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EBC Redline Clutch Kit Yamaha XS650 77'-79'

EBC Redline Clutch Kit Yamaha XS650 77'-79'

Quick Overview

Part in parcel with clutch springs and The Ramones you need a strong working clutch if you plan on winning that race against the power ranger cowboy on the GSX-R. Check out these sweet EBC clutch kits suited specifically for modern Triumphs found by The Wing'd Piston!



Manufactured from a unique and proprietary alloy particle EBC clutch kits help prevent burn up or slippage delivering maximum riding experience stop light after stop light. And to match Dime City's levels of quality control every one of their kits is matched and measured to give you the perfect stack height required for optimum friction when it counts.

Twist it, rip it, get it!

Technical Details

SKU CK2226
Motorcycle Make Yamaha



1998 - YZF-R1
1979 - Xs650
1978 - Xs650
1977 - Xs650
1974 - Tx650
This list is a general guide only. Some parts may fit unlisted models.
Please check your application, or use chat or contact us if you have any questions.


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