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Screwdriver - JIS - #2

Screwdriver - JIS - #2

Quick Overview

This #2 size screwdriver is perfect for those little screws on carburetors and handlebar switches


Every screw on every Japanese designed motorcycle from the 1950s right up to the newest bikes in the showroom today were manufactured with a unique JIS screw head design we dont see on products made here in North America. JIS stands for 'Japanese Industrial Standard'. The JIS style screwdriver has a 57 degree point with a flat tip and parallel wings. JIS screwdrivers grip the screw and fit snugly rather than just sitting inside- ensuring a perfect fit every time which greatly increases the probability of removing that screw with no damage.

If you own a Japanese motorcycle- grab a set of these for your tool box!
Many other products made in Japan use the same JIS machine screws- so these screwdrivers can also be useful when wrenching on your old Celica!

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