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Keihin Roundslide "CR31" Sidedraft Racing Carburetors - (Fits: CB750 1969-76)

Keihin Roundslide "CR31" Sidedraft Racing Carburetors - (Fits: CB750 1969-76)

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Color/Finish: Raw Metal
Dimensions: N/A
Material: Steel
SKU: 016-3050

Fits: CB750 1969-76

Please allow for additional time while carburetor internals are set for indicated bike.

*All CR carbs are pre-jetted with the assumption of a stock motor and aftermarket exhaust. If your bike has high compression pistons, aftermarket CAMs, or other performance motor work please specify below. The CRs are pre-jetted to a base-line that's intended to be as close as possible, but fine tuning may be necessary for the individual bike. As such DCC will not accept returns due to "jetting".

*Sold as a complete set, includes plastic velocity stacks, CR29's shown in photo's.


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Despite what you've been told, that little 300lb gasoline powered love mochine of yours isn't giving you all she's got. If your still running stock Keihin carbs that is. Don't get us wrong, we build plenty of bikes with them and they get the job done, but if you're after twist rip riot performance and simplicity theres simply no other solution for carburetion on these old bikes.

The two biggest advantages are pretty basic, but they make a huge difference when getting that pavement pounder tweaked and geaked for Friday night streel brawls. First, they have integrated vacuum ports specifically for tuning, allowing you can dial them to perfection with a set of carb gauges. The second, and probably most important, is the fact that they're controlled by actual cables vs. vacuum created by cable movement. One of the biggest problems with the stock Keihin carbs is slides sticking and with these bad-boys you can kiss that goodbye like that bump you got ointment for last month!

Not to mention these babies have been the choice of Team Honda for years on all of their in-line 4-cylinder race bikes in Superbike, World Championship Endurance and Formula One classes. That has to count for something!

Designed for use on sidedraft four-stroke motorcycle engines you'll uncover hidden power and performance in your two wheel terror simply by bolting them on. The kit comes complete with everything you need to get the job done in an afternoon, even the velocity stacks.

If performance is something you're not willing to sacrifice, these are the carbs for you!

Technical Details

SKU 016-3050
Brand Keihin
Motorcycle Make Honda


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