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Official "Cafe Racer" Wall Poster

Official "Cafe Racer" Wall Poster

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Metallic High-finish Ink
Size: 20x36
Material: Heavy-weight Poster Paper


*Poster Designed by: The Lowside Syndicate

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The Cafe Racer poster.

With inspiring imagery captured by Scott Toepfer during his "It's Better In The Wind" exhibition, the official Cafe Racer poster for HD Theaters new hit series strikes a chord in the hearts of motorcycle culture not only in America, but around the world.

Whether the path you travel be a brick laden street in Bristol England, a wide open space in the SoCal Desert or any where in between, the "cafe racer" is realized not by it's surroundings rather its rider and the unwaivering creed that he/she follows.

To pursue the mark of speed.

Should your noble steed be a trusty old Triumph, Norton or BSA or even a Honda or Harley Davidson the collective body and community of appreciators to the cafe racer marque care not. As true artisans do, they exercise another fundamental part of the heritage that lies within stripping down whatever one has and making the most of it and most importantly, making it your own.

Creative individuality.

You see, the iconic one-up bump stop seat, low bars and headlight with a chrome brow knows no bounds. The imagery of vintage two wheeled speed machines transcend geography, generations and generality. It is the last unexplored niche in the motorcycle world and its being redefined by the past, present and future all at once.

It's a fantastic time to be both rider and appreciator. Hang the mark on your wall that's helping cultivate authentic motorcycle culture on the streets and in the garages of every man with a set of tools and a desire to make something his own.

Go Go Cafe Racer..

Technical Details




Nice poster with good heavy paper. Very well suited for framing or pinup.

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