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Acewell MD085-553 Digital Multifunction Tachometer/Speedometer - Black & Chrome

Acewell MD085-553 Digital Multifunction Tachometer/Speedometer - Black & Chrome

Quick Overview

Bar Tachometer (12,000 RPM) Digital Tachometer (19,900 RPM) Digital Speedometer (187.5 MPH Max) Speed Meter - MPH & KPH Average & Max Speed Bar Fuel Gauge Odometer Thermometer 12/24 Hour Clock Volt Meter Riding timer Gear Indicator Maintenance Reminder Dimensions: Bezel Width: 97.5mm Face Width: 80mm Body/Mounting Diameter: 85mm Total Depth: 47.8mm Features included: Built-in RGB LED backlight, user can adjust backlight color. Adjust odometer when less than 30km /18.6 miles. Acceleration and deceleration timers as well as distance timer for racing practice. External air temperature sensor. Fast processor so can connect to pulse type gearbox speed sensors. Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm. Flexible battery warning voltage setting from 11.0 to 14.9V. Speedometer can show nearest 0.1 mph or km/h speed if required by user. CE and E mark certificated.
This Gauge requires an 090 (Waterproof) Type Connection if using Acewell Digital Speedometer Conversion Cable. Sold Separately


Simultaneously displays 12K bar tachometer, digital speedometer, gear indicator, bar fuel gauge, bar temperature gauge, and dot matrix display clock as well one of the other functions. Built-in gear indicator which calculates gear comparing speed and RPM, and "gear indicator off" mode for Automatic vehicles.

Built-in 6 LED indicators plus one distinct and visible 12mm shift warning indicator for different applications. Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, S-Type Magnetic speed sensor, PT1/8 temperature sensor, air temperature sensor, main unit sleeve & mounting bracket, fitting kits and wiring harness. Excellent water resistance, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design.

Magnetic S-Type speed sensor with 090 waterproof connection included. On some models an Acewell S-Cable can be used to utilize factory speedometer pickup point. For use with this gauge, an S-Cable with a 090 connection is required (denoted by "W" cable SKU#) or the 090 connection from the provided S-Type Magnetic pickup cable can be swapped onto a standard "Square Plug" S-Cable.

Technical Details

SKU MD085-553
Brand Acewell
Color Black/Chrome
Material Polycarbonate
Certifications (EU) ECE Certified, (US) DOT Certified
Meter Body Color Black
Meter Face Color Black
Meter Bezel Color Chrome
Meter Reading MPH/KPH
Meter Maximum Reading 12000 RPM
Meter Ratio Electronic
Bulb Type LED
Meter Type Multifunction Speedo/Tach
Motorcycle Make Honda


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