Aluminum Headlight Mounting Brackets - (Fits: 35, 39 and 41mm Forks)

Aluminum Headlight Mounting Brackets - (Fits: 35, 39 and 41mm Forks)

Quick Overview

  • Color/Finish: Aluminum 
  • Dimensions: 4" Deep (From Mounting Bolt Center) x 1-3/4" At Headlight Mounting Point 
  • Fits: 35mm, 39mm and 41mm Forks 
  • Material: Aluminum

SKU: 66-35830

*Key relocation is custom and NOT included with headlight brackets.

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Time to kick those rusty ol’ top fork ears with the dingy reflectors for a set of real headlight brackets! The Wing'd Piston flew to the ends of the Earth to bring these babies back. Solid high quality aluminum able to accept a Rolls Royce'esk polish job these headlight mounts will work with 35mm, 39mm and 41mm forks. They'€™ve earned a place as the standard headlight ears we use on all our builds.

Technical Details

SKU 66-35830
Material Aluminum
Motorcycle Make Honda

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Not quite universal

Nice brackets but they don't fit the 37 mm fork that I have on my GS. The box says fits: 35mm, 39mm, 41mm. Fortunately I have a metal lathe so I made some custom spacers from a PVC coupling. Still, they look great and I'd recommend as long as they fit your fork.


installed them tonight. had to remove fork tubes to install but made it a hell of alot easier than the original bsa brackets. just had to play around with the shims. they look really good. very pleased

Look Nice

Great polished finish, look nice on the forks but the adapters dont fit as good as they do in the photo, i just put one of them and it dont look as good as i expected... it comes with 2 size adapters 1 is to thin and the other thick... ... but.. it look nice at the end..

Nice Brackets...but don't over tighten!

I wanted some good solid quality brackets to support the 7" headlight I planned to put on my Sportster (that little 5 3/4" light has always looked just a little silly to me...real bikes need real lights.) These cast aluminum brackets are just the ticket. They shine up nice and their beefy size fits the all metal nature of my Sporty. Only real drawback is you have to pull your fork tubes to slide these babies on...not the end of the world, just a little extra work.

A word of warning very careful tightening the pinch bolts. Even using a short allen wrench, I managed to snap the ears off one side. Boy, was I cussing! Luckily, JB Weld came to the rescue and I was able to epoxy the bracket back together without having to disassemble the front end for a second time.

Thanks Dime City for having really decent parts at decent prices.

Great part !

These are fabulous brackets, well made with a great polished finish. They really look fine on my CB400F. No issues installing them, the adapters easily fit several diameters.

Best Score on my entire bike

These headlight mounts look great and have sleeves to fit numerous diameter forks. I was facing having to get a set of $200+ billet mounts until I found these from the guys at Dime City, what a score at there price!

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