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DCC Originals Naked Leather Café Seat Tuck n' Roll Stallone

DCC Originals Naked Leather Café Seat Tuck n' Roll Stallone

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Stallone Bogey Brown Fits: Universal Material: Natural Cow Hide Leather Dimensions: Overall Length: 24" Front Width: 7-1/4" Rear Width: 9-3/4" Front Mounting Points: 1.5" to 5" & 3" Apart Rear Mounting Points: 7-1/2" apart NOTE: These seats are made from natural cow hide leather, so each seat will be unique. That's right, no one else will ever have an identical seat to yours. How's that for custom? The tanning and dying process is consistent but the grain and pattern of the leather will be unique to the animal they came from, and may include awesome bits of character like branding or scars from battles and barbed wire.
In keeping the DCC tradition of custom and unique products we are proud to offer our first line of all natural untreated leather seats. This gives you the option to finish the leather in any manner you see fit. You can waterproof it, condition it, wax it, carve it, dye it or let it develop the perfect amount of wear and then finish it to keep that perfect look. Your creativity is really the only limit. If nothing is done, the seat will continue to wear and be subject to the will of the elements.

Please note these Custom Seats are Made to Order and have a 1-2 Week Lead Time.


In London, at the Ace Cafe, the epicenter for our fantastic culture, you're up against the hottest Rockers in the land. Tuned & tweaked Norton's, mischievous Moto Guzzi's and if your lucky, a Triton or two to show you what the score really is.

Unique in their own way they all share a common thread, classic Cafe' Racer aesthetics. The classic 7" headlight to cast a dim lit hue on dark winding roads, long and sleek tanks purpose built to hold enough petrol to get you from town to town, or, pub to pub and let us not forget, what is arguably the most defining part of any Cafe' Racer. Yes, the seat..

There's just something about the placement of the rider when combined with the other aspects of the marquee that make the cafe seat stand out in a sea of plastic normality. Low slung with just enough overhang to cover that pesky tire spinning at top speed beneath the rider. It screams "all business."

The DCC Crew recognizes this, more important though, we've recognized the lack of quality seats currently available. Further, not everyone wants to fiddle with making a cushion or paying someone extra to produce a custom one.

Enter this limited edition Stallone Relic Brown leather cafe' seat built by your brand of choice, Dime City Cycles.

It sports a fiberglass base with universal mounting tabs and a nice injection molded urethane foam cushion you could ride for hours. Wrap it all up beneath high quality natural cow hide and the fact that, with a little handy work, it can be installed on just about any mo'chine and your in the mix mate! Given the tapered design it will fit all the way from Honda CB350's up to 750's along with a myriad of other bikes.

Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Color Brown
Finish Raw
Material Leather
Seat Type Cafe
Motorcycle Make Honda


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