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How did you learn to ride?

How did you learn to ride?
By Dime City Cycles February 2, 2018 4 comments

Even the enthusiast with the longest tooth can remember when and where the passion struck, how they learned, or who taught them to ride. For me, I was a 5th grader with a best friend whose older brother Jason had an old 2-stroke Suzuki DS80 dirt bike. It might as well have been the Millennium Falcon we thought it was so cool. When he fired it up and headed for the railroad tracks you could hear it through the entire neighborhood. The sound of that ring-dinger permeating the air triggered a biologically hardwired alarm in me. An overwhelming, utterly consuming urge to sprint to the source washed over me. Upon arrival, the plan was to beg relentlessly for a turn until he could rebuff no more. Wear him down like the wind and the rain I thought. My plan eventually worked. When asked “if I even knew how to ride” the most eloquent fabrication of my young life coolly floated out; “duh…” With a leg over the beast, a harrowing clutch vs throttle trial by fire ensued as my fake till I make it plan came to fruition. 25 years later, many of which happily spent in the motorcycle industry I sit in front of my keyboard recalling those amazing days, and now I ask you; how did you learn to ride? Share your story, heartache, and triumphs with us on our Facebook page.

Here are some submissions from our customers:

"In 1969 my mother dropped me off at John Esler Triumph on leonard street grand rapids Mi. I bought a new TR6C high pipe scrambler and rode it home to Grand Valley. My first ride ever." - Kim Aylworth

"Back in 1967, my girlfriend had a friend named Adrienne who had a Honda step through 50cc automatic. I was a gearhead anyway and the bike and riding on two wheels was a natural to me. Although it was the least motorcycle you could think of, I used it to pass my license test easily then moved up to a 50cc two stroke Hercules with a Sachs engine of my own." - John Stephens

"In the summer of 1965 our new neighbors bought a shiny new Honda 160. Like any 12 year old boy, I was overwhelmed with joy when they took me down to the desert to learn to ride. It was as if I was born to ride motorcycles. I look back on those innocent days with much fondness. Two years later I had a full sponsorship from a local dealership to race motocross. I have recently started riding again after 42 years away from bikes." - Al Hartley

Les Criess February 22, 2018 at 8:55 PM
When I was 7 my older brother put me on the tank of his '47 Harley Fat-Bob and turned about 120mph. I was hooked!!! That was 61 years ago & I still ride. I & both our sons have been road-racers. Our 2 year-old Great Grandson has his first rides with HIS Grandpa.
tom meisenheimer March 6, 2018 at 10:46 AM
ahh. The Fat Bob didn't exist in 1947. Perhaps it was a bike owned by a guy called "Fat Bob"?
craig siress March 21, 2018 at 5:14 AM
I believe the 120mph was the stuff dreams are made of.
craig siress March 21, 2018 at 5:45 AM
It was 1970, living outside of Chicago, and attending a church camp for a week near Lake Geneva. Most of the guys brought their m\c's,and one of my friends brought his Honda S65, and another brought his old Gilera . I taught myself to ride on the Honda then I switched to the Gilera . It had so much more torque. Killer week.