Legendary Motorcycles "Dunstall" Cafe Racer Fuel Tank - (Complete w/ Cap)

Legendary Motorcycles "Dunstall" Cafe Racer Fuel Tank - (Complete w/ Cap)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Gelcoat, Black
Fits: Universal
Capacity: 3 Gallons
Material: Fiberglass


  • 28" Long x 12" Wide x 8 1/2" High x 1/8" Thick

SKU: GT1603B-C

*Fuel tank has two standard 1/4" NPT petcock bungs and here's just a few of the bikes where this tank was installed without any mods:

  • All Honda CB SOHC series models.
  • All late model Carburetted Triumphs as well as old pre oil in frame models (post swingarm).
  • Norton Commandos (all years with isolastic frame Atlas frame and Featherbed)
  • All Yamaha XS series Incl 650 500 750 Facilitates the oil filler on the SR500

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Like all great things from the days of speed this Dunstall fiberglass tank from Legendary Motorcycles is simply put, bitchin!

Pulling design cues and measurements from an original Paul Dunstall original Legendary has afforded us all the ability to fit one of the most iconic fuel tanks to our modern day retro speed machines.

The Dunstall tank has fitment for dual petcocks allowing easy fueling for a myriad of twin and four cylinder setups and it's also a breeze to mount with the including instructions. Out of the box it does not come with a fuel filler, however you can ad one of the low-profile ones for a few extra bones. Don't like that one? The hole is easy enough to work with in fitting your own. Nice!

Legendary uses high quality 1/8" layered fiberglass and a perfected and top secret process to bond their tanks yielding the safest and longest lasting tanks on the market. In addition they have a special coating on the interior that is impervious to the god-awful profit saving chemicals our government seems to think our petrol burners need to fund large farms in Texas, private yachts and lavis parties in 3rd world countries.

Legendary Motorcycle Cafe Racer fuel tanks, made in a America just like your hand-built Cafe Racer by other hardworking, speed loving motorcycle appreciators.

Does it get any better?

Technical Details

Brand Legendary Motorcycles
Motorcycle Make Honda
Genre AHRMA Racing
Cafe Racers

Used the tank on my CB350 AHRMA racer

I was in a rush to fix a few bikes before the races at the Barber Vintage festival last week and so instead of building my own tank for my previously crashed racer, purchased this one. Being in stock, the tank arrived quickly. It is heavily built with a good gloss coat, with barely any fiberglass mat texture showing through.
The tank fits my race bike perfectly in the proportions that I required, it is a little wide at the back, Your knees are a bit splayed when hugging the turns, but the length was perfect for clamping the outside knee to the tank while dragging the inside on the hairpin at barber. I welded L brackets to either side of the spine of my frame so that the front of the tank had a place to mount. I then cut a piece of Cellular PVC trim from Home Depot to fit in the large void at the rear undersection of the tank. This epoxied in gave the tank a flat bottom at the rear. Another piece was cut to fit in between the rear frame section all of the way to the back. The tank was epoxied to this and then screwed through to the epoxied in piece on the tank. Now leg pressure is transmitted to the mounts and not any little bolts on the tank. A dunstall seat fixture was epoxied to the plate and now the whole thing is a one piece construction. It took the beating of four races at Barber, plus two days of practice.
if you have the ability to fashion good safe mounts, I recommend the tank. It will take a beating and it looks very, very good.

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