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Brats Motorcycles

Brats Motorcycles

So you have an older Honda. Looking to add a little flavor? Cafe too hard core in terms of position? How about a brat? No, not the spoiled kid down the block who called AAA when he had a flat on his 3 series BMW. We are talking about an aesthetic style developed by Japanese guys who were looking to add a sense of purpose and muscle to the generic air of early 70's bikes.

Take off all the unnecessary tabs, brackets and lights. Chop the fenders just so. Cut the saddle down by two-thirds. Use shorter rear shocks and raise the fork tubes an inch or two through the triple trees to get a lowered stance. And last but not least, throw on some old-school, beefy Firestone square profile tires. Now that's attitude... and that, my dear sir, is a brat. Sound good? We think so, and DCC has just what you need to get you there.

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