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Do the Ton Bike of the Month winners.

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By Dime City Cycles September 12, 2018 No comments

Tim Chester's 1978 Yamaha XS750SE

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By Dime City Cycles May 1, 2018 No comments

Eric Miller's 1997 BMW F650ST

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By Dime City Cycles April 24, 2018 No comments

Noah Yamen's 1976 Honda Gold Wing "Deathwing

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By Dime City Cycles April 19, 2018 1 comment

I always remembered the name Kaz Yoshima, who used to build and race cb400's that he called Z1 beaters. This bike is inspired by Kaz. I started working on the bike in November of 2016 and had it running and riding in early May...

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By Dime City Cycles January 25, 2018 4 comments

very enthusiast with any amount of internet miles ridden has seen builds using steel, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass and carbon fiber, but this little Monster employs a material that very few people are familiar with; basalt fiber. For 20-something Kiwi Max Betteridge, there was no other option to even consider...

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By Dime City Cycles January 12, 2018 15 comments

"We are a father and son team. My son is Zeke, who is 13 years old, and I am Patrick DeZeeuw. We save stray motorcycles from their lonely existence by rebuilding them in our garage deep in the heart of Texas. Zee and I have ridden together since he turned 7..."

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By Dime City Cycles November 2, 2017 6 comments

"Back in November last year, with months of Montreal winter looming large and my cruiser square- wheeled for the foreseeable, I decided if I couldn't ride a bike for a while then building one would be the next best thing. I found a non-starting '81 Honda CB750K locally and - after asking a mate what questions I should ask the seller in order to sound like I knew what I was talking about pushed it 10kms home after handing over a couple of bills. The nods of approval on that long journey home reinforced my hunch that I had a great bike on my hands..."

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By Dime City Cycles September 28, 2017 10 comments

"A few years back when I was about 18, the vintage motorcycle bug, in the form of a 1976 Suzuki GT250 bit me hard. The bike was out for sale a few miles from my house, and man was she sexy. Running and in very nice shape for its age, she was begging to be mine. I spoke with the guy and swapped him a paltry $75 bucks for my soon to be freedom machine. In my then blissful ignorance, before I bought it, he told me 'it doesn't have a title, but you can just go get one.' HA! To this day I wish it were that easy..."

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By Dime City Cycles August 30, 2017 3 comments

In 1978, lots of things were going on. Fonzi was jumping the shark, production of the VW Beetle was finally halted, and gold reached an all time high of $200 per ounce. Also, following the energy crisis, Japanese vehicle imports accounted for half of the US import market. These imports included the mighty Kawasaki KZ1000. These bikes were a story in their own right, but July’s bike of the month winner has a special story...

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By Dime City Cycles July 21, 2017 4 comments