly a vintage moto magazine or for those of you tech savvy next-gen builders, maybe it’s some quality motorbike images fed from the Interweb.

For us, it tends to be the later…inspiration is key to starting ones day right, after-all.

And with that, we give you some introduction shots to the Dime City “Four Hundred” along with a personal review from Eric Bostrom as provided to us shortly after our track test to be featured in Season 2 of Cafe Racer TV.

And before any of you ask, “Why only close-ups?” we’ll remind you, that like any good lady, The Four Hundred leaves some to be revealed. Stay tuned to Bike EXIF for the Exclusive Release of images taken by Erick Runyon.

Bike Details (In Short:)

1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport
466 "Yoshi" Kit w/ Kibellwhite Valves & porting and polishing by: DCC
Four Bank CR Carburetor Kit
Modified MAC/DCC Four-into-one Tuned Exhaust System
Modified Stock/Chromoly Frame & Swingarm
Progressive Front and Rear Suspension
Combination CB750, 450, 400F Front-end w/ Dual Discs
Shouldered Aluminum Wheels wrapped with Metzler Rubber
Replica Ducati GP Front Fairing
Replica Ducato GP "Slimline" Fuel Tank
Dime City "Wasp" Tail-section (All pinstriping by: Liza)

photo 1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 6

photo 8

photo 7


Eric Bostrom’s Review:

After riding the little cafe 400 Honda, I’m fairly certain this has to be one of the coolest motors ever built. The extra beans from the Yosh kit installed by the Dime City crew no doubt accentuated this sensation. But that’s exactly what this bike is to ride, a sensation. As if a 2-stroke and 4-stroke were morphed together, the high revving little engine screams to life as the tach approaches red-line. Keeping her in the power range keeps you on your toes but not so much so that your fighting to stay "on the pipe". The tune that follows is transcending, as if your twisting through the  Isle and Mike the Bike is racing right beside you. The infamous pitch of the inline Honda generates an image in your mind and a grin on your face. You can’t not fall in love with this bike.

photo 11

photo 12


Thanks for looking and be sure to tune in on Cafe Racer TV in August for a closer look at the “four hundred” along with several other amazing cafe bikes! Go go, Cafe Racer!

A sneak-peak at Miss Dime City, USA – Arianna Leigh Blackwell-kelly

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 2:41:27 PM America/New_York

Well folks, the time has come to unveil the face (for those of you not at the Miss Dime City, USA Pageant) of Miss Dime City for the world of vintage speed machine loving two-wheeled speed jockeys to eww and ahh over. Without any further a dew, please place your eyes on the super cool and delightfully ravishing Arianna Leigh Blackwell-kelly.


As we move into the second half of this year you can expect a host of great things from Ari and the crew at Dime City Cycles. To name just one- we will be holding an open call bike show (to be announced soon) selecting 11 local builders’ Cafe Racers and Bobbers to be featured with Ari in a calendar that falls somewhere in between the lines of Zero Engineerings and Bike EXIF’s stellar representations of what a quality shop calendar should be.

(BTW, click this link if you don’t already have the Bike EXIF calendar, it’s stunning!)

In addition we’ll be making sure Ari is present at local motorcycle, hot-rod and vintage lifestyle events for you to say hello to and get your picture taken with.  She’ll keep you connected and up to date with her new Facebook page (check it out here and LIKE IT, please) where you can get the inside scoop on what kind of bikes Ari’s loves, where sh’es headed next and what makes her little heart go pitter-patter.

So stay tuned folks, Dime City is cranking up the heat with loads of class and classic culture and looks forward to having a blast with Miss Dime City, USA through 2010 and 2011!

*Special thanks to Erick Runyon, owner of 7imaging.com for putting together a fantastic portfolio for Miss Dime City.  Take a look at his website and work, you won’t find any better!

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