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Optimate Universal USB Rapid Charger

Optimate Universal USB Rapid Charger

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Color/Finish: Black

Dimensions: N/A

Material: N/A

Fits: Universal



Yes yes, the world has gotten more complex. Though despite the fact that fuel injection, the Internet and IOS devices rule our lives you still however choose to push forth into the wind on a vintage speed machine. What a champion you are! That said, there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of the advancements in GPS mapping, for example on your iPhone. After-all, if you don't get to the destination intended life just isn't as fun right?

Grab one of these universal cigarette lighter sized USB rapid chargers and stick it in your jacket pocket. If you're in a pinch just plug it into your Battery Tender dongle and viola! You've got instant metered and checked rapid charging for any USB device. This way when you make a pit stop for tea and biscuits you have the luxury keeping you phone juiced to the max to ensure maps and Facebook are just a click away for the rest of your ride.

Charge your phone, GPS, camera or tablet on your motorcycle or up to 80" away with this weatherproof charger
Low input (less than 12.3V) auto-off protects vehicle battery from total discharge
12V power through an industry standard SAE two-pin connector and a 40" supply cable
5V 3300mA true output via a 40" USB output cable with sealing cap for USB socket
Short circuit, overheat and over-voltage protection
Apple 1A charge confirmation "handshake" built in

Technical Details

SKU 526-20100
Brand Optimate

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