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DCC Customs Rear Brake Cable Conversion Kit

DCC Customs Rear Brake Cable Conversion Kit

Quick Overview

Material: Steel & Vinyl

Fits: Universal

*As Shown On CB350 D33 AHRMA Race Bike


Total Length: 22.5"

Cable Length with Drums: 21"

Housing Length with Fittings: 15"

Cable Play: 3.5"

Brake Rod Joint Pin: 11.8mm x 20mm

Kit Contents:

Brake Cable, Front & Rear Brackets



What does Dime City Cycles and the Greek philosopher Plato have in common? They can all pull off wearing a Toga, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Plato famously said “necessity is the mother of invention”. We said “I can’t stand it when my rear brake linkage makes my pedal bob around when I lean my race bike into a corner”. They might not seem related at first glance, but necessity has fostered yet another idea in the womb of our minds.

We now present to you DCC’s rear brake cable conversion kit. Simple and effective, this kit allows you to retro fit a cable in place of the stiff linkage rod between your rear brake pedal and rear brake actuator. This defeats the unnerving undulation in the brake pedal caused by the hard linkage as the rear swing arm articulates with the tarmac, while simultaneously providing a smoother action than the hard linkage. It also eases installation of rearset components by allowing more flexibility in routing the cable. You’re no longer married to the stock linkage, and can take any necessary route between the pedal and brake actuator. The kit includes a rear foot brake cable, front, and rear brackets. The rear bracket is even equipped with multiple attachment points to compensate for any offset of the mounting position you’re now free to choose. It’s a win win, and backed by DCC! What are you waiting for?

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Motorcycle Make Honda


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