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Calling all Cycle Zombies & Speed Freaks!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:18:22 AM America/New_York

Our buddies up at Loaded Gun Customs have gotten together with the crew of Lowside Magazine and are putting on one hell of a party! If any of you know Rich from Lowside or Kevin from Loaded Gun you know what to expect… Great bikes, burnouts and lots of sexual innuendos!

It’s Friday night the 14th of September located at the Loaded Gun compound in Selbyville, DE.  Head on out if your local and punch Kevin in the ribs and take a crack at Tim and his skinny jeans for us!

For more information visit http://www.loadedguncustoms.com or http://www.lowsidemag.com

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Lowside Issue #9 Release @ Vanson Leathers – This Weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012 3:59:34 PM America/New_York

If you’re not doing anything productive you should get on your speed machine and head up to say hi to our boys from Lowside magazine. They’re doing their issue #9 release party at Vanson Leathers. Check it out, here’s all the details!

Join the crew from Lowside Magazine this weekend at the Vanson Open House in their Fall River, MA factory and showroom. Vanson has invited us up to be a part of their Annual Spring Open House. Asides from great deals from Vanson all weekend, you also have the first opportunity to pick up the latest release from Lowside Magazine, issue #9. For more details on what Vanson has planned this weekend, check out their site.

Ride a cool bike? Then ride it to the open house. We’re always looking for content from our readers & Deb will be on hand to take photos. Maybe your bike will make it into a future issue of Lowside. If you’re not in the area and are still interested in submitting your bike, you may do so online here.

– The Lowside Crew

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Lowside Magazine, NOT just for Choppers – They love skinny jeans & Cafe Racers too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 10:13:37 AM America/New_York

What is Lowside Magazine and why on Earth should you click your way through the Dime City store to snag a few back issues and a subscription today? Well, we’ll tell you…

Picture a world where no matter what kind of bike you ride; a Shovelhead Bobber, a CB550 Cafe Racer, a totally stock Triumph or a crazy KTM powered Chopper. In this world there are people from all walks of life. Hard-core lifer Harley riders who live and die by the Eagle and the flag, young punks who aren’t quite Hipsters- rather something else, who ride and rock Cafe Bikes like there’s no tomorrow, even the older gentlemen who’s forgotten more about riding and building bikes that most of us will ever learn in our entire lives riding his stock’ish resto Brit bike.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Lowside Magazine is the ultimate melting pot of magazines for those people in the vast world of motorcycling who love and appreciate the collective body of riders and builders who have one thing in common, their individuality. They thrive on difference and are continually inspired by one another and relish in the fact that by exposing themselves (not like that!) to fellow two wheeled speed freaks from other walks of life that they can in turn expand their mind and viewpoints on the ever-rotating and completely dynamic world we live in today.

Yeah, it’s like that.

And for those of you who’ve watched Cafe Racer TV, it’s no secret that our beloved 400F was built in partnership with the guys from Lowside. They rode over 1,000 miles one way to deliver the carcass of a once road worthy Honda and helped us chop it up and go over the plans for giving it a new lease on life. These were guys who if you saw at a bike show or event you would never have guessed were into Cafe bikes, but that’s point we’re trying to make, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you happen to be riding at the moment, you simply love and appreciate anything on two wheels and for you, Lowside Magazine is the perfect thing to sit next to your tool box or in your living room. It’s jam packed with Aces quality writing, photography and has a pulse on the underground world of motorcycling like no other publication out there.

That said…

As Lowside moves into Issue 8 you’re going to see an increase in the Cafe Racer related content as Publisher Rich Gohlinghurst has turned to The Wing’d Piston for help in keeping that side of The Lowside packed with information that you want to read about. Each issue will be beefed up with a feature story that relates to Cafe Culture (Issue #8 has a story on the Ace Cafe), there will be a featured Cafe Racer bike build, a new products page from vendors, an upcoming events schedule and a column by Jason Paul Michaels from DCC. Pretty RAD huh?

Needless to say, Lowside will be chock full of TON-UP goodness in 2012 and we know you’ll be as excited as this guy (Rich from Lowside) to get in on the action. So go on and snag a subscription today! Just look at any issue of Lowside on the DCC site and select to upgrade to a one year subscription before checkout. We’ll ship your back issue(s) from here and then your new editions will come right from the Lowside Crew.

Oh, and Issue #7 of Lowside was just released too. Remember, don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover, it’s contents may completely surprise you… [CLICK HERE] to get your subscription started today.

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Pinch your nose and dig deep for your best North Eastern accent and say this word with us, “Tim-oh-nee-um.”

Now, we know at first you’re thinking it’s some sort of pandemic that has the potential to wipe the Earth clean of all it’s two wheeled devotee brothers and sisters to the cult of speed and desire of all things two wheels and although plenty of people on the other side the tracks would wish for that, it’s not. It’s actually the exact opposite…

Picture this, if you will.. Two 35,000 square foot warehouses full of everything and anything you ever have and ever will require to feed your addiction of custom motorcycles. Custom Oldschool Vintage Choppers and Bobbers, Dealers onsite from the likes of Triumph and Harley Davidson out showing their support for the growing custom scene, The Cafe Racer TV Crew including Dime City Cycles, Loaded Gun Customs and a hand-full of other builders, The high-end “AMD’esk” Custom Builder Scene, and just about any old school NOS part you could ever need for both domestic and foreign motor-sickles care of the largest swap meet to ever hit the East Coast.

To good to be true, right? No sir and it get’s better still..

There’s going to be at least 45,000 other like minded folks there with their bikes, their crews and their ideas to share in and help cultivate the next generation of custom garage built speed machines. Is there really a better way to spend your weekend? Walking through over 50,000 square foot of the best the motorcycle world has to offer with your buds. If you ask us, it sounds like heaven!

Join the entire Dime City Crew along with our sponsors and partners and help us share Cafe Culture and everything great about The Ace, Rockers and riding fast on our air-cooled Vintage Speed Machines with the rest of the world of custom and garage built motorcycles. We’re taking over an entire section larger than a 10 car garage with some of our fellow builders and will have Cafe Racer & Dime City merchandise onsite, parts to Ooogle instead of Google and as always, because we love you…

We’ll be GIVING AWAY TONS of awesome FREE SWAG and PARTS! Digg it!

Checkout the digital flier below; save it to your desktop, email it to your friends, post it on your BLOG, share it on Facebook and Twitter, print 1,000 copies and paper the streets with it! Do whatever it takes to get the word out, this is going to an epic event of Cafe Racer proportion and DCC wants you to be there to kick the tires with us and make some memories in 2012!

Stay tuned for more information in the weeks leading up to the event! And if you haven’t already, get your copy of Lowside Magazine today by [CLICKING HERE!] If it wasn’t for them this speed-baked coffee sippin’ kickin Cafe party wouldn’t be happening!

[Click Here] to visit the full info page on Lowside’s Website! For information on becoming a sponsor or partner/vendor for the event email [email protected] directly for details. Just be sure to tell him Dime City sent you!

Location Information:

Timonium Motorcycle Show
Maryland State Fairground – Timonium, MD
February 10th -12th, 2012
Website: http://www.marylandstatefair.com/
[Click Here] for Directions!

Hotel Information:

Crowne Plaza Hotel
2004 Greenspring Dr.
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 252-7373

Reservation Cut-off: Jan 16th 2012
Single or Double: $95 Per Night

Holiday Inn Timonium
9615 Deereco Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 560-1000

Reservation Cut-off: Jan 26th 2012
Single or Double: $79 Per Night

Cafe Racer TV Featuring Dime City Cycles, Next Thursday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3:45:19 AM America/New_York

The Crew here at Dime City Cycles couldn’t agree more with Cafe Racer TV’s Season 2’s bi-line “Everything Old Is Cool Again!” And with that, why not checkout our “old” 1975 CB400F Super Sport that we turned into a track ready speed machine ready and able for The Bostrom Brothers in a series of track tests to come in Season 2 of Cafe Racer!

We’re pretty sure you’ll think it’s “cool again” and watching it get built will surely be a riot given The Crew from Lowside Syndicate helped with the build. They road/drove over 5,000 miles round trip to delivery a POS vintage Honda with hopes that The DCC Crew could turn it into something worth riding…check it out next Thursday 10/27 at 8PM on Velocity and you be the judge!

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Industry Related News – Lowside Magazine & All Things Two Wheels

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:03:06 AM America/New_York

For those of you who aren’t aware of Lowside Magazine, you should most definitely stop what you’re doing right now and check it out! http://www.lowsidesyn.com/ It’s a grass-roots revival magazine that knows no bounds and supports and thrives on anything that’s related two (and four) wheels. That’s right, cool old-school choppers, bobbers and especially Cafe Racers with occasional classic hot rods thrown in for good measure.

The crew from Lowside including, to name a few, Big n Rich, Tiny “Skinny Jeans” Tim, Dan “The Man”, Roughneck Deb and Q-Ball will be featured in Episode 13 of Cafe Racer TV where they brought down and helped us tear apart, the CB400F The DCC Crew built for Season 2 of the series. In addition to doing some serious tear-down they also helped us pull-off one of the best grand opening events ever. The perfect mixture of old-school choppers and cafe bikes showed despite the rain and created which is quite possibly one of the most eclectic gathers the South has ever seen. The result, what we like to call our generations cult of “vintage speed machines.”

Right about now you’re saying “What’s the news in this post guys?” Well, we’ll tell you…

The news is, that all bets are off. Whether you ride a cafe bike, a vintage harley, a custom XS650 or anything else that goes fast and makes noise that you built by your hands then you’re in the right place. There’s no more tough-guy bullshit lathered in leather in chrome. This is our time for motorcycling and it’s a great time. A time to appreciate the aesthetic beauty that is “custom garage built motorcycles” put together via a wide-spread creative collective that knows no bounds.

Expect to see a lot more from the likes of Dime City Cycles, Lowside, Loaded Gun and a handful of others who recognize this and want to support you and your nasty little wrench turning habits. It’s about you, your machine and your right to exercise individuality and spit in the face of homogeny.

And to wet your appetite just a bit, issue #6 of Lowside is being released right around the corner. In it, you’ll get a tasty look inside the dark corners of Dime City where we detail the build of “The Four Hundred” our best Vintage Speed Machine yet. Keep an eye out, we promise we’ll make you proud.

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Dime City Cycles Grand Opening – A Success!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 2:21:41 PM America/New_York

[Snap shot of our banner which employed Scott Toepfer’s photo from the It’s Better In The Wind Project]

When Rev. Jim Goodrich told Herm and I (Jason) that we really had no idea what we were getting into when we said we thought we were ready to have our grand opening we honestly didn’t know what he meant. Thoughts of people doing burnouts, the cops getting called and brawls taking place in streets just like Brighton Bay filled our minds. Oh the horror! Fast forward to after our event which took place on May 14th and we now know what he meant. It had nothing to do with bikers foaming at the mouth gnashing at one another…rather the overwhelming acceptance of our “different” way of doing things and what it is to live and be part of, cafe racer culture.

That said, we want to thank the most important person throughout all of this. You. That’s right, the guy/gal sitting on the other side of the screen right now reading this BLOG post. Without you and your support and belief in what The Wing’d Piston stands for Herm and I would not be able to do what we do every day. You say we inspire you well, you inspire us…and thus is displayed the beauty of what we can all accomplish together!

And for those of you that are local, an extra twist of the throttle goes out! You braved wind, water and the washing away of band equipment and despite the elements trying to shut things down, you stuck it out, with us, and made the Dime City Cycles grand opening a fantastic event that will hopefully go down in the history books as one of the best gatherings of legit vintage speed machines to ever take place in Florida. We had everything from a 37 Knuckle to a one-off hand-made factory works MV Augusta! Where else has that ever happened in Florida? You guys and gals rock and we are forever in debt to you for all that you do to help us keep the dream alive.

[Louise and Chris Dutton from Vintage-Rider.com braving the rain]

[One of the Miss Dime City USA Pageant Contestants and the stunning MV Augusta that was brought out]

We would also like to thank Rev. Jim Goodrich, Terry Hopkins, Zane Kuhle, the entire team from Preachers Motorcycle Promotions and Winters and Yonkers. Rev. Jim was instrumental in guiding Herm and I through the process of planning a proper grand opening. Spending countless hours managing tasks that really didn’t even belong to him, Rev. Jim took charge and made the event one to remember. All the way down to driving around and physically putting fliers in peoples hands, Rev. Jim was there every step of the way.  Guys, you’re the best- there’s no way we could have done this without your help! Your fresh ideas, involvement in the process, financial investments and authentic interest in what we’re all about made the event what it was. Bruce, you’re the man! Thank you!

[Rev. Jim doing what he does spreading the word]

Next we would like to thank all of the vendors that took the time to come out and share their products and services with the event attendees. We had (in no particular order) the crew from Lowside Magazine who rode over 1,000 miles to partake in the event, Rusty Knuckles out of North Carolina and Loser Machine Co. out of Los Angeles to name a few that came from a distance! Locally, we of course had the entire team from St. Pete Powersports onsite with some awesome new Triumphs, we had On The Trashy Side and Pin Up America promoting classy pin up clothing and the lifestyle as well as the rockin’ Dive Bar Stalkers who drown out the storm with some killer rock-a-billy tunes!

[Debbie Fitch, Dan and Rich from Lowside enjoying a reprieve from MD’s weather]

[Ralph Miller from Rusty Knuckles and Soda Pop from Pin Up America discussing rock n’ roll]

[The Dive Bar Stalkers doin’ what they do]

Folks, it’s important to know that these guys all come out for you and without their financial and back-breaking support prior to and during the event, we wouldn’t have been able to create such a unique and diverse offering for everyone to enjoy. Give it up for them and the next time you need a helmet, motorcycle, some rad pin up digs for your lady friend or an awesome band look ’em up, first. They’ll appreciate it and so will we!

[Another lovely contestant in the Miss Dime City USA Pin Up Pageant]

Shifting gears and getting closer to the ton, we would like to thank the staff of Cafe Racer TV as well as Mark and Linda Wilsmore from the Ace in London. The involvement of their brands was instrumental to the success and “air” of the event throughout the day. The crew of Cafe Racer TV truly does believe in and love cafe culture, they’re not guns for hire shooting from the hip to collect a bounty. These guys spend over half the year away from their families on the road staying in hotels living out of their suit cases to bring real quality motorcycle content to your TV screens, (and soon computers) so give it up for them. They’re the real deal and deserve some applause! Season 2 begins soon and it’s guaranteed to one hell of a ride!

[From left to right; Ed Caughlin, Producer Cafe Racer TV, Mark Wilsmore, Ace Cafe London, Alain Bernard, Santiago Choppers]

As for Mark and his fantastic wife Linda who came all the way from London, what can we say? Having them here for our event with the mini-Ace Cafe setup serving coffee, tea and beer was such a delight. Just listening to Mark talk of days gone by in London where Rockers and their vintage speed machines ruled the streets left us speechless. To be able to ride next to Mark through and around gorgeous Clearwater Beach with him at the front of the pack on a brand new Triumph Thruxton, now that was amazing! After the ride, and during the event to share in laughs and moments that will be imprinted in our memories forever, that made the days happenings EPIC.

We can only hope that as time goes on and Americans adopt cafe culture that it’s kept as close to the roots as possible and that we can continue bring a smile to Marks face. Even if it be an old joke about Johnny Kidd vs. Johnny Cash… Mark, you’re the best sir. We thank you from the bottom of our petrol burning souls!

[Mark Wilsmore leading the morning ride from Dime City out to Clearwater Beach]

Last and most definitely not least I’d like to take a quick moment to note all the awesome photographers who were on-site the day of the eventsnapping away despite the wet camera damaging rains that we started off with. Without them capturing all the images you’ve seen above and here at THIS LINK there would be no way to share and re-cap the event.

We’d like to thanks Debbie Fitch, Chuck Carroll, Doug Barber aka: Q-Ball, Vickie Smith from Ducati.net, Zane Kuhle from Preachers and Staci Hocket. All of your images were stellar! Please click this link for the “Best Of” photo gallery being hosted on our Facebook Page and click their names above for their full albums (1,000+ pics.) And, if you’re ever in need of professional photography give one of them a call, it’s how they make their livings and we know they’d appreciate the opportunity.

[Devon’s awesome So Cal style v-twin bobber from Sake Bomb in St. Pete]

As for us and what we feel about the event? The feedback from the community has been fantastic and that’s all the matters. From what we gather you all loved the diverse showing of bikes and the prizes for those who entered the legit vintage bike show, having The Ace onsite was super-cool and something no one expected and everyone loved, the Miss Dime City USA Pin Up Pageant. Which would NOT have been possible without the support of St. Pete Power Sports and their gracious GM, Donny Wilson. Donny shares the vision with Dime City and we were proud to have them as the main sponsor of the Pageant.  More on that soon, Miss Dime City is getting doll’d up and heading to her first photoshoot soon and will be making an open request for vintage bikes in Tampa Bay to be part of her new calendar! Stay tuned for more details on that!

[The gorgeous ladies of the Miss Dime City USA Pin Up Pageant]

We’re glad everyone enjoyed the afternoon and evening as much as we did and we feel both honored and privileged to have hosted for such a ground breaking event. We look forward to seeing all of you again next year for another big bash…

Ride fast. Live well.

The DCC Crew

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Dime City Cycles Grand Opening Party!

Friday, March 4, 2011 10:09:22 AM America/New_York

What do you get when you combine one part infamous Smoke Out style chopper rally, one part Mods vs. Rockers right from London, and good ol’ fashion sweet-tea sipping Southern Hospitality?  The grand opening of Dime City Cycles vintage speed shop in sunny Largo, FL!  That’s what!

This is the one party you don't want to miss!

Presented by Preachers Motorcycle Promotions in partnership with Winters, Yonkers and Brothers Powdercoating- come join the crews from Dime City Cycles and Cafe Racer TV for the best and most unique grand opening celebration the South has seen!  Enjoy live music by The Dive Bar Stalkers, get your vote in for the official Miss Dime City USA Pin Up pageant, and enter your awesome garage built and legit vintage speed machine in the ride-in bike show for a shot at $250 and tons of other prizes!

In addition, Dime City will have vendors on-site from the likes of Rusty Knuckles showing off their kick-ass southern clothing label, pinstriping onsite by Liza (aka: Von Dutchs’ Daughter) so bring your stuff, and The Ace Cafe right from London.  Yep that’s right folks, the Ace Cafe is coming to Dime City, so all you Rockers better drag those old Norton’s and BSA’s out for some fresh air!  And if that isn’t enough for ton chasin’ mayhem havin’ self, the entire crew from the Lowside Syndicate out of Baltimore, MD will be here celebrating their issue #5 release party featuring the CB400F project bike Dime City will be building for season 2 of Cafe Racer on HD Theater.

New bikes, old bikes, choppers, bobbers, brats or cafes- they’re all welcome, so come partake in this rip riot, ground-pounding, two wheeled extravaganza that’s bringin’ vintage back and puttin’ Tampa Bay on the Map!

Go go Cafe Racer!

For more information and updates get plugged into Dime City Cycles on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=138537119547198

Fine Print:

Bike Show Rules – Harley Davidson’s must be pre-1985 and all Metric bikes MUST be air cooled, no discrimination on year.  Be at Dime City Cycles to register your bike beginning at 3PM.  $10 registration fee applies.

Pin Up Pageant – Models will NOT be accepted the day of the show.  If you wish to participate please submit a full body photo in Pin Up attire to [email protected] prior to May 1st.

Free Beer & Food – Is completely first come first served.  Additional beer and food will be provided by onsite concessions for a nominal fee.

Sponsors & Partnership links:

Preachers Motorcycle Promotions – http://www.preachersmotorcyclepromotions.com
Winters & Yonkers – http://www.wintersandyonker.com
Brothers Powdercoating – http://www.brotherspowdercoating.com
Lowside Syndicate – http://www.lowsidesyn.com
Dive Bar Stalkers – http://www.myspace.com/divebarstalkers
Cafe Racer TV – http://www.caferacertv.com
Ace Cafe London – http://www.ace-cafe-london.com/
Rusty Knuckles – http://rustyknuckles.blogspot.com/
7 Imaging – http://www.7imaging.com/

*Do your kids a favor, pass this on and help save the world of motorcycling!

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