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Aluminum Top Fork Nut - (Fits: CB750 & CB650 1979-82)

Aluminum Top Fork Nut - (Fits: CB750 & CB650 1979-82)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Polished

Dimensions: N/A

Material: Billet Aluminum

Also known as Fork Bolts or Fork Caps

Fits: CB750 DOHC & CB650

CB750K 1979-80

CB750F 1979-80

CB750LTD 1979

CB650 1979-80

CB650C 1980

Will Fit Following W/O Air Assist Forks:

CB750K 1981-82

CB750C 1981-82

CB750F 1981-82

CB650 1981-82

CB650C 1981

CB900C 1980-82

* Sold Individually.

These Fork Nuts are designed for the Standard Fork Tubes. They WILL NOT work with Air Assist Fork Tubes.


Lookin for some bling for that El' Rusto Libre you call a CB750? Well, take a look at these luxurious top fork nuts The Wing'd Piston has brought to the garage. Sporting more chrome than a Lincoln Navigator, these bad boys are the perfect reason you've been looking for to dump that watered down fluid from your forks and do a full rebuild!

Technical Details

SKU 12-2750-DOHC
Brand Bain Machine
Motorcycle Make Honda


Fit on all DOHC CB750

Perfect match for my Honda cb750c 1981 air-assist to progressive switch. Fit perfectly, look good, build good. Thanks DCC

Excellent replacement

Bought these nuts to replace a stripped 17mm allen head fork nut that came stock on the 80 cb750f, great replacement and they look really nice!

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