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2.5" Chrome Mini Speedometer w/ White Face & LED Indicator Lights

2.5" Chrome Mini Speedometer w/ White Face & LED Indicator Lights

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Chrome w/ White Dial
Backlight Color: Blue
Dimensions: 2.5" Face Diameter x 2-1/8" Tall Housing
Fits: Universal
Bulb Type: Blue LED
Material: Steel

*Speedometer ratio is 60MPH @ 2240RPM. , indicator lights include, high beam, neutral light and turn signals.
*Please be sure of stock gauge set-up before ordering, DCC is not responsible for incorrect orders as it pertains to Ratios and Electronic/Mechanical pickups.

*This product may require a diode for the turn signal indicator light: MDK-1 or 2050-0072. Requirement is dependent on model, setup, signals being used, etc.

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We're talking about speedometers! You know, the thing that tells you when the boys in blue will be on your six.

Here at DCC we've gone through the paces and tracked down the best 2.5" mini speedo's you can put your grubby little bike beaters on.

With a face diameter of 2.5" and a overall depth of only 2-1/8" you can put these just about anywhere..

The thick chrome plating will glisten in the sun and make all your bros jealous, we guarantee it!

Technical Details

SKU 15-0032W
Brand DCC Originals
Color White
Finish Chrome
Meter Body Color Chrome
Meter Face Color White
Meter Reading MPH
Meter Maximum Reading 140 MPH
Meter Ratio 2240@60mph
Bulb Type LED
Meter Type Analog Speedometer
Motorcycle Make Honda


Good unit

This is a really nice looking unit. The chrome looks nice, not cheap. The diagram pic makes wiring a snap. My only problem was that I was a little rough trying to pull a connector off the black wire and pulled it right out. Sad part is, I don't think you can open it up to fix a lose wire or change a bulb? Other then that, it's great. Just be easy when you strip and crimp. For the price, I'm not worried. I just ordered a second one. Blue back light really is nice.


Great Product - Good Tip

Great Product & Good Tip - I have logged 3k miles with it and it works flawlessly. The trip meter is my gas gauge. If your bike does not have an idiot light you can skip all the diodes and just hook up right turn to the indicator signal light and the left turn to the oil light. That way you not only skip the diode / feedback issue, but you can tell WHICH turn signal. It will be like a boat left/port is red.

Good, but not great product

Similar to the tach, this speedo is very good looking and easy to install with the provided diagram. My only issue is the tripometer seems cheap and keeps spinning forward on the 100 number. I use the tripometer as my fuel gauge for the most part, so it's disappointing to have that aspect not work very well. Overall, it looks great paired with the white tach and it's easy to pop onto the bike.

Great little Speedo does the trick

This speedo is a great little unit that functions well, is not too big, the lights are bright and easy to see. Only installation issue i had was having to add a couple diodes to the Turn signals to get the "dashlight" to light when each of the flashers engaged.

Just right.

Works great on my LS650 cafe. Just perfect.

Worked great until 15K

This gauge worked well for 15K miles until the trip dial came off the spindle internally, shortly after the odometer followed suit.
Overall it looks great and, the led lights performed flawlessly. Just realize at $70 you are rolling the dice that this will perform long term.

nice speedo with trip meter

This gauge is a very nice size and easy to read. It has a trip meter and indicator lights. My bike has no oil sender, so I used that light for my left signal. The led lights are bright. I had to make my own bracket to rubber mount it for vibration damping.

Awesome Product

Thank you so much for the 2.5" mini speedo! It works great and looks fantastic. Easy installation with included wiring diagram and very fast shipping. Thanks again!

Great set of gauges

I got this and the matching tach for my CB350. They look great and the slightly smaller than stock size gives front end a sleek profile. They look good enough that I actually look down from time to time to see how fast I am going, something I never did with my faded stockers.

Great Product.

Easy install, straight forward wiring.

Great on metric cruisers too

Bought this for my 1995 Honda Shadow ACE 1100 (VT1100C2). Here's a write up if anyone is interested in the bike specific wiring.


Perfect size guage

All I have to say is this guage is SEXY! Perfect fit, has everything I need for my custom build Cafe' Racer. You can feel and see the the blue light!

Easy to install and looks great.

This is a great little speedometer. Just finished pulling out my old, broken speedometer from my 1986 gs450 and replaced it with this one. The back-light is a very bright blue and looks pretty cool at night. The only tip I would suggest for this speedo is to include some instructions for those wish to install this part on a bike that had two blinker indicator lights.

If you wish to install this part on a bike that had two blinker indicator lights you will need to install two diodes on the positive side of the blinker wire to avoid feedback into the circuit and cause both blinkers to activate at the same time. This is an easy fix and you can get the parts for about $2 from your local Radio Shack.

Here is a link to the diodes I would suggest:

Very Nice, Easy to install and Very Bright Blue at night

I just finished installing my new speedo. It looks great and installation was a breeze. My only advice is that if you are replacing an old speedo that had two blinker lights on the display you will need to install two diodes on positive wire for the blinker so the indicator light in the gauge will blink without causing feedback into the circuit, which will activate both the left and the right blinkers at the same time. Not hard to do and the extra parts only costs $2 from your local Radio Shack. The diodes I suggest can be found at the following link.

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