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Hagon Fork Spring Kit - (Fits: Triumph Thruxton 2004-15)

Hagon Fork Spring Kit - (Fits: Triumph Thruxton 2004-15)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Raw

Material: Steel

Designed for optimal handling and performance.

The progressive winding of springs means the spring becomes stronger the further it is compressed, allowing for a wide range of spring rates to improve ridability over both small and large bumps. This improves feel and handling across a broader spectrum of surfaces & conditions.

*Photos show very similar model, SKU #400-083.



You know the feeling... you're on Ulmerton with a belly full of Cuban pork trying to get back to work before the boss knows how long you've been on lunch when you run into a traffic pileup. Is it a train? Another idiot checking Facebook instead of the road ahead? Construction on Kelsey Lane yet again!? You don't have time for this and the sun isn't being kind. You pull onto some side streets to find new short cuts when you come across some rippled tarmac or a bumpy railroad crossing right before a cambered 90 degree. Lucky for you these Hagon progressively wound springs are there to soak up the bumps and still provide that tight feel in turns!

Technical Details

SKU 400-311
Brand Hagon Shocks
Finish Raw
Motorcycle Make Triumph


Triumph Thruxton 2004-2015
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