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Continental Road Attack 2 17" Rear Tire - (180/55ZR17 R)

Continental Road Attack 2 17" Rear Tire - (180/55ZR17 R)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Black

Dimensions: 180/55 for 17" Wheel

Tube Type or Tubeless: Tubeless

Position: Rear

Material: "Black Chili" Rubber Compound

Fits: 17" Wheels



"Dave? Hi, yeah listen...I'm pretty sure I've got that 24 hour bug going around, um, so, I'll hopefully see you tomorrow."

And after hanging up the phone you are off. Blue skies, slightly cool morning breeze, and no SUV's taking in nature at 20mph with the a/c on.

Leaving Conway, you turn right onto the Kancamangus Highway and head into the White Mountains. With each turn you progressively pick up speed, and all of Keith Code's advice starts scrolling through your grey matter in bullet points. More importantly, your confidence level is much higher than the last time you road the Kanc', and you are certain you know why...A few months back you started talking about improving the handling on your bike. Of course, you heard the comments like, "trade it for a Ducati" and "you have to get a full Ohlins suspension if you want handling." But it was your old man who offered his wisdom that got you thinking when he said, "Son, trading that beautiful Bonnie or spending $2,000 on a suspension is foolish. Handling starts with the rubber that meets the road."

Sure enough, he was spot on. Spooning on a set of Conti Attack II's changed everything. Improved feel, better wet weather traction, smoother turn in, far greater lean all resulted in a level of confidence the stock tires were never capable of inspiring. More importantly, a set of Attacks is a hell of a lot less expensive than a Duc or a set of Ohlins.

All you have to do now is figure out how the old man manages to stay right on your ass riding that ancient BSA.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over, here they are! Continental Tires has come through and provided us a tire with cutting edge modern technology for our classic and vintage rides. Finally a high performance radial tire with modern compounds, construction, and features to allow for that aggressive grip and response of a modern performance sport tire.
These Classic Attack tires fit right in line with Continental's premiere line-up of high performance rubber. Ultra high grip & superb control make for an assured feel at speed and stability in the turns. The force directional tread and proprietary compounds & construction offer incredible grip and water displacement for use in dry and wet conditions. These compounds and directional patterns also work in concert to create a tire boasting excellent mileage and optimum wear behavior. Featuring all the top shelf elements of the Attack line, these puppies offer it all!

Dynamic Ride Technology (DRT): Steel belted construction for improved motorcycle handling and control.

Black Chili Compound: Quick warm up, short braking distance and excellent grip on wet and dry roads.

Traction Skin: Provides an extremely safe and short tire break-in. This is possible due to the revolutionary new micro-rough tread surface, which is the result of a new mold coating technology which eliminates the need for tire-release agents.

Continuous Compound: Makes it possible to use an homogeneous grip grading with a single compound thanks to a temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process. Flexible shoulder areas for grip, wear resistant zenith area for packing on the miles, and a continuous transition for a smooth feel at all angles.

Technical Details

SKU 0302-0464
Brand Continental
Color Black
Tire Aspect Ratio (%) 55
Tire Position Rear
Tire Rim Diameter 17"
Tire Section Width 180mm
Motorcycle Make Honda


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