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When Bob Morris was diagnosed with ALS and his deteriorating muscles prevented him from riding and wrenching on his motorcycles, he started giving his son instructions on how to finish one particular project that was important to him: a 1976 Yamaha RD400...

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By Dime City Cycles September 19, 2017 8 comments

Giancarlo Sulmonte’s parents didn’t really want him riding on the road so, like any good teenager would, he manipulated the situation. He bought a dirt bike and then promptly converted it into a street racer. His 1973 Yamaha DT250 was wasting away in his friend’s dad’s garage. Sulmonte, then 19, was working on a car project at the time. He thought it was a pretty cool bike but didn’t think about it for a few months. One day he got up the nerve to call his friend’s dad and offer $300. The man countered with $150 (why can’t this happen to all of us?) and Sulmonte took it home...

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By Dime City Cycles September 7, 2017 5 comments

Growing up, Kevin Wilbeck always had motorcycles – a Honda 100, a CB350 and a CB550 in college. He always wanted a 750 Super Sport but didn’t get it until a few years ago when he re-entered motorcycling after noticing how big the vintage motorcycle scene was getting in Des Moines, Iowa. He bought a 1978 Honda 750 Super Sport for $1400 with 6100 miles..

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By Dime City Cycles August 3, 2017 2 comments

In 1978 while in High School Jim Platek bought a brand new Yamaha XS500, a road bike with an 8-valve double overhead cam 4-stroke twin cylinder. This started a 37 year "bond" with the bike. “It was my commuter, tourer, road racer, and dragracer. I finally decided that it was time to change things up, and I parted out all but the frame, switchgear, gas tank, and mirrors.”

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By Dime City Cycles April 17, 2017 3 comments

Your friends are planning a getaway ride later in the month but your bike desperately needs two new tires before it’s ready for a road trip. Your wallet, however, is hopelessly thin until next month.

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By Dime City Cycles November 10, 2016

Team Scot(t) has finished the 2016 American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association season with a pair of championships. Scotty Turner, 59, Dime City Cycles’ original team member, is now a two-time national champion.

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By Dime City Cycles October 24, 2016 1 comment

It's hard to believe by the looks of it but this is the first full custom bike ever built by Dan Stabbings and Jacob Speis. What started as an evening welding session on the tail hoop of Jacob's personal project bike - and the enjoyment of a few brews - turned into Real Moto Co.

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By Dime City Cycles September 29, 2016 10 comments

When a motocross crash put Nick Mercer into four minutes of cardiac arrest (along with a badly broken arm), he put his dreams of becoming a professional racer on hold. During the three month long recovery he started to tinker with the small collection of used motorcycles that his father found on Craigslist.

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By Dime City Cycles February 4, 2016 9 comments