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Mikuni VM30mm Carburetor - (Standard Jetting)

Mikuni VM30mm Carburetor - (Standard Jetting)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Raw Metal
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Spigot: 40mm OD
Intake: 58mm OD
Depth: 93mm
Height: 137mm
Total Width: 83mm
Fits: Universal
Standard VM30 Setting: 250 Main, 40 Pilot, 6F5 jet needle, 2.0 Air Jet, 159 P-5 needle jet

SKU: 001-024

*Sold as a single carburetor, for a complete dual carb setup be sure to order two carburetors, two choke plungers (if you prefer that style) and a Mikuni universal throttle cable.
**Mikuni specific intake boot sold separately.
***Recommended use with 57mm K&N Air Pod Filters

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Despite what you've been told, that little 300lb gasoline powered love mochine of yours isn't giving you all she's got. If your still running stock Keihin carbs that is. Don't get us wrong, we build plenty of bikes with them and they get the job done, but if you after twist rip riot performance and simplicity theres simply no other solution for carburetion on these old bikes.

The two biggest advantages are pretty basic, but they make a huge difference when getting that pavement pounder tweaked and geaked for Friday night street brawls. Firstly, they're designed with tuning in mind. All the bits and pieces are easily accessible for quick changes to keep those puppy's ideally set-up throughout your ongoing modifications. The second, and probably most important, is the fact that they're controlled by actual cables vs. vacuum created by cable movement. One of the biggest problems with the Keihin carbs is slides stick and with these bad-boys you can kiss that goodbye like that bump you got ointment for last month!

A couple of notes though.. In some cases, with certain models bikes, you do need to tweak a few things in order to get them to fit properly. For example, on CB450's and 500's you need to swap out the flip style choke lever for a pull top version where-as on CB350's it's a direct swap. Just drop us a line prior to your order and we'll make sure you get what you need.

And as for the cables, you'll need to either measure exactly and order a new set, pickup some of our cable ends and cut your existing cables to the proper length or purchase the Mikuni cable kit we have available.

Technical Details

SKU 001-024
Brand Mikuni
Material Aluminum
Inlet Outside Diameter 58mm
Outlet Outside Diameter 40mm
Motorcycle Make Honda


Rad simple carbs.

Tuning em is a breeze. They look rad. And best of all it goes back to maintaining them to keep your bike running the way it should. They're incredibly simple, easy to swap out parts, and very easy design to clean.

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