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Dime City Cycles

About Dime City Cycles

It all began in 2009. We started with a Honda CB450, one small garage, and a few borrowed wrenches. Since those humble beginnings we have grown considerably. We now have a warehouse filled with the very latest in parts and accessories to keep your bike rolling.

But no longer are we just about Hondas. Be it Japanese, Italian, German or British, vintage restorations or modern classics, we've got what you need. And although we will always have a special spot for cafe racers, we've grown quite passionate about trackers, scramblers, bobbers and brats and honestly, anything on two wheels.

For those of you who started with us though, don't worry, we're not changing anything. We're here at a grass roots level trying to help anyone who wants to get his/her hands dirty in the pursuit of wind-in-your-face, chasing the sunset, freedom.

Dime City Cycles Was Born - The BRASS CAFE

In an effort to pay homage to classic DIY Cafe Racer culture, as much of the original 1968 donor bike was used as possible while modifying the remaining elements for a hand-hewn and "factory-like" look and feel. Herm and Jason's desire with the Brass Cafe was to produce what could have been a factory concept bike from the 60's where Honda tailored their efforts towards rich tones and styles rooted in Cafe Racer culture.

All in all the vision behind The Brass Cafe is one of purity, both in style and heritage. We pursued classic forms of metal working, paying respect to the builders of the 50's and 60's and what they stood for...while simultaneously hoping to inspire a renewed interest in the motorcycle as the ultimate expression of form and function.

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