DCC Original Aluminum Oval Bar End Mirror –- (Satin Black)

DCC Original Aluminum Oval Bar End Mirror –- (Satin Black)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Satin Black Electroplate
Fits: 7/8" Bars
Material: Aircraft Aluminum

Dimensions: 4" OD Oval Mirror


*Sold as individuals. Can be mounted directly to 7/8" bars or mounted with provided bar ends.

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You didn'€™t tell the boss as you slipped out the back door at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. After dropping off the dog at your girlfriend'€™s you hustled back to your apartment, grabbed your puddin'€™ bowl, goggles and jacket, and headed down to the garage. Taking the old sheet off, you paused just long enough while tightening your bedroll to admire the deep black tank and chrome Norton peashooters and then you fire her up.

Leaving the city quickly on an expressway full of caged fools, you soon find yourself one hour down the road and taking the exit which you know leads to nirvana. A small town comes and goes, and then you make that last turn onto your favorite winding country road. Glancing briefly at your bar end mirror, you mentally say goodbye™ to the cubicle you left behind and you roll on the gas, listening to your beloved vintage speed machine echo through the hills.

DCC Original Black Aluminum CNC Bar End Mirrors - because knowing what you left behind is an essential part of the journey.

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Color Black
Finish Satin
Motorcycle Make Honda


I can see!!!

Put these on a 2014 Bonneville (ditched the Mickey Mouse mirrors that I could only see my shoulders in) and I can now see things coming up from behind or disappearing as I go by. They look sharp as tacks and didn't cost an insane amount like the Triumph aftermarkets. They are the ish.

Excellent product, cool on my 78 Honda CB2 400 cafe!!!

Well-made, nice looking, great mirror, installs easy, highly recommend this bar end!!

Great Product, Very High Quality Machining

very happy with this product, the machining is perfect and looks great

Dcc original bar in mirror

They're great, solid and fit any bar !!!!!

nice looking nirror

I had to spread the internal spacer to get it started expanding but then worked great, looks nice on the old Honda will be getting one for the other side soon

Looks great, drill your own holes

These look great and work well.
I love the way they make my Ducati S2R 1000 look and they open up the field of view with the stock mirrors out of the way.
They are a closed loop aluminum and come with nylon spacers, even with the spacers they didn't fit my bars, so I arranged them where I wanted them, drilled a hole through the bottom of the mirror and bar then held them in place with a small allen-head bolt.
They haven't let me down yet.
They do have a slight blue tint to them, but I like it.

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