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Honda Replacement Ignition Coil - (Fits: CB350, CL350, SL350, CB450, CL450, & CB500T)

Honda Replacement Ignition Coil - (Fits: CB350, CL350, SL350, CB450, CL450, & CB500T)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Black

Part# 30280-292-672

Replaces OEM# 30500-292-672 & 30500-312-007

Fits: Honda CB/CL/SL350, CB/CL450, & CB500T

Material: Steel, Polymer, Copper

*Sold as individuals

*Plug wires require caps for installation.

NOTE this is direct replica of the BLUE HONDA coils, if you have a beige one, it will fit but the wires come out differently so you must mount it in reverse, works perfectly the same!



Ready to replace those old worn coils!?!?! These OE style replacement ignition coils are made to be a bolt on replacements. Designed to directly replace the OE coils on CB/CL/SL350, CB/CL450, & CB500T, these little babies are 12 volt & 5 Ohm, just like Yoshiro Harada ordered.

They come complete with incorporated mounting brackets and pre-cut plug wires. These little guys are ready to be plugged in so you can go and play... your welcome!

Done, and done!

Technical Details

SKU 30280-292-672
Motorcycle Make Honda


CB350 VIN# CB350-1000001
CB350G VIN# CB350-5000001
CB350K2 VIN# CB350-2000001
CB350K3 VIN# CB350-3000001
CB350K4 VIN# CB350-4000001
CB450 VIN# CB450-1000001
CB450K1 VIN# CB450-3000001 TO CB450-3008955
CB450K2 VIN# CB450-3008956
CB450K3 VIN# CB450-4000001
CB450K4 VIN# CB450-4100001
CB450K5 VIN# CB450-5000001 TO CB450-5040742
CB450K6 VIN# CB450-6000001 TO CB450-6025991
CB450K7 VIN# CB450-7000001 TO CB450-7022920
CB500T VIN# CB500T-1000001
CB500T A (76) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# CB500T-2000001
CL350 VIN# CL350-1000001
CL350K2 VIN# CL350-2000001
CL350K3 VIN# CL350-3000001
CL350K4 VIN# CL350-4000001
CL350K5 VIN# CL350-5000001
CL450 VIN# CL450-1000001
CL450K2 VIN# CL450-1012469
CL450K3 VIN# CL450-4000001
CL450K4 VIN# CL450-4100001
CL450K5 VIN# CL450-5000001 TO CL450-5019216
CL450K6 VIN# CL450-6000001 TO CL450-6005014
SL350 VIN# SL350-1000001
SL350K1 VIN# SL350-2000001
SL350K2 VIN# SL350-3000001
This list is a general guide only. Some parts may fit unlisted models.
Please check your application, or use chat or contact us if you have any questions.


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