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DIY Frame Slug - Kit

DIY Frame Slug - Kit

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Color/Finish: Raw Steel Fits: Universal Material: SteelDimensions: 1" Long, .075" OD x .900 OD (Suitable for .095" Wall DOM Tubing & Most Frame Tubes)SKU: DCC-100SL*The .075" portion fits perfectly inside .095" DOM steel tubing (what we use on all our products) and the other side at .900" fits most frames as-is but can be ground down as shown to fit smaller ID tubing.**Sold as a pair.


Bringin' it home DIY style, no body loves that as much as The Crew at Dime City Cycles! Checkout these new universal DIY frame slugs we're producing that allow you to have a safe and easy install of your rear steel hoop or any other customization you might be doing to the frame of your vintage speed machie.

All you need is a vice, an angle grinder with 80 grit flap wheel, a vice and rubber band to get the job done!

But before we tell you how, let us tell you why...

Even though the rear section of your seat might not bear any load or weight it really is a better idea to reinfrorce your welded joint where you've installed a rear hoop with an interior slug.

By drilling 5/16" holes in your tubing and then inserting the slug and rosette welding it into place you increase the strength of that are 100 fold. For $20 and the time it takes, it seems like a worth-while investment to us, what about you?

With these cool DIY slugs we came up with you simply take your measurements from the tubing you're going to connect together, chuck the slug into a drill that's locked into a vice and then use a rubber band to keep the drill spinning. Simply apply pressure from a grinding wheel and viola! You have an instant and rudimentary lathe which you can use to take down the slug to the proper dimensions.

Once the slug fits both sections of tube simply use a TIG or MIG (drill a bigger hole if using a MIG) and weld up the slug in place. Don't forget to chamfer the edges though so you can get a nice bead all the way around the tube too.

This safe and easy installation will ensure that if you get a wild hair and decide to ride that Blonde home from the bar on your cowl, that she won't come crashing down as your approach the TON!

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Motorcycle Make Honda


Great Idea - Fit Not "Perfect"

I ordered the frame slugs for use with the large DCC tail hoop.

The smaller side that fits the DCC Hoop "perfectly" is a bit too small, and there is a some play when I slide it into my DCC tail hoop. I would have preferred it to be large enough that I had to use a rubber mallet or something to coax it in. I understand that those tight tolerances are hard to control, but a few more thousandths on the .75" side would have made a big difference. (Maybe if they made it .77" instead of .75"?)

On the larger side, everything looks good. If that side isn't sized correctly, its my fault for grinding it down too much. So no complaint there. The drill/grinder combo is a great idea to help out enthusiasts like me with small shops/garages.

I'm a perfectionist to a fault, so if I were to do it again, I would probably make my own slugs. Buy a friend with a lathe a 6-pack to let me use it for a few minutes.

For people without access to a lathe and who aren't concerned with a .03" of play, these would be a lifesaver.

Frame slugs

I'm a novice to bike building and I followed DCC suggestions on how to file the slugs down to size. It worked like a charm and I was amazed at how well it worked.

These things work!

I bought these with a DCC frame loop and the slugs really helped a ton when putting it all together. The hooped frame is very solid and these were very nice to have. Don't hoop your frame without them!

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