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Monza Style Flip Up Gas Cap - Chrome

Monza Style Flip Up Gas Cap - Chrome

Quick Overview

Fit: Universal Custom Fitment
Includes Threaded Brass Ring

Cap OD: 2.95"
Cap Base OD: 2.6"
Thread ID: 2.25"

Easy-to-Install with the Monza Gas Cap Installation Flange (Sold Separately)


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If you've got the employ of a cutting torch, a welder and a few cases of beer and you're building a Cafe Racer then this is the fuel cap for you, bub!

Bronze forged and then covered with a thick and juicy chrome finish this Monza style cap from Dime City is the bees knees! Installation does require fabrication though so be prepared to get dirty and use some fire.

Once you've settled on a tank and where you want to cut the hole for the filler simply use the provided bronze bung and braze it into the top of your tank. Or weld a steel bung to the tank and press fit the threaded ring onto the bung. It has a tapered fit and snugs up nice and right to insure no fuel spillage.

Once it's all welded up and pressure tested smooth it in with the body filer of choice and simply thread the super chic' Monza cap right into place.

Or, for an easier installation just order the bolt-on aluminum installation ring which can be seen on the right of your screen. It's easy breezy that way!

How's them apples?

Technical Details

Finish Chrome
Motorcycle Make Honda

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Big retro for small dollars!

I did a DIY project and mated this Monza cap with parts from my OEM 13' Triumph Thruxton gas cap. A fun project that looks and fits perfect. Thank you DCC for offering this quality part!

perfect fit

I had to replace a poor repop Manx cap on my cafe. The cap I purchased from DCC fit perfect and looks great. Issue solved.

Looks old school

I want my '14 Thruxton to look even more old school than it does so this Monza cap fit the bill. It looks great. Make sure you talk with the tech guys as, at least in my case, the install involved some cutting and drilling. The only change I would make is to add a spring so the cap would open all the way by itself.


This is a nice and a good value. It looks traditional.

At first I was a little confused about how to mount it with the brass ring (I had previously cut and modified my gas tank with steel, epoxy, and body filler so I would be unable to have it brazed, because the epoxy would melt from the heat). I ended up cutting the hole and placed the brass ring into the whole area carefully with a few wooden coffee steerers holding it in place. I then spread into the gap West System marine epoxy with some thickener . Reportedly from West system it will work (the rep. said that people make gas tanks with West System, however I haven't finished the bike yet so I'll let you know. I tested it for leaks, after lining the tank with Red Kote (available here) and everything seems to be fine.

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