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The "It's Better In The Wind" Photo Essay Book by: Scott Toepfer

The "It's Better In The Wind" Photo Essay Book by: Scott Toepfer

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Some would argue that it is impossible to replicate the iconic "Cafe Racer" culture found on the streets and in the cafeâ€s of London. Certain integral elements of the lifestyle simply do not exist outside the tightly woven brick-laden streets of small English towns. Fortunately, the defining characteristic of this unique culture subset is one of individuality. The desire to twist the throttle and say goodbye to everything and anyone behind you has something to do with studded leather jackets, slicked back hair and pints of Boddingtons. ¦Nevertheless, there's more to it than that.

It is the innate thread of speed woven into the fabric of men which some are fortuitous enough to experience that really defines the cafe racer. The persona knows no bounds, cares not what type of engine he progresses forth on, or whether the road he travels is a dusty barren one without a coffee house in sight, or a congested highway where weaving between cars is an expected element. Moreover, in America, the personal independence of the cafe racer is symbolic of everything Americans choose to live for and the idea that freedom is worth dying for.

You see, there is no argument to be had; that is the beauty of fast, loud, teeth-chattering machines of yesteryear being piloted by men pursuing the unknown. Sure, he may wear a leather jacket with patches and he may choose a Triumph Bonneville as his valiant steed, but in the end, the root of the term is €"racer" and cafe or not, he will still be piloting his two wheeled ton-up machine closing in on the 100MPH mark no matter his surroundings.

And with that, we introduce you to Scott Toepfer and his dream to chase that illusive mark of speed and individuality through his project:

It's Better In The Wind.

This is the 2nd Printing of Scott G Toepfer's photography essay entitled "It's Better In The Wind." The pages are bound to a sturdy backing and are willing to except tons of use both in the shop or on the road during your travels. If you ride a cafe bike or appreciate motorcycle aesthetic and history, this is a must have.

You can read more about Scott's project by visiting It's Better In The Wind along with viewing some of the videos below.

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Scott Toepher is a huge inspiration to me. His photo work is perfection. Repeatedly. This book and documentary that is tied to it, are life changing.

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