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Classic Cafe CB450 Racer

Herm's Other Personal Ride

"Classic Cafe CB450 Racer" Herm's Other Personal Ride

This mustn't register on an emotional level. First, grip the tank tightly with your knees. Then, steer with your full body weight and counter with throttle through the turn. Befuddled, he will attempt a hail-mary. Cross him on his exit, rendering him incapable of passing. Then, down-shift, lean hard right and block his second attempt. Now, go high...slow down slightly, giving him the impression he's gaining on you. Last, fracture his mind entirely. Crack the throttle open and let him hear the distinct exhaust note as you pass on the inside, leaving him... breathless...

In summary, passed once honestly.Passed a second time playfully.Left behind indefinitely. This is what it is to ride a Cafe Racer.

Chock full of grit and glory to match that of your persona, Dime City Cycles builds simple, purposeful vintage machines which acquiesce to the raw and mechanical desires of the not so modern, modern man.

They begin life at DCC as derelict Honda CB450's, forsaken by most, but not forgotten by a few- these air-cooled twin cylinder jockey rockets are given a second chance at life. We started on the "Classic Cafe" by stripping the bike completely, meticulously, almost fanatically, cataloging and inspecting each part for the ability to refurbish and reuse when possible.

Soon thereafter, we added a carefully engineered rear hoop section which ties in beautifully with our bespoke Cafe Racer tail section of hand laid fiberglass that we grafted on the rear of the frame. Furthermore, we hand-formed sheet metal panels to serve as a headlight visor, a unique gauge cluster, and perfectly sculpted knee indents in the factory 450 tank before finishing it off with all the little extra details you'd expect to find on a Cafe custom.

You see, at Dime City we believe each motorcycle has a soul. In order to preserve that soul and the integrity of its future, we choose to reuse as many original parts as possible in the resurrection process. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, this is our credo and we believe just that. A deep seated respect for the preservation of these machines combined with our obsessive attention to detail creates a platform like no other.

A Cafe Racer, though, to us, is more than a perfectly tuned engine, stylistic seating position and a fairing. We rebuilt the entire electrical system. We refurbished, true'd and coated the original wheels, fitting them with new spokes and Avon rubber. We utilized modern suspension components and a host of other new old stock and custom parts to create one of the most unique motorcycles on the road today. Moreover, spent countless hours road testing it enabling us to provide a distinct ride found on no other hand built motorcycle today.

Have love. Will travel. The Dime City "Classic Cafe" Racer built as one of Herm's personal rides. Digg it.

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You see, at Dime City we believe each motorcycle has a soul. In order to preserve that soul and the integrity of its future, we choose to reuse as many original parts as possible in the resurrection process.

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Part Number Part Name Price
62-0035 Black 35mm Vortex Billet Aluminum Clip-On Handlebars
66-65010 7" Satin Black Headlight Bucket
80-84030 Chrome 17" Shorty Reverse Cone Megaphone Muffler
EBC316 EBC Rear Brake Shoes - (Fits: CB450, CL450, CB500 and CB550)
25-1307 Front Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit - (Fits: Most Large CC CB's & GL's)
25-1361 Rear Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit - (Fits: Honda CB450, CL450, CB500F, CB500T, & CB550K/F)
18-2419 Carburetor Rebuild Kit - (Fits: Honda CB450K 1968-71)
15-0031B 2.5" Chrome Mini Tachometer w/ Black Face - (1:7 Ratio)
40-37600 OE Style Honda CB/CL Replacement Key Ignition Switch - (Square Plug Style)
DCC-BEMIRROR-2 Black DCC Originals Aluminum CNC Bar End Mirror for 7/8" Handlebars
32-1152 11.38" (289mm) Chrome "Shorty" Eye to Clevis Shock Absorbers
608-0152 Complete Engine Gasket Set - (Fits: CB450 & CL450 1968-74)

Regular Price: $42.95

Special Price $34.36

32-0082 7-Way Adjustable Steering Damper
62-21512 2-1/4" Classic Round Tail Light - (Satin Black)
02-0001 Honda Clutch Cable - (Fits: CB350/CL350, CB450/CL450 & CB500)
20-4310 Avon "Road Runner/Rider" AM26 Cafe Racer Preferred Universal 19" Front/Rear Tire - (100/90V19)
FA13 EBC Organic Front Brake Pads - (Fits: Honda CB350F, CB360, CB400F, CB450, CB500T, CB500F, CB550F/K & CB750K/F/A)
02-0002 Honda Front Brake Cable - (Fits: CB350/CL350, 360 & 450)
02-0177-SPD Shortened Honda 27.5" Speedometer Cable - (Fits: Most CB's & CL's w/ Low Bars)
10-1887 Retro "Ringer" Style Grips
X-912 Shortened 2-into-1 Throttle Cable – Fits: Honda CB350/CL350 & 450 w/ Clubmans or Clipons
15-0032B 2.5" Chrome Mini Speedometer w/ Black Face & LED Indicator Lights
20-4280 Avon "Road Runner/Rider" AM26 Cafe Racer Preferred Universal 18" Rear Tire – (120/90V18)
AG-801 9.7 AMP Hour 240 CCA Antigravity 8-Cell Battery
31-5830 Tapered Steering Bearing Kit - (Fits: All model CB/CL's)

Regular Price: $59.95

Special Price $49.95

IM-450-03A Polished Stainless Steel Allen Head Bolt Kit - (Fits: CB450, CL450 & CB500T)
40058M07100 Wiseco CB450/CL450 Piston Kit - (1mm Overbore, 71.00mm)
18-4150 Honda Fuel Petcock, Replacement 16950-292-00 - (Fits: Early CB/CL/SL Models 350-450, & Others)

Regular Price: $19.95

Special Price $14.95

35250-300-033 Vintage Honda OEM Black Left Side Handlebar Control Switch (Turn Signal & Horn)