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The DCC Originals 'DIY Cafe Racer or Brat' Top Hoop Kit - up

The DCC Originals 'DIY Cafe Racer or Brat' Top Hoop Kit - up

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Color/Finish: Raw Steel Fits: Universal Material: SteelKit Includes: 1 - Main Top Loop, 27" Long1 - Secondary Top Loop, 10" Long4 - Universal Frame Slugs2 - Universal Shock Mounts1 - 3/16" Steel Plate (For Making Shock Mount Plates)2 - Pre-bent Universal Front Gussets2 - Pre-bent Universal Side/Rear Gussets Straight Option Here

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Because only Ace's can hang on the top rope and the 80's really weren't all that bad, The DCC Originals DIY Top Loop Kit!

Enabling late 70's and 80's motorcycles with horrid "drop-seat" style frames with a chance to be cool and hang with their predecessors, this kit includes everything you need to convert that old cruiser parked behind your garage into a legit Cafe Racer or Brat Style mo'chine. Digg it.

It's a fact that straight-framed bikes from the 70's are getting scarse and those you do find tend to fetch a pretty penny. And we all know that a narrow and straight top loop is the pillar you build a Cafe Racer or Brat from. Whether it be a hand-laid fiberglass or aluminum one-up seat cowl or a low slung tuck-n-roll two-up job, it's the defining element of your speed machine and you simply need a straight flat platform to build it on.

The problem with most bikes from the late seventies and eighties is held in the fact that most of the manufacturers started going towards the cruiser direction, which meant a low "bucket" style seating position was required. The bad news is that this pretty much makes mounting a Cafe or Brat seat impossible unless you cut and chop. Which really isn't a problem, but what about all the guess work?

How do I connect it to my frame safely? What length should I shoot for? How do I get a nice clean bend? What is structurally sound and what isn't?

Forget all the questions...we've got the answers and they come with The DCC Originals Top Loop Kit. Granted, we can't answer the meaning of life, but we can sure get your life on track and get you on the road with this all-inclusive DIY kit we cooked up and now use regularly here at DCC to save bikes from the scrap monsters.

Simply (and carefully) chop off the top section of your existing frame like we did with the KZ440 shown in the photos. Utilizing the two rear loops provided in the kit, take a measurement from the downtube of your frame to the back end where you want the loop to end. After cutting both the loops excess off and welding them together with the provided frame slugs tack it in place with the help of a friend grabbing a level to make sure everything is nice and straight.

Once you've achieved the angle and height you're after, simply grind the provided front gusset tubes as shown in the photo and tack them in place. Then repeat the same for the rear side tubes using the second set of provided frame slugs. Pretty easy, right?

Next just take the 3/16" plate we provide and make a template for the shock mount backing plates. Once those are cut and tack welded into position, trim down the universal shock mounts provided and tack those in place as well. This is the perfect time to adjust your ride height, go with longer shocks or move the mounts further down the tube for a more agressive stance, It's easy breezy at this point to achieve the exact stance you're after.

Once you've got everything tacked into place and you've triple checked your level, weld it up!

And BLAMO, just like that you've saved a soon to be trusty steed from the trash heep and helped it earned a place at the lunch table with the cool kids.

From there simply glass up your seat, bang it out of sheet metal or grab one of the Legendary Motorcycles models or, if you're feelin' kind of Bratty, checkout the perfect fit Brat Style seat we offer that drops right on top of the rails!

Technical Details

Material Steel
Motorcycle Make Honda

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