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2" Flat Brat Seat Diamond Side Stitch Black

2" Flat Brat Seat Diamond Side Stitch Black

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Black

Fits: Universal

Material: Leather, Urethane Foam & Steel base



Width-Front 7", Rear 7-1/2"


Special Order: 2-4 weeks Delivery


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Brat it isn't some new purse brand invented by the Kardashians or LoLo, it's a term that is widely used in Japan to describe an evolution of the custom motorcycle and actually started as the root name of a premier custom shop in Japan,

Falling somewhere in between Bobber, Cafe Racer and Street Tracker, a Brat Style machine takes cues from all three and blends them into a sedate, yet potent, visual amalgamation of style and performance.

Stripped down like their Bobber brethren, Brats are usually built on small CC suspended platforms, where-as Bobbers, are more often then not, rigid. In addition Brat's are usually built to the hilt in the engine department too, which obviously lends a nod to the "Racer" portion of Cafe Racers.

The most defining characteristic of the "Brat" though most definitely has to be the low-profile two-up seat that affords the machine a long and low look quite indescribable or matched by any other machine genre.

With the capability to fit a second person on the back of the bike a "Brat" affords the rider/builder an opportunity to express creative freedom while bringing their brat with them, in style. That said, when running solo, the suspended frame, worked suspension, up-right bars and rev'y engines create something that handles like a Street Tracker. It's quite the potent combination.

All-in-all and in the end, any custom bike is a representation of what the builder wishes it to be and there really is lost time in trying to classify any one particular genre. That said, you guys kept calling us asking if we could build some "Brat Style" seats & pans; we did, and here they are!

Manufactured here at Dime City we use a 3/16" thick laser cut aluminum base pan with slotted mounting bolts for easy fitment between the frame rails of just about any machine you're pounding the pavement with. And if you don't want to go through the hassle of making up some mounts, just snag a set of four of the weld-on mounts we offer.

Taking it one step further and thinking aesthetically minded, we designed The DCC Original Brat Style seat pan to be universal yet work in harmony with our large CC rear and top loop kits. Looking for a tight visual line revealing half the top frame tube all the way around with a nice rounded rear section? Just grab one of our large CC rear loops, graft it to your frame and fit the Brat Style seat right on top. It's a perfect fit.

If that wasn't enough...we even offer it in an up-swept version to match the up-swept loop. And for those of you looking to cover your own, we also offer them in both styles in raw aluminum with no cover or padding.

Dime City Cycles, not just for Cafe Racers..

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Color Black
Material Leather
Seat Type Brat
Motorcycle Make Honda


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