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Old School Helmets

Old School Helmets

Old School Helmets, a legendary name synonymous with speed, style and quality...

As a small American owned custom shop based in Ohio, focusing on customer needs in a niche market, Old School Helmets (Josh Scott) has helped bring the timeless art of old school paint-work back to the marketplace of the motorcycle helmet.

As an appreciator of vintage motorcycle aesthetic, Josh Scott, OSH's proprietor, was looking for work and instead of hiring his talent out took a gamble and started painting helmets in his garage. After some trial and error he was able to devise a method of paint work that spoke to the vintage aesthetic that 3/4 helmets bode.

Leveraging his skills as a custom painter, he set out to paint schemes on existing lids that reminisce of those our fathers rocked and raised hell in during the glory days of motorcycling. You know, everyone drank cheep beer, did wheelies down the streets and ran free celebrating love and two-wheeled speed chasing splendor.

Fortunately, for us, Josh was able to hit the way-back button and with some time and patience, has developed the perfect formula and is able to create a modern rendition of those gorgeous old school head-huggers we all long to have for our own. And in an effort to help keep this art form alive (and get some cool lids on your noggins) Dime City Cycles has partnered with Josh to produce limited edition designs inspired by DCC's gritty culture that are approved and only available care of The Wing'd Piston, all using Bell Custom 500 DOT approved 3/4 helmets.

But there's plenty of custom painted helmets out there, it's nothing new you're saying. Yes, but in an homage to the gods of speed we sought to do something a little more...something with some soul.

The Mercury Dime and further, The Wing'd Piston, is our symbol of freedom and individuality. It's the thing that makes us different, the thing that drives us each and every day to ride fast and live well. It's something special. Well, so is this limited edition line of helmets, they're produced one at a time, by hand, in runs of 50 and 15 and each one of the helmet designs is numbered in series and sports a Mercury Dime that Herm or Jason personally find and purchase and then place on each helmet as the finishing touch prior to leaving DCC. Digg it.

Keep in mind though, after 49 (or 14) are sold (Jason and Herm keep the first one from each collection) there won't be any more of that specific design, so grab yours and wear it every day or, put it on the shelf as a collectible. Either way, it's something special and however you choose to use it we know you'll make us proud.

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