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Spark Plug Wire - 7mm - Copper Core - Red - Dyna

Spark Plug Wire - 7mm - Copper Core - Red - Dyna

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Spark Plug Wire - 7mm - Copper Core - Red - Dyna



OEM: DW300- RED 7mm copper core - set of 4 wires with plug caps- rubber boots and connectors Supplied as two wires with plug caps on either end. Cut the wires in half and trim to size required. Dynatek "Dyna" Wires are available with a stranded copper core for use on older vehicles where electrical interference is not an issue. For use on new vehicles with electronic advance ignitions or other sensitive electronic equipment use DYNA suppression core wires. Both wire types ensure maximum energy transfer and a 135 degree snap boot for easy installation See below for spark plug wire crimping tool

DYNA WIRE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Install terminal nuts (supplied) on spark plugs. 2. Attach a wire to each spark plug and route them to the ignition coil. 3. Cut each wire to the desired length and slip a coil boot over the end. (Silicone spray helps.) 4. Strip 3/8" of the jacket and insulation- bend the remaining conductor (copper wire) back over the jacket. 5. Place a clip on the wire so that it makes contact with the conductor. The end of the cable should come to the hole in the clip. 6. Crimp the clip onto the wire with a crimping tool or pliers. 7. Insert wire assembly into plug tower on coil- slide weather resistant boot over clip and plug tower.

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