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Rain, wind or chaffed wires – Nothing stops AHRMA racers!

Monday, April 14, 2014 12:13:05 PM America/New_York



NOLA Motorsports Park is located in Avondale, Louisiana approximately 20 minutes from the heart of down town New Orleans. Sporting 2.73 miles of rubber ready asphalt with 16 turns the track was designed by Alan Wilson and opened in 2011, the 63 million dollar facility boasts some of the most modern advancements available for racing grounds and is easily one of the top three available tracks in the US.

Forward thinking to lay over 100 meters of fiber to offer immediate data acquisition and comforts such as WIFI and Internet for race teams when attending seperate it from other facilities. When you then take into consideration the onsite Speed Shop run by Transportation Revolution, New Orleans premier Triumph dealer, the full facility garages available for rent to teams, the modern bathrooms and concessions facilities and the carting track it really puts NOLA in a league of it’s own. A place you can visit with the family and keep everyone entertained for the weekend when Dad (or Mom) are racing!


Select Takes.Still012


A racers life is not an easy one. Driving for hours on end from state to state, burning up more cigarettes and coffee than HST when writing Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, broken parts and bones, the list goes on and on. Throw in cold or rainy weather and you start to think you might be a postman, required to perform no matter how bad mother nature tries to deter you.

Well, for Martin and Scott was no exception. The old spirits of New Orleans tried their best to rock our racers off the track with hurricane class winds, rain and even a little hail. To say the least, Friday was a dampening day on the spirits. Non-the-less though, as one racer said this wet and dreary weekend:

“This is AHRMA, not AMA. We’ll race if the track is covered in water or lit up in flames. Does’t matter. This is real racing.”

And so they proved it.  Friday left almost the entire day in torrential down-pours. However, despite their wet leathers and dampened spirits Martin and Scott took to the track for practice. Thinking they should have had on a life vest and been on a jet-ski, the DCC boys made it through the day with several successful practices runs leaving no incident.

Our own resident “Skip” aka: Scot Fiedler also managed to survive the race class and onslaught of water on the track while racing his borrowed MT125. Way to go Skip!

Select Takes.Still025


For Martin Friday brought a few tweaks and adaptions for Martin. After fitting a new set of Ohlins shocks to the rear he had to go through the paces and fine tune them. After a few quick laps they were dialed in and he was ready to the take corners much un-like his situation at Roebling Road! Another change we made to his bike was fitting Avon’s in favor of the Continentals. The Conti’s stick like glue when it’s hot and sunny though we heard the Avon’s take a little more grip for their own when the track is damp or worse, it’s raining. Boy is it true! We’ll be setting up a second set of wheels as soon as we can swing it for sure!

On Saturday he took everyone buy surprise in the 200GP class racing the little heart-of-lion CB175 against all the two strokes holding his own and taking an amazing 3rd place! Then, in the 160 Lemans class, killing it with a 1st place finish. As for the Thruxton, our luck wasn’t as good as at Roebling. He experience front brake fade and was not able to push the bike as fast as needed to keep up with the pole. In the end he worked out a 5th place finish. Which was still amazing seeing as how there was 18 riders in the field, some of which who were pro AMA racers.

And on Sunday the Gods of Speed weren’t as in our favor. (Perhaps it was the spirits we took in the night before around camp.) Either way, in the 200GP class Martin still pulled an amazing 4th place. After all that high-speed paint trading racing with the 2-smokes the 175 lost spark in the last corner of the last lap where he was in 1st with a staggering lead. Unfortunately he dropped back to 8th as the flag went down. A quick analysis post race in the pits showed that a simple wire connector cover had slid back due to vibration and was grounding out on the chassis. Such is life! As for the Thruxton Cup, he finished 8th as his brake fade continue to increase.

Once the rubber cooled we chatted and a few more modifications are in the hopper for coming weeks. Modifying the rearsets to get them higher (scraping on tight corners) in addition with installing a new Nissin master cylinder and replacing all the controls with 7/8″ items to help with fatigue from riding hard with the fat 1″ grips.

Despite the complications, Martin took everything in stride and simply said “That’s racing!”


Select Takes.Still032


Veteran champ and reigning Sportsman 350 Series Champion Scott Turner had a great weekend despite a little spill in the mud on Saturday during the Sportsman 500 race. All in all he was happy with the ways his machines performed. We attribute his wins to not only being one of the fastest guys in the circuit, but to the high he was still on from receiving the “Builders Award” previously at Roebling Road. Given only for one year and then passed on to another racer, the builders award brings notice to racers who build their bikes and race them all under their own umbrella. Congrats to Scott for taking that baby home!

On Saturday Scott took 2nd behind teammate Martin in the 160 Lemans race and in Sportsman 350, no big surprise here, he took 1st place beating out Mike Mathews and Derek Stoot. Both of which are extremely seasoned and well tuned racers. Then in the Sportsman 500 race he accidentally missed a shift and hit the grass. Well, it looked like grass anyways. With all the rain the grass areas off the track turned into swap and aside from having a ski mounted for a front tire, there was nothing Scott could do to keep the 350 upright. Nothing was damaged everything was just a little dirty and smelled less than pleasant from the mud. No big deal though, this is AHRMA right?

On Sunday Scott took 4th place in the 160 Lemans race almost keeping a pole finish for team DCC. Back on his favorite steed he then proceeded to take a strong 1st place in Sportsman 350 leaving Mathews and Moore in his dust. And surprisingly, because the Sportsman 500 class bikes are so much faster than Scott’s 350, he took 2nd place in the lineup and last race of the weekend for team DCC. Guess that ego was a little hurt after the swamp spill, after all!

And as for DCC’s own Skip, despite being his first official race on a borrowed bike he actually took 1st place in the Formula 125 class on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday. Guess there’s a racer in there after-all! Way to go Scot!


Select Takes.Still061


All in all our weekend at NOLA was a success. With some strong finishes and some fun in the dirt we had a great weekend and enjoyed all the festivities included in the weekend. There was a live band and open-house party at the TTRNO Speed Shop, a huge vintage swap meet was organized with tons of old parts and bikes for sale and the Crescent City vintage moto club even showed up with a tent and swag to represent the next generation of customizers. Even the CEO of Triumph showed up with two of his top marketing staff to race in the Thruxton Cup series. Talk about putting your bike where your mouth is! Could the weekend get any better?

Be sure to head over to Facebook and checkout our full photo gallery from the weekend here – [http://on.fb.me/1eFcMcn]

And if you think you might be interested in racing visit the AHRMA website. It’s fun, doesn’t cost a fortune and with the production class series you can get your feet wet with a basically stock bike. More details here – [http://bit.ly/1eqn2dE]

Current placement standings for Scott Turner and Martin Milanese:


CB160 – 5th Overall
Sportsman 350 – 2nd Overall
Sportsman 500 – 2nd Overall


200GP – 4th Overall
CB160 – 1st Overall
Thruxton Cup – 3rd Overall

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NOLA – AHRMA Racing, Bike Show & Swap Meet!

Thursday, March 13, 2014 8:40:45 AM America/New_York

Calling all race fans! If you’ve been to NOLA for vintage racing and enjoyed yourself, get ready because they’re pulling out all the stops this year!

They’ve got a vintage bike show (Cafe Racer class included!) a swap meet, vendors and all sorts of fun stuff for the whole family. Think of it as a Barber in the beginning with a Creole twist!

If you’re there please stop by the pits and say hello to DCC sponsored racers Scott Turner (Team Scott Racing) and Martin Milanese Corsa Motor Works. They’ll be racing in the Sportsman 350, 500, 175 Lemans and Thruxton Cupclasses. Scott will have some DCC swag on hand too!

Nola_2014_poster jpg

120MPH, down to 4th, 3rd now 2nd, apply the front brake…lean into it!

Friday, March 7, 2014 4:31:57 PM America/New_York


Roebling Road, GA is 2.02 miles of throttle twisting, brake burning petrol head loving asphalt just begging to be ridden. It has 6 corners and is run in a clockwise direction. Located in quiet area nestled between trees and acreage thats home to all kinds of wildlife, it’s a unique in that it is open only to the participants and their guests. It has an air conditioned registration build with a 3-store timing and scoring tower along with a covered tech inspection area. (Thank God! That heat can be brutal!) It also sports full concessions, camping and hook-ups and hot shower facilities. In other words, it’s a racers dream!

The track was designed by John Rueter and held its first Sports Car Club of America event June 11–12, 1960. The track was financed by and named after SCCA supporter Robert Roebling, great-grandson of John A. Roebling and hosts events more than 300 days a year. Everyone from pro-teams renting the track to test their latest creations to media groups calls this track home on a regular basis. It’s also a major destination for SCCA racers as well as the BMW Car Owners Club of America, the Porsche Club of America, the North American Sports Car Association, and the Vintage Drivers Club of America.


Our racers weekend started with an early morning rise as the westward sweeping wind rocked the trailer they were hunkered down in for the night. After wiping the sleep from their eyes they noticed the extra blankets they’d pulled out from their bags automatically during the night and upon looking out the window, they understood why. Frost and ice was all over everything. What a nice awakening for our two sun loving Florida boys, right?

Once their bones were warm and bellies full of hot coffee they got to setting up the DCC paddock area that they would call home for the weekend. Front and center was Scott Turners 2013 Championship winning CB350 along with Martin’s virgin CB175 and “last-minute” Thruxton-cup speed machine. At the back of the tent was Scott’s trusty B-bike, a stout little CB350 that serves as backup for his A-bike and has never let him down. A bit of a motley crew, but in the end they delivered!


The weekend started early with practice all day on Friday. Scott noted that the track felt really good. It had been some 15 years since he’d been to Roebling and from what he could remember, not only was the track in better condition, the track managers (who were new) had a much better handle on how things went throughout the weekend. As far as his times Scott was pulling consistent 130’s and 131’s and felt very confident he could shave another 2 seconds off his lap time on race day. Being more of a relaxed rider (note his videos where takes a hand off the bars on the straight aways!) Scott prefers to take it easy during practice and use it as a time to identify lines and find the places he and his little lionhearted 350 can pick up the extra corner speed they need to pass his competition.


For Martin it was a very similar situation, have only been to Roebling 14 years ago for a half day he really had no idea what to expect. Running two bikes this race, first up was the virgin 175. Martin quickly realized that Roebling was a track that allowed for very high corner speed with it’s long flowing corners. What this meant for his little 175 is that he needed to find his markers and stick to them staying on the throttle interrupting inertia as little as possible in order to keep his laps times in check. He noted that find the right markers was key to being able to pull ahead.

On the Thruxton though, it was a totally different story. The 400lb behemoth rev’d much faster than he had expected and based on the track layout he was able to build serious corner speed quickly and on the straits crack past the TON. Unfortunately though, do to some issues with suspension and steering keeping the bike in check on the track was less than safe or easy. At one point another rider actually shouted in the pits “Hey man, how the hell are you keeping that thing on the track and finishing as fast as you are!”


With a few practice laps under their boots and their tires broken in and melded to Roebling’s beaten and charred surface it was time to re-treat to the DCC tent, setup the Christmas lights and tell stories of past races and future exploits to be had with friends and family from all over.

Saturday came all too quick and within what seemed to be faster than Mike the Bikes’ fastest recorded lap time at Daytona, Turner was on the track in the 350 Sportsman class. Other notable riders such as Mike Mathews from Team Hansen also turned out and joined Scott on the track for a terrific day of racing. At the end of his first race Scott road away to the pits with a successful 2nd place win and was right on target with his practice estimate of being able to shave 2 seconds during the race.

In his Sportsman 500 class race he pulled third place which is quite impressive considering he was jockeying for positions with rides the likes of Dave Rutherford on his legendary BSA B50 and AMA Pro Racer and Endurance champion Brad Phillips on his powerful BMW 500. For Scott Turn 4 was by far his favorite on the track and after running it a few times he found a groove that harmonized with his 350+cc speed machine so well to the point that he was actually able to build up enough overall track speed to pass Rutherford on his B50 while coming onto the straight away. Unfortunately, Rutherford got the upper hand when Scott got held up by a lapper and the old Beezer smiled and sang “God save the queen!” through it’s exhaust as Rutherford passed by taking second place leaving Scott with a still well accomplished third considering the competition.


For Martin he noted that the Lemans 160/175 race was just plain. “To start like that with a run up on your bike to just push it an go man, wow! So cool!” Apparently “cool” works for Martin because he finished the race in 1st place! Not too shabby for the virgin run on the little blue 175 that could. After talking with him it was clear that it all stemmed from picking the right lines on practice day. He a magic line too that allowed his little 175 to pull ahead of everyone in very short distance leaving a nice gap between him and the second place winner. Way to go Martin!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.36.55 PM

Up next was his 200GP race (you must race in 200GP in order to run in 175 Lemans) and he was up against two strokes, we’re talking legitimate track-bred wallet busting “out the back door of the manufacturers” race machines as well as 350’s against his little stock CB175. All things accounted for, the rider prevails – he actually placed 6th and while not a podium stand, considering what he was riding was pretty impressive. But that’s nothing, wait till you hear what he did in 200GP on the second day!

We caught up with veteran racer and motorcycle test rider Neale Bayly to ask him what he had to say about this track and our guys odds on these vintage and modern classics machines and here’s what he had to say:

“I love RR….it’s a real rider’s track. Fast, flowing, with plenty of grip and a super smooth surface. To put a good fast lap in, you have to get it all right from the moment you enter turn one. A turn you enter at extremely high speed. From here you barely use the brakes, except lightly brushing them to settle the bike in a couple of turns, and this is what makes the track so much fun. Possibly my favorite racetrack.”

Next up was his Thruxton Cup race and like with practice he had to hold on for dear life and in Martin’s own words “develop an on-the-fly riding style” just so he could keep the bike on the track and hold a decent position. Again, tweaks were needed that couldn’t be done outside the workshop but despite that Martin adapted and was able to pull 4th place. Pretty good for a stock bike and his first race against guys with fully built machines with a full season under their belt.

To take fourth he had to fight with not only the instability of the bike but the fact that the gearing wasn’t properly setup and the bike rev’d far to quickly. He was held up by another class on the track, Vintage Super bike and finally, after 5 turns of ok lines but a slower rider in front, he took the chance and made a squirrely pass coming into the straight away. It was there that the torque and British grunt of the Thruxton made the difference and allowed up him keep that four place spot. Go Triumph!

The second day for both Scott and Martin was a success for Scott taking 2nd again in 350 Sportsman and 2nd in Sportsman 500. For Martin he pulled out all the stops and took 1st again in 175 Lemans, pulled an amazing 3rd in 200GP and held on to the 4th spot on his less-than-perfect-put-together-at-the-last-minute Thruxton.


All in all the weekend was a huge success and DCC is proud to be associated with these two individuals. We look forward to the rest of the season and hope to see you all at the track! Remember, anyone can race it doesn’t’ require the finances of a king or the speed of a custom Ducati. It’s all about just having fun and meeting new people and adding to the two wheels culture we all love, motorcycling.

For the full photo gallery follow [this link] to Facebook and be sure to stay plugged in as we’ll be heading to NOLA at the end of March for the second race in the season!

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The DCC Motorcycle-pic of The Week – Scott Turners SC-325

Monday, May 7, 2012 10:34:50 AM America/New_York

Scott Turners Vintage Race Bike Art Show – Closing Party, This Saturday Night!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 10:15:25 AM America/New_York

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month already, wow, tempus fugit! Our good friend Scott Turner, local race legend and Cafe bike builder has had a few of his bikes on display at Collective Art Gallery and Tattoo in downtown St. Petersburg. If you missed the opening night you’re in luck, because this Saturday night we’re doing a closing party for the showing at the gallery.

It starts at 8PM Saturday the 4th and we hope you’ll ride (or drive) down to join us!

You can checkout Scott on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Scott-Racing/

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