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Cafe Racer Motorcycles

Cafe Racer Motorcycles

Your old man's CB has been sitting out in the garage since Skynyrd took their last flight in '77. It's time. Drag it out into the sun, dust it off, and let's get a look at it...What color is it? Blue? Gold? Green? Red? No matter, it is going to make one hell of a sweet little cafe racer. Get those bars off and start thinking about clubmans or clip-ons. Now how about we ditch the lumpy, torn seat and find something with a deep cut out and a nice fiberglass tail. You starting to see it?

Good, now we need to wrap those pipes and throw on some peashooters while we contemplate going for some quality rearsets, shocks and fork springs.

Ok, slowly step back and take a look...makes you want to hold up a lighter while you sway back and forth singing 'Free Bird'. Dad would be proud.

Cafe Racers By Dime City Cycles

Customer Built Cafe Racers