Roc City Custom Motorcycle Parts

One of things Dime City loves about the current populous of the cafe racer bike and products builder movement is the diversity shown and engineering twists improving upon countless age old traditions with plenty of good ol' American flavor added in for good measure.

Roccity Cafe Racers is one such contributor...

Filling a void when only Taiwanese imported garbage or super expensive bespoke British products existing on this side of the pond, Sean Pelltier, the mastermind behind Roccity Cafe Racers took it upon himself to begin engineering and producing some of the best ton-up seats (and tanks) currently available, anywhere.

Using only the best materials available and building his products by hand, the way things should be, he has differentiated himself in the sea of standard crack-up products currently available in the marketplace by driving quality over quantity continuing to improve his product line with every item that leaves the workshop.

It was only a matter of time before the Wing'd Piston of Dime City found it's way to The Roccity and forged a partnership that would help promote and bring the best available, Made in America, cafe racer seats and tanks to the thriving garage builder movement.

We sit on 'em every day and so should you... Roccity, it don't get no better boys.

There are no products matching the selection at this time, but please contact us and see if we can get you what you need! Our dedicated team has access to thousands of unlisted parts from suppliers around the globe.