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Acewell MD052-355 Digital Multi-function Speedometer & Tachometer

Acewell MD052-355 Digital Multi-function Speedometer & Tachometer

Quick Overview

Power Input: 12V DC

Max RPM: 12,000

Gauge Body: 52mm

Bezel Width: 63mm

Gauge Face: 52mm

Gauge Depth: 46mm

Tachometer Input: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal

*Includes hardware, cables, and wiring instructions to install electronic tachometer and magnetic pick-up speedometer sensor. To install the speedometer using existing mechanical pick-up, please see the additional Acewell Digital Speedo Conversion Cables.

This Gauge requires a 110 Type Connection if using Acewell Digital Speedometer Conversion Cable. Sold Separately


Digital LCD display multi-functional display speedometer, tachometer, temp gauge and one to the other functions as well as 4 LED indicators

When "The Most Interesting Man in The World" needs to measure speed and engine revolutions whilst jetting down the Tuscan countryside on his Norton, a standard cable driven speedo or tach simply will not do. After all, in a museum, he can touch the art! A man of his caliber, a man of your caliber, that is, needs more. And the Acewell MD052 Digital Speedo and tach is just that! Just look at these specifications.

The multi function LCD displays illuminates via a backlit blue screen displaying both speed and RPMs in digital format. It's 100% waterproof, shock resistant up to 8G's (perfect for these old bikes) and even has a clock! Need we say more!


  • Multi-functional LCD Motorcycle/Scooter computer displays speedometer, bar-graphic tachometer, temp gauge, and one of other function simultaneously.

  • computer built-in 4 LED lights for different purpose indicators

  • Odometer and total riding timer are stored in memory, even when the power is off

  • Displays clock even when other functions is off

  • Universal wheel circumference setting from 1mm to 3999mm.

  • Excellent water resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design.

  • CE and E mark Certified

Technical Details

SKU MD052-355
Brand Acewell
Color Black
Finish Gloss
Certifications (EU) ECE Certified, (US) DOT Certified
Meter Body Color Black
Meter Face Color Black
Meter Bezel Color Black
Meter Reading MPH/KPH
Meter Maximum Reading 12000 RPM
Bulb Type LED
Meter Type Multifunction Speedo/Tach
Motorcycle Make Honda


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