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GoPro HERO4 Rechargeable Battery

GoPro HERO4 Rechargeable Battery

Quick Overview

Rechargeable 1160mAh lithium-ion batterySpare or replacement battery for your HERO4 cameraFits both HERO5 Black or HERO4 Silver camerasWhat's Included:Rechargeable Battery (for HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver)SKU: 42-4109


The trip was epic. Truly. Meeting up with the boys at the entrance to Muir Woods and heading across the Golden Gate Bridge, you had no idea that the next eight days would be so incredible.
You had spent a good month going over every small detail on your Scrambler, and more importantly you had saved vacation days for over a year...

In your rear view Tom was astride his old GS1000 Suzuki, and James was on a borrowed CB750 (his Norton was a little too unpredictable for this trip). In front of you was San Francisco, and beyond that the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to the Mexican border.

Along the way your Scrambler would have two flats, Tom's Suzuki would throw a chain, and James would fall in love with the reliability of a Japanese four.

You would also watch the sunset over the Pacific from a cafe in Carmel while sharing stories about your 'first'...first bike, first car, first...and as the night wore on the stories were slightly embellished.

Arriving in Santa Barbara late in the afternoon, you checked into the hotel, walked down to the beach, and drank a few too many Stella's while watching a girl's volleyball game. From there you headed over to Brophy Brothers for oysters and cold vodka shots before Tom and James caught a cab back to the hotel...and you walked the 22 year old, red headed yoga instructor to her beach condo.

The next morning you met the guys at a nearby diner even though you knew your evening activities were going to be the focus of conversation over coffee and eggs. Of course, they wanted to know why you were so sore, and if it had anything to do with the 'downward dog'.

That afternoon you arrived in L.A. and stayed just long enough to have a beer with Eric, another friend, who continues to pursue a career in acting.

Later that night the three of you checked into a hotel in San Diego. Before going to sleep you went over your plans for the next few days. First, you would cross the border into Tijuana. Then, who knows...Whatever happens, though, you will get to re-live it all over again thanks to your GoPro...and having Tom and James tell everyone about the downward dog.

Technical Details

SKU 42-4109
Brand GoPro
Special Shipping Group HAZ MAT

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