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DIY Shock Mount (kit)

DIY Shock Mount (kit)

Quick Overview

Color/Finish: Raw Steel Fits: Universal Material: SteelDimensions: 3" Total Length x 1" OD, 3/4" Long Shock Mounting Area w/ 17/32" OD (13.5mm) & 6MM Threaded Center*Stainless steel button heads and washers included, sold as a set.


If you're going the distance and are chopping the top or rear section off your Cafe Racer or Brat-to-be, you might be thinking to yourself:

"Man, I really need to reposition these shock mounts and I just hate the giant 17mm nut I have to put on these things. What could I do differently?"

Well stop scratching your head and pickup your angle grinder, Ace! With our universal shock mounts you can simply lop off your old mounts and position these new ones just about anywhere. Just trim the length to whatever you need, make a backing plate and weld 'em in place and you're good to go!

And because we know form is just as important as function, we ditched the traditional stud/nut method for securing your shocks and threaded the body with 6mm x 1.00 hole that accepts one of the provided stainless steel button heads and washers. It's nice and minimal and keeps things clean visually while providing more than ample holding force.


Technical Details

Brand DCC Originals
Motorcycle Make Honda


Overbuild and enjoy for another 45 years!

Dime City Crew,
I just received your shock eye mounts in the mail and all I can say is AWESOME! This chunk of oversized slug is exactly what I wanted to restyle my frame. I'm overbuilding a 45 year old gs550 and the stick welding looks like it was done by Ray Charles. This product will add sex appeal by getting rid of ugly gussets, straighten the frame lines and minimize the rear even more. Thanks so much to the DCC CREW for helping us rebuild something old for new generations to enjoy,
Joe Fernald



These were terrific, and as one reviewer already mentioned, they were exactly what I needed. I used these on a 1981 XS1100 that I converted to chain-drive, and needed to widen the stock shock mounts in order to run a wider swingarm. These worked perfectly. I used a hole saw the same width as the plugs and drilled out the old mounts from inside the frame. I slid these in their place, welded them up, and were perfect. I saw one review cautious about how big they are, but I like that they are solid and add strength to the frame in a critical area. I definitely recommend the purchase if you need them!


Great replacements allowing a cool low profile look.

Replaced the stock mounts on my '78 gs750. After torching the factories out, I cut off the excess post that I didn't need and they welded in, for a perfect fit and look. Got a new set of shocks on the way. Wish they came with a black set of screw/washers and chrome, not just one. Shipping for this item was a bit high, but they are heavy solid steel. just what I needed. Find my pics on Instagram @shute0510 thanks DCC!

Exactly What I Needed

I bought a 79 KZ750 basket for a cafe project and the previous owner had hacked off the original mounts and JB welded in some rusty piece of metal. (WTF?!) These mounts are built incredibly well. They are internally threaded and provide a super clean look. They welded in easily and completely fixed my problem. I will 100% buy these again if needed. Thanks DCC!

Works Well

DCC is the only place that I could find these. I just angle grinded off the old ones and used a hole saw the size of the new mounts and MIG welded them with 309 wire to the steel frame.

Easy to install if you have the equipment and some basic welding skills. Id recommend a TIG for cleaner welds but Im happy with the outcome.

Solid, but big and expensive

Overall these are a very solid product. They are turned very nicely and look very clean. However, I do have a few issues. First, the screws that are shipped are to long for the holes that are tapped. Not sure if maybe my pair just wasn't drilled as far as normal or what. Not a big deal overall. The round stock is also huge. If you plan to put these in the same location as the stock mounts, chances are it will hit your frame. I had to have a shop turn them down so I could locate them in the same position. At that point, I could have had a shop just build some for me I suppose. My biggest issue was the shipping. It was $18 to ship these. Flat rate envelope is 1/2 that, but I though I needed them immediately so I ordered.

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