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Sixty Five CB450 Rigid

Throwback to the Bobbers of the 60s

"Sixty Five CB450 Rigid" Throwback to the Bobbers of the 60s

A throw back to the garage built bobbers of the sixties, The Dime City "Sixty Five" is our interpretation of what a factory rigid Honda 450 would look like if Soichiro Honda had a taste for the wilder side of life. Simple, clean lines and a well thought out minimalist approach create a unique bike with a level of quality and engineering equal to those rolling off the factory floor in the 60's.

We started with a solid CB450 donor bike and completely disassembled it. We cataloged each piece tossing aside those too far gone for restoration. We ear-marked those which made the cut and pull from our extensive resources to source NOS OE parts for those that didn't. For parts that simply cannot be found, we hand fabricated them house. We believe every motorcycle has a soul and during the restoration process it's important to us to keep as much of that intact as possible.

The most defining part of the "Sixty Five" is the bespoke rigid frame which was developed (and tested extensively) in house. First, we mounted the stock standard CB450 frame to our jig and checked it for any damage making sure it was within tolerance. Once it was cleared for fabrication, we braced the engine cradle with a second jig and carefully removed the back portion of the original frame and begin the grafting process...

The "Sixty Five" aft-section was manufactured from 1" cold-rolled high quality DOM and matched perfectly at every joint with high quality TIG welds, fusing the rigid section and the original frame together as one. We fabricated 1/4" thick axle plates along with new engine mounts, and we then added a center section down tube tying it together and making for a drop-in fit for the engine and drive train. Harmony is key.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum ("only the best is good enough"), The DCC Motto, is why we have put countless hours of R&D into developing a rigid tail that would not only look factory, but ride comfortably. The six inch stretch might seem like a lot, but trust us; it yields what we've found to be the perfect wheel base for the torque'y high-revving CB450 engine. It's rigid frame with built in flex to absorb all the harshest bumps the road can throw at you. You truly would be amazed at how nice a properly engineered rigid can ride.

Moving to the engine, we completely disassembled and rebuilt every aspect of it. The engine is bored over for new Pistons, and rings. New valves were installed and lapped along with a custom race cam setup from Mega Cycle. All the bearings and seals were replaced with fresh ones, and everything else in between is attended to. We then blasted the cases and treated them with a hi-temp ceramic coating for a long lasting factory finish. Finally we polished the exterior cases for a touch of class. Following our moniker of Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, we also installed a set of race-prepped Mikuni carburetors for easy tuning and maintenance.

A full electrical rebuild took place as well. One of our bespoke harnesses was installed with all new components in the ignition system including high-efficiency coils and plug wires and a custom Dyna electronic ignition. The battery and electronics are tucked nicely inside the 6" round faux oil bag resting carefully in the bellow of the frame adding to the simplistic look and feel of the "Sixty Five."

On to the rollers, we chose the most vintage looking tires currently available for the "Sixty Five" - vintage Firestones. A 4.00 18" in the back and 4.00 19" in the front. The reason? They look perfect and they ride smooth as silk. Then we wrapped it up with a nice set of controls and a cleaned up triple tree. The result? Quite possibly one of the least expensive, most reliable and easy to maintain bobbers on the road today.

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The most defining part of the "Sixty Five" is the bespoke rigid frame which was developed (and tested extensively) in house.

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