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AirTech Yamaha RD350 Inner Rear Fender

AirTech Yamaha RD350 Inner Rear Fender

Quick Overview

Ready to be Sanded, Finished and Painted
Material: Made of Fiberglass - Easily trim and modify to fit your needs.


  • Top Width: 7"
  • Center Width: 8"
  • Bottom Width (approx): 10"
  • Length (along fender): 11.5"


These parts are made to order. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.


You are a hands on type of guy. Perhaps too much so.

You like to spend Saturdays in your garage adjusting the valves on your small block Yenko Nova, and when that is done you are thinking about breaking out your orbital polisher and putting a second layer of Collinite 845 on the black lacquer you applied to the tank of your Hesketh last week. Then again, you cannot help but think that it is time to pull the Penton out of the corner and start breathing a little life into her. Let's see...

She needs the rusty spokes cut out and the wheels re-laced. Then some new tires and tubes, chain and chainrings, fork oil, cables, and a new front fender...something with that vintage look from Air-Tech. When that's done it might just be time to load her on a trailer behind your '71 Bronco and head down to Baja. Of course, you really do need to change the oil in your old lady's Jensen Interceptor...

Technical Details

Brand AirTech
Motorcycle Make Yamaha


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